Delving into the Digital: ogunkizmaz’s Journey from Cryptocurrency Curiosity to NFT Creation

Thanks for becoming a member of us at this time. Let’s start by understanding how your background and former experiences led you to the NFT area. Are you able to share your narrative?

Positively. My intrigue in direction of cryptocurrencies throughout 2020-2021 laid the basis for my foray into the NFT sphere, which started with the 2021 crypto bull run on Rarible. Though I minted 4 distinct NFTs, my lack of connections in the house made promoting them a problem. The excessive prices led me to a hiatus, throughout which I delved into a Turkish NFT neighborhood. Their help and an opportunity to have my OpenSea registration charges lined reignited my inventive spark. Regardless of monetary constraints, I crafted my Imok assortment, which marked a turning level in my NFT journey.

Fascinating! What would you say was the spark that drew you in direction of NFTs and digital artwork?

The attract of etching part of oneself in the immutable annals of blockchain, to be handed down to posterity, was extremely fascinating. It felt like turning into a fraction of historical past, a notion too attractive to resist.

How has venturing into NFTs impacted your inventive type or the exploration of themes in your work?

It’s been profound. In contrast to the bodily realm the place commissions dictated my creations, the NFT house empowered me to specific my type and construct my model. This freedom has been invaluable.

Partaking with the NFT neighborhood certainly should have had its share of insights. May you share some?

Completely. The camaraderie and the spirit of collective progress in the NFT neighborhood has been enlightening, particularly coming from a background the place individualism predominated. It’s a milieu the place I may evolve artistically.

The blockchain is the bedrock of NFTs. What aspects of blockchain know-how intrigue you the most?

It’s the creation of an immutable actuality! We’re at the rudimentary phases of this groundbreaking know-how, akin to cavemen, with an exhilarating future forward.

Amongst your works, do you’ve got a favourite mission or art work? May you share the story or inspiration behind it?

My cherished mission is the Imok NFT assortment, mirroring every day experiences and embodying the philosophy of Heraclitus’s ‘Fire Arches’ symbolizing change. Connecting with over 100 artwork aficionados by way of this assortment has been gratifying.

Collaboration usually breeds innovation. Have you ever collaborated with different NFT artists or blockchain tasks?

Actually. Collaborations are potent avenues for model constructing and forging sturdy connections. It’s an exemplary advertising technique, bolstering mutual progress.

The educational curve in the NFT house might be steep. What challenges did you encounter and the way did you surmount them?

The realm wasn’t devoid of scams and deceptions, however my love for creation acted as a therapeutic anchor, serving to me navigate by way of the tough waters.

As you look forward, what are your aspirations in the NFT panorama and the way do you envisage contributing to it?

It’s a canvas of limitless prospects. Assembly good minds right here fuels new concepts and paths. Like several artist, striving for a legacy and contributing to the NFT ecosystem is the dream.

 Lastly, any pearls of knowledge for budding artists eyeing the NFT house?

Embrace the freedom, hold honing your distinctive type, forge significant connections, and by no means halt the studying course of. The journey is as outstanding as the vacation spot.

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TLDR: The interview unveils ogunkizmaz journey from cryptocurrency exploration to NFT creation, emphasizing the significance of neighborhood help, the attract of blockchain’s immutability, and the liberation the NFT house gives to artists. By hurdles and collaborations, the narrative unfolds a path of steady studying and the aspiration for a long-lasting legacy in the burgeoning NFT ecosystem.


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