All Sphinx riddles and solutions in Dragon’s Dogma 2

The Sphinx riddles comprise probably the most complicated challenges in Dragon’s Dogma 2, however are price spending the time to unravel. Although the hunt for the Sphinx riddles (“A Game of Wits”) is an ordeal that sends you off the crushed path to finish ten intricate missions, you’ll reap some superior rewards.

Earlier than we start, some good and dangerous information. The excellent news is which you could begin “A Game of Wits” at any level in your playthrough. The dangerous information is that finishing all Sphinx riddles generally is a lengthy and arduous course of, particularly for those who method the mission at a low stage.

Don’t fret, although, as we’ve detailed the step-by-step course of under. In case you’re questioning find out how to full “A Sport of Wits, right here’s all the pieces it’s worthwhile to know, together with the place to search out the Sphinx (each instances!) and find out how to clear up all Sphinx riddles.

‘A Game of Wits’ walkthrough in Dragon’s Dogma 2

“A Game Of Wits” is an elective quest in Dragon’s Dogma 2. You can begin it by assembly the Sphinx up in the Mountain Shrine. At a look, listed below are the steps you’ll want to finish to complete “A Game of Wits”:

  • Meet the Sphinx in the Mountain Shrine
  • Discuss to her, then take heed to and clear up the primary 5 riddles (there are ten whole)
  • When you full the fifth puzzle, the Sphinx will fly towards a second location
  • Reunite with the Sphinx in the Frontier Shrine
  • Take heed to and then clear up the second batch of riddles, which can seem to you in random order
  • When you full the tenth riddle, you’ll formally “finish” the “A Game of Wits” aspect quest
  • However if you wish to open the ultimate chest, you’ll must battle the Sphinx, which calls for a particular technique (extra on this later, however it’s best to change vocation to Archer when you’re in your eight or ninth riddle).

An vital notice is that failing a riddle will forestall you from unlocking its corresponding award. Or, in the worst-case situation, the Sphinx will merely fly away, stopping you from finishing the hunt. It is best to relaxation at an inn (or your own home) earlier than you go to the Sphinx.

Picture: Capcom through Polygon

Beneath, we clarify in element find out how to clear up all Sphinx riddles. Or, for those who’re having bother on a selected riddle, you need to use this desk of contents to navigate on to the answer for the precise riddle you’re caught on. Good luck.

Sphinx Location #1 in Dragon’s Dogma 2 (Mountain Shrine)

A map shows the first Sphinx location in Dragon’s Dogma 2 for the “A Game of Wits” side quest.

Graphic: Polygon | Supply photos: Capcom through Polygon

The first Sphinx location in Dragon’s Dogma 2 is in the Mountain Shrine. To get there, use Checkpoint Relaxation City (close to Battahl) as a base camp. From there, you’ll must comply with a path up north, sticking to the western aspect of the map.

From Checkpoint Relaxation City, exit by means of the northern entrance and comply with the primary path till you come across the primary highway to the left. Take that by means of a valley with enemies, rolling boulders, and, fortunately, a campsite.

You’ll ultimately be out in the open and into the Historical Battleground. (You’ll know you’re in the appropriate spot for those who see a dragon and a cyclops preventing one another.) Proceed down the “main road” in your map, utilizing the trail with the rocks on the left aspect as a protected passage to keep away from pointless confrontations. Proceed transferring by means of the fortress partitions, and you’ll ultimately see an open gate lined with rocks. That’s your entrance.


Picture: Capcom through Polygon

As soon as inside, head towards your left, ignore or battle the skeletons, and go up the round staircase. Proceed transferring ahead, previous the ballista, and you’ll discover a gap in the bottom with a ladder, which appears to be like like a Minecraft cave entrance with a hyperrealistic texture mod. When you’re on the bottom once more, put together to assault or ignore skeletons as soon as extra, and then comply with the hall with the steps till you’re out in the open.

You’ll come throughout one other staircase that results in what appears to be a useless finish. There’s a sleeping cyclops resting subsequent to a ladder on the left, which is the place we have to go subsequent. Once more, it’s as much as you if you wish to interact in a smackdown or not.

A cyclops sleeps in front of a ladder that leads to the first Sphinx location in “A Game of Wits” in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

Picture: Capcom through Polygon

Then, use the staircase, comply with the trail towards the cave entrance, and you’ll be contained in the Worldsend Cavern. Anticipate a number of bandits and different enemies right here, and a Seeker’s Token, which you’ll want for this mission.

As soon as outdoors the cavern, preserve transferring towards the subsequent entrance. You’ll see a big enemy; be at liberty to disregard them.

After you’re by means of the second, extra easy cavern, you’ll exit to Mountain Shrine. All it’s worthwhile to do is climb up the staircases to fulfill the Sphinx in all her glory. You probably have any on-hand, it’s best to briefly place a portcrystal right here — you’ll have to return to this spot for the primary 5 Sphinx riddles.

Riddle of Eyes answer

An arrow points toward the chest you need to open in the Riddle of Eyes challenge for the Sphinx Riddle in ‘A Game of Wits’ in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

Picture: Capcom through Polygon

You’ll be able to sort out the primary 5 riddles in every other, however the Riddle of Eyes is so easy that you simply may as nicely full it first. The Sphinx will level you towards a cave near her location, and ask to retrieve an merchandise.

To finish the Riddle of Eyes in Dragon’s Dogma 2, enter the cave that the Sphinx factors towards, take a number of steps in, and look behind you. There’s a chest situated above the door, subsequent to the wall (as present in the screenshot above). Climb the rocks to get to it, seize the Sealing Phial, and return to the Sphinx. Give her the Sealing Phial to finish the riddle.

Riddle of Eyes reward: A Wakestone

Riddle of Insanity answer

The main character places the main pawn in front of the Sphinx in the Riddle of Madness in Dragon’s Dogma 2 for the “A Game of Wits” main quest.

Picture: Capcom through Polygon

The Riddle of Insanity sounds complicated, however it’s fairly easy. The Sphinx asks you to deliver “your most beloved” to her, which hints at a personality with whom you’ve got a excessive affinity. However you’ll be able to full the Riddle of Insanity by providing your most important pawn.

To finish the Riddle of Insanity in Dragon’s Dogma 2, method your most important pawn and press the seize button to raise them in your shoulders. Then, take them to the altar in entrance of the Sphinx, and speak to her.

Verify all of the dialogue queries, and you’ll be set. (The Sphinx did point out one thing to me about being dissatisfied for under bringing one particular person, or “beloved,” in this case. However this didn’t hinder my progress nor have an effect on the reward in any method.)

Riddle of Insanity reward: A portcrystal (if that is your first portcrystal, place it close to or simply outdoors the Sphinx’s location)

Riddle of Knowledge answer

A menu shows details about a “SphinxParent” pawn for the Riddle of Wisdom solution to the Sphinx Riddles in “A Game of Wits” side quest in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

Picture: Capcom through Polygon

The Riddle of Knowledge requires you to recruit a particular pawn. The Sphinx is kind of obscure concerning the goal, however she’s going to ask to indicate her a “parent.”

To finish the Riddle of Knowledge in Dragon’s Dogma 2, it’s important to recruit a Pawn named “SphinxParent” from a Riftstone of Fellowship. In case you discover one with mentioned identify, be certain to examine the profile first and confirm that the creator is Capcom. That method, you keep away from dupes.

In case you haven’t come throughout a Riftstone of Fellowship but, you’ll discover one northeast of Checkpoint Relaxation City, in a tower on the fork in the highway. There’s a Riftstone of Fellowship inside; I discovered a “SphinxParent” pawn there. (Do not forget that, when you’re contained in the rift, you’ll be able to work together with the riftstone once more to examine the record of pawns at that stone.)

Some customers have reported that pawns named “SphinxMother” and “SphinxFather” additionally work, however if you wish to be 100% sure you’ve got one who will do the trick, I’d suggest holding off till you come throughout SphinxParent. As soon as you discover them, then recruit them and return to the Sphinx.

Again in the shrine, information the pawn to the altar in entrance of the Sphinx, speak to her, and you’ll be set.

Riddle of Knowledge reward: 1,200 RC

Riddle of Conviction answer

A menu shows a Golden Trove Beetle going to the Sphinx in Dragon’s Dogma 2 for the Riddle of Conviction solution in “A Game of Wits.”

Picture: Capcom

The Riddle of Conviction has the Sphinx asking you for what “you most prize” in the world. Actually any merchandise will do the trick, however it’s best to put some thought into your selection.

To finish the Riddle of Conviction in Dragon’s Dogma 2, I provided the Sphinx a Golden Trove Beetle (these objects that marginally improve your stock dimension). They’re concurrently helpful and plentiful — in truth, I discovered one close to the primary campsite you see as you’re touring from Checkpoint Relaxation City to Mountain Shrine.

In response to each consumer experiences and our personal testing, you can provide any merchandise to the Sphinx to finish the Riddle of Conviction. The one distinction in consequence is that’ll get a duplicate of no matter you give her, so it’s greatest to provide her one thing uncommon (like, say, a portcrystal or Unmaking Arrow).

Riddle of Conviction reward: A replica of no matter you give the Sphinx (for me, it was one other Golden Trove Beetle)

Riddle of Rumination answer

A person picks up a Finder’s Token in a cave for the Riddle of Rumination during the “A Game of Wits” side quest for Sphinx riddles in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

Picture: Capcom through Polygon

The Riddle of Rumination is the trickiest of puzzle in the primary batch of Sphinx riddles. I hope you bear in mind the place you discovered your first Seeker’s Token, as you’ll must return to that location.

To finish the Riddle of Rumination, it’s important to revisit the spot the place you discovered your first Seeker’s Token, and retrieve the Finder’s Token, which can be in the identical place. Then, all it’s worthwhile to do is return to the Sphinx and give her the brand new token. Like The Ring, you’ve got seven (in-game) days to sort out this quest, so watch out for dozing off too many instances after listening to this riddle the primary time.

This riddle is a difficult one which doesn’t have a catch-all answer, as everyone’s expertise is totally different. In case you discovered a Seeker’s Token early on in the sport, likelihood is, it was across the Vernworth, Melve, Northeastern Vermund, or Western Vermund areas. (Our information to early Seeker’s Tokens can level you in the appropriate route.)

Now, how do you full the Riddle of Rumination for those who haven’t discovered a Seeker’s Token but? This was my expertise, and sure, there’s a trick to it for those who’re caught. The primary one I discovered was contained in the Worldsend Cavern. After listening to the riddle, I went again to the spot in the cavern, however the Finder’s Token wasn’t there.

In case you’re attempting to finish the Riddle of Rumination and you’ll be able to’t discover the Founder’s Token regardless that the situation is the proper one, the subsequent steps ought to assist:

  • I looked for a second Seeker’s Token
  • I went to the Vocation Guild in Checkpoint Relaxation City and purchased a ferrystone for one Seeker’s Token
  • I slept till morning on the native inn
  • I then returned to the Worldsend Cavern and discovered the Finder’s Token

Riddle of Rumination reward: Three ferrystones

Sphinx Location #2 in Dragon’s Dogma 2 (Frontier Shrine)

A map shows the second Sphinx location in Dragon’s Dogma 2 for the “A Game of Wits” side quest with the Sphinx riddles and solutions.

Graphic: Polygon | Picture: Capcom through Polygon

When you’ve accomplished the primary 5 Sphinx riddles, she’ll fly away, kickstarting the second a part of the hunt. (It’s technically attainable to make a run for it and seize onto the Sphinx earlier than she takes off to fly on high of her — all the best way to her second location — although you’ll depart a portcrystal and the fifth chest behind.)

The second Sphinx location in Dragon’s Dogma 2 is in the Frontier Shrine.

As soon as extra, use the Checkpoint Relaxation City as a base camp. Take a look at the map, and you’ll discover a riverside that cuts by means of the primary highway. It is a river discovered beneath the bridge outdoors of city. Observe it towards the western aspect of the map.

A Dragon’s Dogma 2 hero runs through a river in a ravine while finding the second Sphinx location for “A Game of Wits.”

Picture: Capcom through Polygon

This route will take you thru an open cave. I like to recommend sticking to the appropriate aspect, climbing any rocks that you simply come throughout, till you’re on the trail to the appropriate. You don’t need to plunge deep into the cave, however quite use it as a passage to proceed venturing west.

Issues can be pretty easy from right here. The catch is that the highway is full of all types of highly effective enemies. I’m speaking arduous boys, actual biscuit boxers, together with a Minotaur and a Chimera. I like to recommend making a run for it sticking to the primary highway as usually as you’ll be able to so that you don’t get misplaced (or obliterated).

A Dragon’s Dogma 2 hero runs through the night toward the second Sphinx location for the “A Game of Wits” side quest.

Picture: Capcom through Polygon

You’ll ultimately come throughout a path to the left (which heads south, utilizing the map as reference), which is the highway that results in Frontier Shrine. You’ll simply acknowledge it as a result of there’s a fallen pillar subsequent to it. Put together to smash the rocks blocking the doorway (a number of hits along with your weapon will do) and then make one other dash out of hazard. The Sphinx is ready for you on the far finish.

Now, it’s time to unravel the final 5 Sphinx riddles.

Riddle of Reunion answer

A Dragon’s Dogma 2 hero walks toward the Sphinx in the Riddle of Reunion for the “A Game of Wits” side quest.

Picture: Capcom through Polygon

Hey, a freebie! Even when that Chimera kicked your ass a number of instances getting right here. To finish the Riddle of Reunion in Dragon’s Dogma 2, it’s worthwhile to get to the second Sphinx location and speak to her. Yep, it’s as easy because it sounds. (You probably have one, place a portcrystal right here, as you’ll have to return a number of instances.)

Riddle of Reunion reward: 100,000 gold

A phrase earlier than you proceed to the subsequent few riddles. The order for the second batch of Sphinx riddles in Dragon’s Dogma 2 is randomized. As such, it’s inconceivable to guess which riddle you’ll be getting subsequent.

I’ll record the previous few riddles as they appeared to me, however for those who abruptly get a unique one, don’t fret. Simply scroll by means of the web page (or use the desk of contents close to the highest of this information) to search out the solutions to your questions.

With out additional ado…

Riddle of Contest answer

A Dragon’s Dogma 2 main character fights in the Riddle of Contest solution for the Sphinx during “A Game of Wits” side quest.

Picture: Capcom through Polygon

If you get the Riddle of Contest from the Sphinx, put together for a battle. She’s going to suggest a duel, however one the place you’ll be at an obstacle.

As quickly because the encounter begins, the sport will mechanically equip the Ring of Derision to your character, which lowers your stats to an absurd diploma. Merely put, you have to discover one other technique to cope with the enemy.

To finish the Riddle of Contest in Dragon’s Dogma 2, you first must stagger your opponent. The way you do that will range enormously on the vocation you’re utilizing. As a Fighter myself, I used the Blink Strike ability a number of instances till the enemy was staggered. No matter vocation you select, play aggressively right here, as you don’t need to lose the duel and fail the riddle.

As soon as the opponent is staggered, get near them and seize them. Take them to the sting situated to the appropriate of the Sphinx, the place all of the pillars are, and toss them into the abyss. (R.I.P., they’d have cherished the Eyrie.)

Riddle of Contest reward: The Ring of Ambition, which barely boosts expertise gained from defeating foes

Riddle of Futility answer

A map shows the location of Maurits in Bakbattahl for the Riddle of Futility for the “A Game of Wits” side quest in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

Graphic: Polygon | Supply photos: Capcom through Polygon

The Riddle of Futility is without doubt one of the more durable Sphinx riddles. For this one, she’ll ask you to take a vase to a personality in Bakbattahl with out breaking it. Yeah, no. Not coping with that. If something touches the vase, it’ll mechanically break, inflicting you to fail the riddle. And sure, the highway is stuffed with enemies.

Earlier than persevering with, for those who haven’t but, it’s best to critically place a portcrystal close to the Sphinx.

To finish the Riddle of Futility in Dragon’s Dogma 2, you’ll want to move to the Mural Byway (north of the Mercantile Ward and west of the Residential Ward) in Bakbattahl, and speak to Maurits in the situation above. Then, take Maurits again with you to the Sphinx. Drop the character near the vase (not on high of it!!!) and the dialogue ought to play itself.

Maurits talks to the main character for the Riddle of Futility for the “A Game of Wits” side quest in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

Picture: Capcom through Polygon

As a way to teleport Maurits to the Sphinx, you’ll be able to both use the Sealing Phial to seize them inside it, or seize them and quick journey to the Portcrystal outdoors the shrine.

Riddle of Futility reward: the Everlasting Bond ring, which, when provided as a present, itdeepens the bond between the giver and the receiver

Riddle of Differentiation answer

A main character talks to Vergil in the South Checkpoint Town in Dragon’s Dogma 2 for the Riddle of DIfferentiation during the “A Game of Wits” side quest.

Picture: Capcom through Polygon

Is the Riddle of Differentiation a Satan Could Cry reference? Sure, it’s. The Sphinx will present you a personality so that you can discover and take to her. In response to our testing, you’ll be proven both Dante or Vergil. And so they look an identical save for hair kind: Dante has straight hair, Vergil has some gentle waves.

To finish the Riddle of Differentiation in Dragon’s Dogma 2, discover the NPC you’re proven and deliver them again to the Sphinx.

Snap a screenshot of whoever the Sphinx reveals you and use it as reference. Dante is in Checkpoint Relaxation City on the Vermund aspect, whereas Vergil is situated on the Battahl aspect. Seize your goal with a Sealing Phial or seize them and use a ferrystone to teleport again to the portcrystal you positioned close to the Frontier Shrine (for those who heeded our recommendation to put one there, that’s).

When you’re again on the Sphinx, drop Dante or Vergil on the altar in entrance of her and simply chat to complete the riddle.

Riddle of Differentiation reward: Whimsical Daydream, a weapon for the Trickster vocation

Riddle of Recollection answer

An archer stands in front of the Sphinx during the Riddle of Recollection for the “A Game of Wits” side quest in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

Picture: Capcom through Polygon

Whereas the Riddle of Recollection may sound easy, don’t let it deceive you. The Sphinx will ask you to inform her what number of challenges you’ve accomplished to this point. In case you’ve been following the information carefully, you shouldn’t have failed any. However, in case you probably did and the Sphinx remains to be round in your recreation, take that into consideration.

As a way to full the Riddle of Recollection, you have to ship the Sphinx as many statues as riddles you’d solved as much as that time.

I had accomplished 9 riddles by this level, so I grabbed 9 statues and took them to the altar in entrance of the Sphinx. It’s probably that the statues received’t all match on high of the altar — that is effective, and the Sphinx will think about them anyway so long as they’re in entrance of her.

In case you accomplished the primary 5 riddles however are uncertain concerning the second batch, you’ll be able to have a look at the chests you’ve unlocked to date to finish the quantity. In case it’s price repeating, the Riddle of Reunion does depend for this, because it’s a part of the ten riddles and, as such, has its personal chest.

Riddle of Recollection reward: Unmaking Arrow, an arrow that kills something in one hit, however mechanically saves the sport (except you’ve got a spare, don’t use this, because you’ll use it to complete the “A Game of Wits” aspect quest)

How you can open the ultimate Sphinx chest in Dragon’s Dogma 2

A Dragon’s Dogma 2 hero picks up the key to the final Sphinx chest after completing all Sphinx riddle solutions in “A Game of Wits” in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

Picture: Capcom through Polygon

When you full the tenth and closing Sphinx riddle, you’ll have a brief chat with the Sphinx, and she’s going to flee the shrine shortly after. You’re more likely to get an achievement or trophy for finishing the hunt, however this isn’t the tip of it.

By this level, you ought to be utilizing the Archer vocation. In case you aren’t, reload to a earlier save, search for a Vocation Guild, and then repeat the steps towards the final part with the Sphinx.

To open the ultimate Sphinx chest in Dragon’s Dogma 2, it’s important to kill the Sphinx. I had the dangerous luck of getting the Riddle of Recollection as my final problem, since this demanded me to run to the chest, seize the Unmaking Arrow, equip it, flip round, and shoot the Sphinx earlier than she fled.

In any case, you’ll need to be certain the Sphinx has a visual well being bar earlier than you hearth the Unmaking Arrow. Then go forward and equip it — it’s best to see a glowing arrow as quickly as you begin aiming with the bow. Shoot on the Sphinx.

She can be momentarily staggered, and reappear in spirit kind. You’ll have one other brief convo along with her, and after a second, she’s going to depart ultimately, however not with out dropping a number of objects first. Between them is the Key of Sagacity. This, as you may need guessed, is used to open the golden chest.

Your reward for finishing all riddles for “A Game of Wits” and defeating the Sphinx afterward is the Everlasting Wakestone. This merchandise can revive a number of NPCs in a single use, versus an everyday Wakestone, which revives one NPC at a time. The Everlasting Wakestone can be one of the simplest ways to fight a Dragonsplague epidemic in your recreation.

For extra Dragon’s Dogma 2 walkthroughs, right here’s find out how to discover Rodge throughout “Prey for the Pack,” find out how to observe down Albert for “A Beggar’s Tale,” who to aspect with in “Tensions on the High Road,” find out how to clear up the thriller of “Saint of the Slums,” and find out how to confront your pursuer for “The Arisen’s Shadow.”

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