From Crypto Triumphs to METF Turmoil: The Unbelievable Rollercoaster Ride You Won’t Believe! 🚀💔 #CryptoSaga | by Flying Private | Addicted To Crypto | Nov, 2023

Unraveling Losses, A Painful Lesson from the DeFi Rollercoaster

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METF Worth at $1.01 as of 16 Nov 2023.

As I proceed my journey, peeling again the layers of losses within the unpredictable realm of crypto, one specific expertise with DeFi stands out vividly in my reminiscence.

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It was early March 2022 when METF, a seemingly irresistible venture, made its debut on the Cronos chain. Like an adolescent enchanted by the attract of a brand new crush, I discovered myself swept off my ft, falling headfirst in love with the promise of this revolutionary endeavour. Let me take you thru my journey, and maybe you received’t blame me for succumbing to its appeal.

METF, or the Mad Meerkat ETF, was launched as a groundbreaking decentralized ETF protocol powered by the METF token. Coined by the venture group, the time period DTF represented the pioneering DEX Traded Fund, a groundbreaking strategy on the earth of decentralized exchange-traded funds.

The venture ushered in vital adjustments since its launch, discarding inflationary insurance policies, implementing a tough cap on METF tokens, and eliminating bonding. As a substitute, a protocol earnings distribution staking mechanism took middle stage, designed to foster steady purchase strain on METF and reward steadfast long-term holders.

The overarching purpose of METF was to diminish reliance on inflationary mechanics, prioritizing METF token capital appreciation. Earnings from the METF Property Below Administration (AUM) and DEX buying and selling charges contributed to a protocol earnings distribution pool, fostering sustained token worth progress.

Incomes from METF got here in three essential avenues: bonding, staking, and value appreciation. The protocol aimed to set up a policy-controlled Decentralized ETF system on the Cronos community, optimizing for progress and wealth creation. Nonetheless, later within the venture all different incomes avenues had been scraped, and you may solely earn by governance (staking pool). Staking emerged as a passive, long-term technique, with a rising METF stake leading to a falling value foundation, doubtlessly outpacing market value drops over time. Inform me…

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