Free Transfer, Kilitleme Olamazın Aktif Varlık Stake Etme and other features of T-rex wallet application

On Eylül 2021 yani bir yıl önce T-rex kripto para birimi released the wallet application. Focused on an outstanding customer experience, this application enabled users to easily purchase digital assets with their credit and bank cards and exchange tokens and coins.

O zamdan bu yana, bir dizi yenilik eklemiş bulunmaktayız ve izba ışışını sizınle vakti malaymanın vakti geldi.


One of the new developments is to make it possible for both İPhone and Android owners to carry out free chain transfers for other T-rex users. Also, the crypto wallet addresses are confusing and it’s difficult to tell them clearly, e-mail, user ID and anonymous links.

We try to update each version of the application at the same time App Store ve Google Play updates may differ slightly. Especially, Android users no longer bakiyelerini kilitlemeksizin kriptolarını stake edebililer.

Many of our features have been programmed to be realized in the near future, so stay tuned!

T-rex Cüzdan Uygulaması Hakkında

Thanks to T-rex wallet, user interface and user interface, it is the perfect starting point for crypto users. Uygulama, VİSA, MasterCard, Apple Pay and other popular payment methods allow you to buy digital currencies easily.

Aktiv verlıklarınız, 2 Faktorlü Vergulama, biometric ya da face ID ile korumaya olep olup other devices can be managed. Banka yözinde inteit ve innovative security measures, fonnarınız dolanığılara kaşım korumaktadır. In addition to having a wallet under control, we can always help you to regain access to your account in case of loss or other emergencies.

The application includes up-to-date coin news published by reputable media sources, and you can make informed decisions about the changes you will make in your portfolio. Sonuncusu ama en importantosi, bu wallet kripto piyasandaki en low fees sunmaktan proud.

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