Bitcoin core developer says Runes ‘exploit design flaws’

Bitcoin core developer Luke Dashjr has criticized the Runes protocol, suggesting it exploits a basic design flaw inside the blockchain community.

In an April 26 post on X (previously Twitter), Dashjr delineated the disparity between Ordinal Inscriptions and the Runes protocol in how they work together with the community. He clarified that whereas Ordinals capitalize on vulnerabilities inside the blockchain, the Runes protocol operates inside the framework of the community’s design flaws.

He defined additional:

“Ordinals are a 9-vector attack that exploit vulnerabilities in Bitcoin Core, Runes are “only” a 5-vector assault that truly technically comply with the “rules”.

Ordinals are a novel type of digital property, akin to NFTs, etched onto satoshis, that are the smallest items of Bitcoin. Their emergence final 12 months marked Bitcoin’s foray into NFTs, sparking notable curiosity inside the crypto neighborhood.

Alternatively, Runes are fungible tokens launched on the day Bitcoin accomplished its fourth halving. Publish-launch, these tokens considerably congested the community, resulting in a surge in transaction charges.

Notably, Dashjr has lengthy been vital of each asset sorts, asserting that they deviate from BTC’s core ideas and contribute to blockchain spam. Final 12 months, he labeled Ordinals as a bug and spearheaded initiatives to deal with them via bug fixes.

Filtering Runes transaction

In gentle of his opposition, Dashjr proposed strategies for filtering Runes transactions.

He said:

“To filter Runes spam using either Bitcoin Knots or Bitcoin Core, the only approach right now is to set datacarriersize=0 in your bitcoin.conf file (or the equivalent GUI option in Knots only).”

Nevertheless, early indications present that miners aren’t following his recommendation. Ocean Mining, a decentralized mining pool the place Dashjr serves because the CTO, just lately mined its first post-halving block, with over 75% of its transactions coming from the Runes protocol.

Of their protection, a number of miners cited the profitable income stream from Runes transactions as their cause for processing them.

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