Cryptocurrency ownership reaches 49 million in the U.S.

  • High 10 international locations like the UAE, Vietnam, and Saudi Arabia showcase mainstream cryptocurrency adoption.
  • The U.S. boasts 49 million energetic cryptocurrency homeowners.
  • With a ten.30% ownership charge, Ukraine emerges as a crypto hub.

In a world brimming with a myriad of cryptocurrencies, every vying for consideration and market dominance, the world panorama of digital property is present process transformation. Amidst this sea of potentialities, sure international locations stand out as key gamers in the cryptocurrency revolution.

In keeping with CoinJournal.internet, the U.S., with a 14.36% ownership charge, boasts practically 49 million energetic contributors in the cryptocurrency market.

Listed here are the prime 10 international locations the place proudly owning cryptocurrency has grow to be a mainstream phenomenon:

United Arab Emirates

With a inhabitants of 9.5 million, the United Arab Emirates tops the list with a formidable ownership proportion of 27.67%. Over 2.6 million residents of the UAE have enthusiastically joined the crypto revolution, making it a distinguished hub for digital asset fans.


The Southeast Asian nation of Vietnam boasts a inhabitants of practically 99 million, and a outstanding 21.19% of its residents, totaling over 20.9 million folks, have embraced cryptocurrencies. The nation’s tech-savvy inhabitants has performed a pivotal position in driving this surge.

Saudi Arabia

In the coronary heart of the Center East, Saudi Arabia stands out with an ownership proportion of 17.53%. With a inhabitants of over 36 million, greater than 6.4 million Saudis have ventured into the crypto area, reflecting a rising curiosity in digital monetary property.

United States

Regardless of its decrease ownership proportion of 14.36%, the sheer scale of the United States, with a inhabitants exceeding 339 million, implies that practically 49 million People are actively concerned in the cryptocurrency market. The U.S. stays a powerhouse in the world crypto panorama.


This vibrant city-state has grow to be a crypto hotspot, with 13.93% of its 6 million residents holding digital property. Singapore’s status as a monetary and technological hub has attracted a big variety of crypto fans, contributing to the world phenomenon.


With a inhabitants of 89 million, Iran has seen a considerable 13.46% of its residents, round 12 million folks, diving into the world of cryptocurrencies. Regardless of regulatory challenges, Iranians have discovered methods to take part in the world crypto market.


Boasting a inhabitants of over 117 million, the Philippines has witnessed a surge in crypto ownership, with 13.43% of its residents, totaling over 15.7 million folks, actively partaking in the digital foreign money area.


With 10.30% of its 36.7 million inhabitants proudly owning cryptocurrencies, Ukraine is carving a distinct segment for itself in the world crypto area. The nation’s tech-savvy youth and a rising consciousness of digital property contribute to its rising crypto ownership.


Regardless of financial challenges, Venezuela stands out with a crypto ownership proportion of 10.30%. Practically 3 million Venezuelans, out of a inhabitants of 28.8 million, have turned to cryptocurrencies instead monetary resolution.

South Africa

With a inhabitants of over 60 million, South Africa rounds off the prime 10 with a strong 10% ownership proportion. Over 6 million South Africans have embraced cryptocurrencies, highlighting the widespread enchantment of digital property on the African continent.

Max Coupland from CoinJournal commented on the findings: ”America, with its substantial inhabitants and widespread adoption, stays a formidable pressure in shaping the trajectory of the world crypto panorama. As people proceed to discover and make investments in digital property, the findings mirror the enduring attract of cryptocurrencies as a mainstream monetary phenomenon.”

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