All pawn specializations in Dragon’s Dogma 2

Pawn specializations play an enormous position in Dragon’s Dogma 2 — they will successfully bestow large passive abilities in your pawns, in addition to different pawns that you just’ve retained, ensuing in some large results whilst you’re out exploring Vermund, Battahl, and past.

On this Dragon’s Dogma 2 information, we’ll clarify tips on how to unlock pawn specializations in Dragon’s Dogma 2. We’ll additionally present you an inventory of all pawn specializations, and, crucially, inform you tips on how to change pawn specializations.

All pawn specializations in Dragon’s Dogma 2

You possibly can see a pawn’s specialization listed as one in every of their traits.
Picture: Capcom by way of Polygon

So far as we’ve seen, there are six pawn specializations in Dragon’s Dogma 2. See under for a full record of all of the pawn specializations we’ve encountered thus far:

  • Chirurgeon: Offers the pawn initiative to make use of curatives on each you and any pawns in your get together
  • Logistician: Lets the pawn mix objects, each out of your stock and from the stock for any pawns
  • Forager: Marks the areas of things accessible for foraging on Dragon’s Dogma 2 map, together with minerals for upgrading weapons and armor
  • Hawker: Let the pawn supply to buy objects out of your backpack, for a value
  • Woodland Wordsmith: Teaches the pawn Elvish (useful for visiting Sacred Arbor)
  • Aphonite: Forces the pawn to cease speaking (in most circumstances)

For the reason that results of pawn specializations additionally function de facto perks to your character, it’s value diversifying your get together so every pawn following you has a distinct specialization. There’s no use doubling up on a pawn specialization; if one pawn is aware of tips on how to translate Elvish or mark your map with useful resource areas, you don’t want one other one with the identical precise talent.

Until you don’t wish to hear about all these rattling ladders, in which case it’s best to load up your get together with pawns who’ve the Aphonite specialization.

You possibly can filter pawns by specialization at sure riftstones.

Tips on how to unlock pawn specializations in Dragon’s Dogma 2

You possibly can unlock specializations to your pawns by way of Specialization Tomes, single-use objects that may change the specialization of your foremost pawn. Dragon’s Dogma 2 hints that you will discover helpful objects by befriending individuals, and it’s not mendacity — you’ll be able to earn Specialization Tomes by finishing facet quests and foremost quests for characters.

Kendrick gives the Logistician’s Tome for pawn specializations to the player in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

Kendrick, pictured above, gives you the Logistician’s Tome.
Picture: Capcom by way of Polygon

For instance, the Logistician’s Tome may be earned by finishing the “Heels of History” foremost quest. After you’ve rescued Malcolm, by speaking to the opposite youngsters across the Slums of Vernworth, you’ll ultimately be approached by Kendrick (whom you might have met throughout “The Caged Magistrate”) whereas strolling the streets of town, who will hand over the Logistician’s Tome. With this, you’ll be able to train your foremost pawn the Logistician specialization.


You will get the Forager’s Tome from Malcom, pictured above.
Picture: Capcom by way of Polygon

In reality, one other tome may be acquired in just about the identical method. Within the Slums of Vernworth, revisit Malcolm, who you rescued as a part of the “Heels of History” quest. After you’ve accomplished the hunt, Malcolm will go to you whilst you’re in Vernworth, and bestow the Forager’s Tome upon you. This lets you train a pawn the Forage specialization.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 Auriol and Flora in Vernworth

Flora, standing in the background of this shot, gives you the Chirurgeon’s Tome.
Picture: Capcom by way of Polygon

In case you’re after the Chirurgeon’s Tome, look no additional than the “Medicament Predicament” facet quest, the hunt for Flora in Melve. When you’ve procured elements for Flora, you will discover her in Vernworth close to the Service provider’s Quarter (one thing you’ll do as a part of the “Ornate Box” quest). She’ll hand over the Chirurgeon’s Tome as a thanks to your earlier assist. It means that you can train a pawn the the Chirurgeon specialization.

It’s value mentioning that the strategies for acquiring the Specialization Tomes in Dragon’s Dogma 2 look like considerably random. We needed to wait upward of an in-game week for Kendrick and Malcolm to grant us their respective Specialization Tomes, for instance, and we couldn’t strategy them for these tomes — they needed to come to us first and provoke a dialog.

We’ll replace this information if we study extra strategies on tips on how to unlock Specialization Tomes in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

For extra Dragon’s Dogma 2 explainers, see tips on how to unlock all vocations, take a look at our record of the perfect augments, or poke round our interactive Dragon’s Dogma 2 map.

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