Dawntrail aether current locations in FFXIV

With Last Fantasy 14’s Dawntrail growth comes extra aether currents for gamers to search out. These elusive collectables are scattered across the map and also you’ll want to search out all of them to unlock flying in their respective zones.

With 60 whole aether currents to search out, it may be a frightening activity, however we’re right here that will help you out.

[Ed. note: We have tried to be considerate of spoilers in our guide. Our maps are complete so they do have the names of the zones and locations of dungeons and trials. We’ve also separated the fifth and sixth areas with a large image, as the sixth zone had not been revealed in any form (unlike the other areas, which were shown in patch notes). Don’t scroll below that image unless you’re ready to see the final area.]

Aether currents in FFXIV, defined

As normal, in order to unlock flying in every new zone, you’ll want to search out and work together with 10 aether currents, in addition to full 5 quests. The 4 aspect quests required for aether currents are marked with the same old blue plus signal quest marker and the fifth quest current is a reward for ending one of many essential state of affairs quests in the realm (normally in direction of the tip of your stint in mentioned space).

Normally you should use your Aether Compass in your key gadgets to inform you what number of yalms away the closest current is. For those who don’t wish to cope with that, you’ll be able to simply use our maps for a straightforward peasy hunt. Your Aether Compass can nonetheless be discovered in your “collections” menu, beneath the “duty” tab, if you wish to discover currents as Yoshi-P supposed.

We checklist the Dawntrail zones in order you encounter them, although since there are diverging paths to take, a few of them, like Kozama’uka and Urqopacha, are interchangable.

Under we checklist our aether currents in the order they seem in the aether current menu from left to proper, that method in case you’re lacking one, you’ll know which one you want with out having to make use of your Aether Compass. That being mentioned, we don’t advocate grabbing these in the order they’re numbered, however quite simply grabbing no matter is closest to you as you journey via these new maps.

Kozama’uka aether current locations

Observe that you just’ll solely be capable to get half of those currents in your first go to to Kozama’uka. You’ll get the opposite 5 whenever you return right here to the southern half of the map later.

Graphic: Julia Lee/Polygon | Supply pictures: Sq. Enix

  1. On a southern cliff dealing with the water.
  2. On an island in the center of the water. (You may swim to this island!)
  3. Within the nook of the cavern.
  4. On a grassy mound close to some purple flowers.
  5. On the finish of the dock.
  6. Across the base of the tree that holds up the Home of Winds Excessive.
  7. On a patch of flowery land behind a tree.
  8. On a rock in the water across the destroyed boats.
  9. Within the caves under on a cliff edge.
  10. North of the Home of Waters Excessive.

Urqopacha aether current locations

Similar to the Kozama’uka currents, you’ll solely discover 5 of those in your first go to. The southern a part of the map will unlock later, supplying you with the remaining 5.

A map of Urqopacha in FFXIV Dawntrail

Graphic: Julia Lee/Polygon | Supply pictures: Sq. Enix

  1. On the highest fringe of a cliff.
  2. On the prime of the cliff overlooking the northern half of Urqopacha, behind some ruins.
  3. On the decrease cliffs by Chirwagur Lake.
  4. On a cliff to the northwest of Ciblu’s Espresso Grounds.
  5. On a cliff to the northeast of the Agave Jaws.
  6. On some rocks surrounded by bears.
  7. On a rock by the water.
  8. On a cliff edge dealing with the northern half of the map close to some graves.
  9. Atop a cliff overlooking Miplu’s Mate Backyard.
  10. On prime of a rock by Icuvlo’s Inn.

Yak’tel aether current locations

To get to the southern half of the map, you’ll have to progress via some story.

A map of Yak’tel in FFXIV Dawntrail

Graphic: Julia Lee/Polygon | Supply pictures: Sq. Enix

  1. On the ledge overlooking the shadow pool behind a big tree.
  2. Beneath an arched root by the water.
  3. Beneath an arched root on the ledge above the water.
  4. On prime of the cliff on the east aspect, not contained in the cave, You’ll have to go across the cavern entrance to get it.
  5. On a northern ledge trying over the Yak Awak Tsoly.
  6. On a ledge alongside the trail down into Xmun Hojaw.
  7. On a cliff subsequent to a big tree to the east of Moxutural Zooj.
  8. On the decrease a part of this tree platform, simply observe the roots down.
  9. On a cliff dealing with the northern waters.
  10. Within the forest close to a small dock.

Shaaloani aether current locations

A map of Shalloani in FFXIV: Dawntrail

Graphic: Julia Lee/Polygon | Supply pictures: Sq. Enix

  1. In a small nook surrounded by cliffs.
  2. On prime of a small flat rocky platform.
  3. On a tiny dock dealing with the water.
  4. On the finish of the winding canyon.
  5. About midway up the small mountain on the south aspect.
  6. On prime of a small ledge.
  7. On a stair-like rock formation going in direction of the water.
  8. Atop a rock in the southern a part of the practice station.
  9. On prime of an enormous boulder.
  10. On the balcony of the constructing, up the steps.

Heritage Discovered aether current locations

A map of Heritage Found in FFXIV: Dawntrail

Graphic: Julia Lee/Polygon | Supply pictures: Sq. Enix

  1. On a median between what’s left of two bushes.
  2. On the sting of one more dang tiny cliff.
  3. Behind some rocks close to a cliff’s edge.
  4. On the sting of the shallow cliff.
  5. On the cliff north of the place the practice tracks finish.
  6. On the cliff’s ledge. You’ll want to return from the north or south to stand up right here.
  7. On a small bridge in the deserted city.
  8. On the sting of the cliff overlooking the northern aspect.
  9. On a rock contained in the cavern.
  10. On a cliff’s edge west of the Aetheryte.

A large spoiler warning image for FFXIV: Dawntrail using the key art featuring Meteor, Erenville, Urianger, Krile, Wuk Lamat, and other characters.

Graphic: Julia Lee/Polygon | Supply pictures: Sq. Enix

Residing Reminiscence aether current locations

A map of Living Memory in FFXIV Dawntrail

Graphic: Julia Lee/Polygon | Supply pictures: Sq. Enix

  1. Subsequent to a big pillar-tree construction.
  2. By the lava on the west aspect of the sector.
  3. On the very fringe of a cliff overseeing lava.
  4. Between the 2 Ferris wheels.
  5. Beneath an open a part of a tower-like construction.
  6. By some fences subsequent to the water.
  7. On the northeast nook of the museum.
  8. On the aspect of a pathway, alongside some railing.
  9. On the east aspect of the doorway to the citadel.
  10. Within the heart inside a rotunda.

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