Elden Ring DLC’s screechy birds are scaring the crap out of players

Elden Ring players are being jumpscared in the not too long ago launched Shadow of the Erdtree enlargement, however not by a terrifying new enemy or lethal environmental lure. No, the supply of this concern is a straightforward, screeching chicken.

A sparse forest situated southeast of the enlargement’s preliminary website of grace checkpoint on the Gravesite Plain is one of the earliest landmarks you see (and may attain) in Shadow of the Erdtree. It’s there you’ll discover just a few of the enlargement’s new crafting supplies, a troublesome human foe named Logur, the Beast Claw who drops his eponymous weapon upon defeat, and a range of ruined stone buildings simply begging to be investigated.

Some of these landmarks are house to eagle-like birds who don’t take kindly to a participant’s method. And whereas they don’t assault, they do make an terrible shriek when disturbed that’s apparently catching some individuals off guard. Messages dot the floor round these areas, cautioning fellow Tarnished to “listen carefully ahead” and “be wary of sound.” The ghostly emotes connected to the warnings depict brave-looking adventurers assuming the fetal place and elevating their arms to the sky in defensive terror.

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“The jumpscare noise birds in this Elden Ring DLC might be the most insane thing they’ve ever done,” said one player on X (previously Twitter). “It’s not even an enemy you fight, they’re just part of the local fauna.”

“Dude, the bird sounds are literally making me crap my pants,” another Redditor said.

“Damn jump scares!” said a third. “Got me twice within 20 minutes of starting the DLC. Need to get an Elden Ring-brand defibrillator.”

Soulsborne vets could bear in mind developer FromSoftware pulling the similar trick in Darkish Souls 3’s Irithyll Dungeon, the place selecting up sure objects would elicit a loud, horrifying scream from an unseen creature. The birds aren’t fairly as dangerous, however there’s an argument to be made that their tranquil environment make for a more practical scare.

It’s far too early for me to have an informed opinion on Shadow of the Erdtree, but when something, it’s good to see FromSoftware proceed to mercilessly mess with players.

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