Every Easter egg in the Fallout show, in which Easter eggs are very cheeky

Fallout is braving an entire new world — kind of. The brand new present from Prime Video is blazing a path in the identical continuity as that of the video games. It’s a daring alternative for a online game present (significantly when so many both simply adapt the most important plot of the recreation or create a wholly separate timeline to muck about in), although in holding with the open-world RPG spirit of Fallout.

And it signifies that Easter eggs aren’t essentially simply little nods to the recreation. Certain, a few of them may be. However they might even be laying the groundwork for season 2. Both approach, they’re additional enjoyable to concentrate to in the world of Fallout, which is totally stuffed with them. Right here’s (the ongoing record of) each Easter egg we noticed in Fallout, separated out behind spoiler warnings as obligatory:

Pip-Boys and terminals

Picture: Prime Video

There are a number of references to the retro pc interfaces gamers work together with in the Fallout franchise. In the first episode, Lucy’s little brother, Norm, is goofing off enjoying Atomic Command — a holotape from Fallout 4 — on his Pip-Boy. Afterward, he must hack right into a Vault terminal, and it’s the identical hacking minigame gamers are aware of. Unhealthy for operation safety, however nice for anybody who must uncover an eerie conspiracy.

Enemies ahoy

A few of the enemies from mainline Fallout video games present up in the present to menace our protagonists. This contains raiders — in episode 1, one bloodthirsty raider menacing Chet pulls out a fight chem that appears and sounds quite a bit like Psycho. We additionally get to see our first Radroach in episode 2 when Dogmeat snacks on one (that was about to snack on Lucy).

Brother Titus of the Brotherhood encounters a yao guai, a mutated and monstrous bear that first appeared in Fallout 3 and returns in each New Vegas and Fallout 4. A brilliant mutant additionally reveals up on a group of needed posters, displaying that these massive inexperienced menaces are nonetheless round to a point.

Skeleton crew

A shot of skeletons sitting at the dinner table in a deserted desert house from Fallout season 1 episode 2

Picture: Prime Video

In episode 2, Lucy explores a small, deserted home. The cabinets are plagued by knickknacks, however the inhabitants of the home are all useless. Lucy observes the state of affairs and uncovers the reason behind their demise: Rat poison was added to their final supper. This scene establishes the horrors of the Wasteland, nevertheless it additionally seems like a nod to Bethesda’s infamous behavior of littering skeletons in every single place for ambient storytelling.

Refreshing drinks

A shot of Nuka-Cola Quantum from Fallout 4

Picture: Bethesda Recreation Studios

Nuka Cola reveals up at varied factors in the present, which is smart, because it was the hottest fizzy beverage earlier than the bombs dropped. In episode 3, we are able to additionally spot an commercial for Sundown Sarsaparilla, a New Vegas beverage with a very annoying aspect quest associated to amassing Sundown Sarsaparilla caps.

Later in the episode, the Ghoul encourages Lucy to drink filthy, stagnant water, her rad counter clicking wildly as she desperately quenches her thirst. Slurping down nasty water is basically a rite of passage for Fallout fans.

The inhabitants of Vault 33 discover out that their water chip is damaged — just like how the first Fallout begins with a Vault’s water chip breaking, kickstarting the occasions of the total franchise. It’s like poetry; it rhymes.

Reclamation Day

Lucy is shaken by seeing so many individuals above the floor as a result of she was raised to imagine in Reclamation Day, when the Vaults would open and her folks would come to recivilize the world. She’s shocked to seek out it’s already been settled, and new wars have erupted between new societies. Reclamation Day can be a significant a part of Fallout 76, with the inhabitants of Vault 76 getting into Appalachia to resettle the land.

Crimson Rocket

The Crimson Rocket is a well-recognized model of truck stops and gasoline stations that reveals up in Fallout 3, Fallout 4, and Fallout 76. Certain sufficient, there’s one in the Prime sequence as effectively, and the Ghoul finds a trusty German shepherd there. The participant in Fallout 4 additionally finds their German shepherd companion exterior a Crimson Rocket station, so there’s a parallel there. Certain sufficient, shortly after this scene, the Ghoul calls the canine Dogmeat. That’s the canine identify we’re all used to from the Fallout video games, and that makes it canon in the present, too.

Radio broadcasts

The radio operator (Fred Armisen) talking to Thaddeus (Johnny Pemberton) in a still from Fallout episode 7

Picture: Prime Video

Is it even a Fallout if there’s not a radio station broadcasting out to the Wasteland, staffed by an eccentric host? Fred Armisen performs a radio host obsessive about the technicalities of music and wanting to dish about the ins and outs of sound high quality to anybody who stumbles by. It appears that evidently if there’s a post-apocalypse, there’ll at all times be somebody who emerges from the ashes to begin their very own radio station.

The origins of Vault Boy

An illustration of Fallout’s Vault Boy giving a thumbs-up and wink. He is framed by a gear-shaped vault door.

Picture: Bethesda Softworks

As promised, Fallout delivered on giving us the backstory of Fallout’s peppy Vault Boy mascot. It even manages to reference fan theories about the thumbs-up.

The extra spoiler-y Easter eggs

[Ed. note: These Easter eggs involve spoilers for later episodes — read on only if you want to know!]

The Commonwealth

Early on, Fallout followers might discover Elder Cleric Quintus reference “the Commonwealth,” which serves as the setting for Fallout 4. That is simply the starting of tie-ins to the video video games, and there are loads of lore-heavy Easter eggs that can seemingly repay in season 2.

The lead farmer’s uniform

Key art of the Ranger Armor Outfit for Fallout 76. The iconic gear was on the cover of Fallout: New Vegas.

Key artwork of the Ranger Armor Outfit for Fallout 76. The long-lasting gear was on the cowl of Fallout: New Vegas and featured as the lead farmer’s look in Prime Video’s Fallout.
Picture: Bethesda Recreation Studios/Bethesda Softworks

When the Ghoul goes to menace a lead farmer for info, the lead farmer greets him in the identical Ranger Armor Outfit that followers will probably be aware of from New Vegas.

As one other enjoyable Easter egg, the lead farmer really lives in a residence that the participant can construct for his or her settlements in Fallout 4.

Shady Sands

A screenshot from Fallout season 1, of a blackboard drawing that says “The Fall of Shady Sands: 2277” with an arrow pointing to a drawing of an atomic bomb explosion

Picture: Prime Video

Shady Sands is the very first settlement the Vault Dweller finds in the first Fallout, and it served as the first capital of the New California Republic. We study that it was nuked off the map, although we don’t know by whom. A chalkboard in Vault 4 reveals us a number of of the occasions, however we’re not given a lot context — although we do study Maximus is a survivor of the assault.

The destruction of Shady Sands is a large deal, and explains why the NCR presence is so minimal by means of the map — based mostly on the occasions of New Vegas, one would assume that this area can be absolutely NCR territory. It appears that evidently the NCR’s diminishment has allowed each the Brotherhood and the Enclave to thrive.

The company council

A screenshot of the Vault-Tec brass leading the shadowy corporate meeting in the season finale of Fallout season 1

Picture: Prime Video

In the closing episode, we see a group of company heads meet to debate the coming apocalypse and their monetary methods. The convention has Robert Home in attendance for RobCo, in addition to a consultant of the Huge MT. New Vegas followers will acknowledge each of these names instantly — Mr. Home is the mysterious entity who guidelines New Vegas, and the Huge MT is the scientific dystopia at the middle of the DLC pack Outdated World Blues.

Hank’s PIN

A screenshot of the computer code with “Access Code: 101097” on the screen in Fallout season 1

Picture: Prime Video

The quantity Hank sorts in at the NCR compound is 101097 — a callback to the authentic Fallout’s launch date, Oct. 10, 1997.

New Vegas, child!

A shot of New Vegas in the finale of Fallout season 1

Picture: Prime Video

The ultimate shot of season 1 is the settlement of New Vegas, and as an additional tease, we are able to spot the cranium of a Deathclaw. Deathclaws are certainly one of the nastiest enemies in the total franchise, and the metropolis of New Vegas is wealthy with intrigue — so it’s a superb strategy to tease season 2.

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