Diath, Spun Out of Polygon, Launches Data Authentication Bridge to Ethereum

Avail, a project developed by Polygon earlier this year to manage data storage and verification for blockchains, launched its “data authentication bridge” on Friday, a new offering designed to reduce costs for layer 2 and layer 3 chains in the Ethereum ecosystem.

Storing data on Ethereum can be expensive, so Avail aims to be a layer 2 and 3 solution for publishing data off-chain, to reduce the high transaction fees that often come from posting data to the main Ethereum blockchain . The idea is to free the main Ethereum blockchain from being congested with anything other than execution and settlement activities.

The challenge of handling data and creating separate networks for data storage is known as the ‘data availability problem’ or DA – an arena that involves developing cryptographic systems to prove that data exists (ie is available) and is correctly .

“The Data Assertion Bridge creates a direct connection between L2 and L1 aggregation data through Avail’s off-chain data availability layer,” Avail said in a press release.

The bridge is one element of what Avail will bring to the Layer 2 ecosystem. In the long term, Avail wants meetings to start entirely over its network. These networks could include so-called validitieswhich are Ethereum scaling solutions that store transaction data off-chain.

“When an L3 or validium sends the transaction data to Avail, the data attestation bridge provides the attestation to Ethereum,” Anurag Arjun, the founder of Avail, told CoinDesk. This then proves to Ethereum that “whatever data was submitted by the collection to Avail is actually available”.

Edited by Bradley Keoun.

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