Esports Legacy meets Blockchain with Bybit MIBR NFTs

Bybita global leader in cryptocurrency exchanges, has partnered with Made in Brazil (MIBR) to pay tribute to the esports team’s remarkable two-decade presence through a special NFT collection.

Expected to launch on October 24, this technology initiative bridges the gap between the tangible and digital landscapes. The ‘MIBR NFTs’ are linked to a premium collection of 12 jerseys that bring MIBR’s illustrious twenty-year journey.


Exclusive t-shirts, discounts and bonuses

Available on Bybit’s effortless platform, these collectible MIBR tees come in varying levels of rarity. The ‘Standard Editions’ are limited to 250 prints each, while the ‘Ultra-Rare’ editions are limited to just 5 copies each. Generously, 6 of these virtual assets will also be given away for free.

Those who collect the full Bybit MIBR NFT set will be rewarded with a one-of-a-kind custom autographed MIBR jersey. Fans who collect 11 NFTs, however, will be honored with a unique recognition, a shout-out, from their favorite MIBR player. Additionally, people who have between 7 and 10 jerseys can enjoy MIBR store discounts along with a $BRZ bonus on Bybit.

Bybit and MIBR’s Shared Vision

The MIBR and Bybit joint venture symbolizes a new convergence of blockchain technology and esports, illustrating the interesting overlap between NFTs and the competitive gaming field.

Bybit’s status as the third most visited cryptocurrency exchange in the world is a testament to the growing relevance of blockchain-based initiatives. Soon, the platform will become even more attractive, presenting many advantages by combining the achievements of esports with innovative means.

As we get closer to the highly anticipated premiere date of MIBR NFTs, excitement is gathering among Bybit and MIBR fans. MIBR NFTs not only honor the esports team’s legacy, but are a fantastic opportunity for fans to set a new benchmark for supporter engagement.

Not forgetting, thanks to Bybit’s unwavering support, MIBR’s rich history will be permanently etched in the digital world. So, engage with our sports heroes in an exclusive, innovative way and reap the unsurpassed benefits!

Check out MIBR NFTs on Bybit >> Here

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