Destiny 2 power level guide, all caps and Powerful and Pinnacle gear sources explained

Leveling your gear and rising your Power level is a vital a part of Destiny 2, nevertheless it’s additionally very complicated.

This web page breaks down all the things you need to find out about rising your Power level following the discharge of Lightfall — an growth that elevated the level cap and the necessities for varied high-level actions, corresponding to Nightfalls or raids.

Be aware: Bungie has not elevated the power level because the launch of Lightfall, though among the Powerful sources have modified as of the late November rollout of Season of the Want.

How Power level and gear drops work in Destiny 2

Power level in Destiny 2 is a numerical worth that determines how a lot harm you are taking and deal to your foes — the upper the level, the extra harm you deal and the much less you obtain. Exterior of dictating how a lot harm you deal, know that actions within the recreation could have a set Power level and you’ll be simpler whenever you’re near or exceeding that level.

Gamers and enemies every have a Power level and they get in contrast collectively. Your general Power level comes from averaging the Power level of your gear, plus any further ranges out of your seasonal artifact.

With regards to gear, Destiny 2 staggers your progress with completely different Power level caps: the smooth cap, the Powerful cap, and the Pinnacle cap. Every of these caps represents a degree at which sure forms of drops will not enhance your Power level, and so it’s important to shift your priorities every week with the intention to proceed rising your level.

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Moreover, a seasonal artifact level is added on high of your gear’s common Power level. That is how you’ll be able to get to the next level than the Pinnacle or Max cap. You acquire artifact ranges by taking part in all through a season and gaining XP. Nevertheless, not like your gear level, your artifact level resets on the finish of season. When you’re trying to acquire XP quick, it’s greatest to farm bounties or Seasonal Challenges, as they supply among the quickest and best XP within the recreation.

Max level caps in Destiny 2

There are three level caps in Destiny 2: the smooth cap, the Powerful cap, and the Pinnacle cap. For Lightfall, these caps are:

  • Delicate cap: 1750
  • Powerful cap: 1800
  • Pinnacle cap: 1810

We’ll break down every cap under.

How you can attain the smooth cap in Destiny 2

The smooth cap for Destiny 2 is 1750. What does “soft cap” imply? It signifies that up till you attain 1750 Power level, just about something and all the things may give you a Power level enhance. This may be blue drops from the bottom or exercise rewards; something that drops for you may be a number of Power above your present Power level. When you attain the smooth cap, you’ll not get blue drops.

One of the best ways to succeed in the smooth cap is to easily play the sport, as no matter exercise, you’ll obtain gear as much as that Power level commonly.

Purple, gold and green Engrams in Destiny 2

Picture: Bungie

If you wish to get previous the smooth cap shortly, and you might be simply beginning Lightfall, then it’s price contemplating taking part in the Legendary marketing campaign, which provides you with fastened gear at 20 Power above the smooth cap upon completion (1770). This can be a problem, nevertheless, particularly for brand spanking new gamers — so think about taking part in different actions as a substitute whereas you become familiar with the sport.

How you can attain the Powerful gear cap in Destiny 2

A look at Nimbus’ Challenge on Neomuna in Destiny 2

Picture: Bungie by way of Polygon

The Powerful cap for Destiny 2 is 1800, that means that between 1750 and 1800, the solely technique to enhance your Power level is to get a reward from actions that grant Powerful or Pinnacle gear. All of those sources reset weekly.

Actions and sources with Powerful gear drops in Lightfall embody:

  • Finishing eight vendor bounties for Banshee-44 (+1 Power)
  • Weekly Dusk problem (+1 Power)
  • Full three Strikes (+1 Power)
  • Three Crucible matches (+1 Power)
  • Three Crucible Labs matches (+1 Power)
  • Three Gambit matches (+1 Power)
  • Gambit, Vanguard, Crucible, and Banshee rank rewards (+1 Power)
  • Defeat combatants in Terminal Overload for Quinn on Neomuna (+1 Power)
  • Weekly status with Nimbus on Neomuna (+1 Power)
  • Full three Deep Dives (+1 Power)
  • Full three Defiant Battlegrounds (+1 Power)
  • Open reward chests from Season of the Witch (+1 Power)
  • Flip in eight Spirit of Riven bounties (+1 Power)
  • Clear 4 pathways in Riven’s Lair (+2 Power)
  • Give out 5 Commendations (+2 Power)
  • Three Dares of Eternity runs (+2 Power)
  • Prime and Unique Engrams, which drop at random

In case you are making an attempt to be as optimum as potential — presumably for a day one raid — you’ll wish to save all of your highly effective rewards till after you get to 1800. Powerful loot drops are restricted per week, so that you don’t wish to waste Powerful or Pinnacle drops when you possibly can nonetheless get ranges from unrestricted rewards.

How you can attain the Pinnacle / Max Power cap in Destiny 2


Picture: Bungie by way of Polygon

The Pinnacle cap for Destiny 2 is 1810, that means that between 1800 and 1810, the one technique to enhance your Power level is to get Pinnacle rewards. Much like Powerful rewards, if you’re making an attempt to maximise the effectiveness of the Pinnacle rewards, you received’t wish to acquire them till after you’ve reached Power 1800, as these loot drops are restricted per week.

Actions with Pinnacle gear drops in Lightfall embody:

  • Full eight bounties for exercise distributors: Lord Shaxx, Commander Zavala, and Drifter
  • 200,000 Dusk rating throughout the week
  • Weekly marketing campaign mission on Neomuna with over 100,000 workforce rating
  • Full Partition mission whereas in possession of Polymorphic Shellcode
  • Full the Unique rotator mission twice
  • Crota’s Finish, the most recent reprised raid
  • Warlord’s Spoil, the most recent dungeon (releasing on Dec. 1)
  • Full the Avalon Unique mission
  • 250,000 rating on Dares of Eternity
  • Iron Banner Challenges (when the occasion is lively)
  • Remaining encounter of the raid and dungeon highlighted within the weekly rotation
  • Accumulate 100,000 factors in The Coil

It’s price mentioning that there’s no level in saving Pinnacles should you’re not going to succeed in 1800 on that character by the tip of the week. We advocate simply doing all Powerful rewards on a personality first and then tackling Pinnacle actions.

When is one of the best time to open Engrams in Destiny 2?

Till you hit the Powerful cap, you need to flip in Prime Engrams instantly after you choose them up. These are thought-about +1 Powerful rewards from once they drop, that means their Power doesn’t enhance as your Power level does. When you proceed to level up with out turning the Prime Engram in, you’ll primarily waste it. When you’re struggling within the raid and you get a Prime Engram, it’s all the time price taking a Tower break to decrypt it.

A stock image of Destiny 2’s purple legendary engrams

Picture: Bungie

Destiny 2 additionally makes use of a slot leveling system, that means that gear drops per slot and is predicated in your present common Power level. A sticking level of this method is that a few of your gear slots might fall behind. Your general level could possibly be 1725 whereas your Hunter’s Cloak could possibly be caught at 1720 and your helmet is at 1728.

To take advantage of your Powerful and Pinnacle drops, attempt to preserve your objects inside a number of Power ranges of one another, which will be completed by amassing objects that drop “at Power”. “At Power” means the gear drops at your present common Power level, which will help deliver up some items that fall behind (bringing your Cloak as much as 1725 and elevating your general common with out utilizing a weekly Powerful or Pinnacle reward drop). This may enhance your general Power level and make these Powerful and Pinnacles extra impactful.

When you don’t even out your armor, a Pinnacle or Powerful would possibly drop a +2 power helmet, which might be a waste because it’s already your greatest slot. Many playlist actions — Strikes, Gambit, Crucible — will drop objects “at Power,” so preserve a watch out for any gear that’s lagging behind.

How you can attain the Pinnacle cap shortly in Destiny 2

For these trying to level as quick as potential — for a raid or different end-game actions — there are a number of greatest practices to think about.

First, run the Legendary marketing campaign and full any and all actions to hit 1800 as shortly as potential.

Raid emblem for Destiny 2

Picture: Bungie

When you’ve got three Destiny courses, you would possibly wish to level one up sooner than the others. You’ll be able to really play in a particular order to make this simpler, because the final character you play in per week will virtually all the time find yourself the best of your three characters resulting from the truth that they will share weapons.

One of the best ways to maximise your power is to make use of a snaking order. First, rank your characters in an order that you simply really feel you wish to deal with, the place your high character is your most important, and the final character is the one you play the least. When you play so as from favourite to least favourite, your least favourite will find yourself your strongest by the tip of your first week of grinding. The next week, you’ll wish to reverse your order to make sure your most important character finally ends up essentially the most highly effective in week two.

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