How to beat Chronos in Hades 2

Chronos is the toughest boss in Hades 2’s early entry interval. To kill him, you’ll want an awesome construct, data of his moveset, and quick reflexes. Now, I can’t enable you to with that final one, however I can definitely provide you with some recommendation on the remainder of it.

On this Hades 2 information, I’ll present you the finest builds for Chronos. I’ll additionally provide you with some tips about how to beat Chronos.

Greatest builds for beating Chronos in Hades 2

Defeating Chronos isn’t any simple process in Hades 2. No matter your construct, you’ll want ability to take him down. Nonetheless, you may make the most of just a few instruments to make your battle towards the Titan of Time a lot simpler. Let’s speak about them.

Greatest weapon for Chronos

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Let’s begin along with your weapon of selection. You possibly can technically beat Chronos with the entire weapons in the sport, however you’re finest served prioritizing vary and pace. The Witch’s Employees — the weapon you begin the sport with — presents an awesome mixture of each, so I like to recommend you carry it with you to your first actual try at Chronos.

Greatest Arcana Playing cards for Chronos

Melinoë picks out some Arcana Cards for her run in Hades 2

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Quite a lot of Arcana Playing cards will help you towards Chronos. Nonetheless, on my first victory, there are two I couldn’t have gone with out:

  • I, The Sorceress: Slows down time for 2 seconds whilst you channel Omega strikes
  • XII, Eternity: Begin every run with one Dying Defiance

Chronos may be very fast, the quickest boss in Hades 2’s Underworld route by a mile. Utilizing Omega strikes towards him is nice as a result of they’re very highly effective and so they cost your Hex, which might additionally deal a ton of injury to him. The Sorceress will enable you to land Omega strikes with out getting crushed whilst you’re channeling.

Eternity is fairly self explanatory, as two lives are higher than one. Chronos is the one boss in the course of the early entry interval that has two phases, and having the ability to attain that second part with a second life in your again pocket is extraordinarily useful. (Plus you may improve Eternity to supply much more Dying Defiances per run.)

If you find yourself utilizing a few of the Boons I recommend beneath, Arcana Playing cards that increase your Solid like The Furies and The Moon are excellent as properly.

Greatest Keepsakes for Chronos


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Although there are Keepsakes that’ll enable you to attain Chronos, one in every of them in specific will enable you to in the precise boss struggle: Knuckle Bones, the Memento you get from Odysseus.

This Memento causes you to take 15% much less harm from Guardians (regional bosses) and causes the following Guardian you struggle to immediately take 5% harm to its well being bar, which is unbelievable. In the event you use Knuckle Bones so much, you may improve that burst harm as properly.

Simply don’t choose up the Knuckle Bones souvenir till you enter the prep zone for the ultimate space of the sport. So long as you’ve achieved the “Kindred Keepsakes” incantation, you may swap to the Knuckle Bones after you defeat Cerberus so you need to use it towards Chronos.

Greatest Boons for Chronos

Melinoë selects from a group of Boons in Hades 2

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Together with your weapon, Memento, and Arcana Playing cards all set, it’s time to determine what construct you need to use towards Chronos. That is completely essentially the most versatile part of this information, however there’s one sort of construct I’ve discovered best to use towards Chronos: forged builds.

Boons that improve your Solid may give you a significant benefit towards Chronos. Whereas he’s quick and tends to transfer out of your charged casts for those who time it poorly, he additionally stands nonetheless for lengthy durations of time for a few of his strikes. (Your forged is nice towards the extra enemies Chronos loves to summon into his enviornment too.)

The thought with casts is to run over to Chronos, set one on the bottom, after which retreat so you may harass him with a long-range assault. When you have a few of the extra highly effective cast-based boons, it ought to do the majority of the be just right for you. Simply ensure you have a way to restore magick mid-fight, as Chronos has loads of well being.

Listed below are some boons I like to improve my casts with:

  • Storm Ring, Zeus: Omega casts name lightning bolts down on an enemy inside
  • Lightning Lance, Zeus: You possibly can hearth your forged at vary and it offers harm when it hits a goal
  • Arctic Ring, Demeter: Your forged continuously offers harm in an space and freezes targets
  • Gale Pressure, Demeter: Your forged creates a dangerous ice twister round it
  • Photo voltaic Ring, Apollo: Each time your Omega forged expires, deal bonus harm in the realm
  • Lucid Achieve, Apollo: Whereas standing in your forged, quickly restore magick
  • Tremendous Nova, Apollo: Your forged quickly expands
  • Rapture Ring, Aphrodite: Your forged drags foes in and inflicts the weak standing impact
  • Anvil Ring, Hephaestus: Your forged offers harm 3 times however in a smaller space
  • Smolder Ring, Hestia: Your forged continuously burns enemies
  • Glowing Coal, Hestia: Launch your forged out at vary like a fireball, dealing harm
  • Simple Shot, Artemis: An arrow flies towards any goal broken by your Omega forged

Greatest Hex for Chronos

Melinoë chooses a Hex to use in Hades 2

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Lastly, let’s speak about what Hex you need to carry towards Chronos. Ideally you need one thing that offers loads of harm or makes you troublesome to hit, but additionally doesn’t sluggish you down. That basically limits your choices, so I usually go along with one in every of these 4:

  • Wolf Howl: Stand up and slam into the bottom, dealing some minor harm
  • Complete Eclipse: Blast the goal space for a excessive quantity of injury after just a few seconds
  • Darkish Aspect: Turn out to be an impervious, residing nightmare for a short while
  • Section Shift: Make all the things transfer slowly for just a few seconds

How to beat Chronos in Hades 2

When you attain the Titan of Time sitting in the depths of Hades, he’ll opine at you for a bit after which the struggle will start.

As beforehand talked about, Chronos has two phases, so we’ll begin with the primary one.

Chronos boss struggle, part one

Melinoë dodges a giant buzzsaw attack in Hades 2

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Proper when the struggle towards Chronos begins, defeat his rat allies. Kill them to clear the battlefield after which put a long way between your self and the boss.

Chronos depends on just a few foremost strikes, however essentially the most devastating is when he throws his cane like a buzzsaw blade. The hit field on this assault is large, and can virtually definitely strike you for those who’re to the facet of him. The candy spot right here is behind him, nevertheless it’s a bit finicky, so I’d simply attempt to keep away when he does this.

Melinoë dodges a rift in time against Chronos in Hades 2

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His different foremost transfer includes him dashing or swiping in a route. These assaults are easy to keep away from, as you may simply transfer to the facet or stand behind him. When he does these strikes, use them as a possibility to deal huge harm to him. Nonetheless, keep in mind that the areas that he strikes and swipes by way of explode after a short while, so don’t get caught in the delayed explosion.

Chronos will sometimes defend himself and forged in the center of the room. Simply dodge him or kill his enemies till he turns into weak once more. Typically, when he goes over to the throne space, he’ll begin spinning his cane at you to attempt to suck you in. Sprint behind him and simply beat on him when he does this.

Melinoë destroys one of Chronos’ flags in Hades 2

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Finally, Chronos will summon a bunch of flags that give him a defend. Destroy them earlier than turning your consideration again to the boss. Any time Chronos makes some form of area that slows you down, be sure that to keep out of it, or he’ll catch you and deal important harm earlier than you may get free.

Hold beating up your grandpa till his well being bar reaches zero. Right here, he’ll admit he’s had sufficient of you and transfer to part two.

Chronos boss struggle, part two

Melinoë hangs out in the safe zone during the Chronos boss fight in Hades 2

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Within the second part, Chronos will teleport you to an enormous clock face. This part of the struggle is much extra chaotic than the primary, however the boss doesn’t appear to have as a lot well being as in part one, so it evens out.

The primary transfer Chronos usually makes right here is to forged an area-of-effect assault that offers harm in all places in the world, save for one of many numbers. Drop an Omega forged on him and rapidly make for the quantity that’s glowing. In the event you make it to this secure zone earlier than his blast goes off, you’ll be fantastic.

Melinoë stands in a safe spot during the Chronos fight in Hades 2

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For many of this struggle, Chronos will stand in the center of the clock, firing orbs or making strains seem on the world. The thought right here is to simply steer clear of something that glows. Mercifully, the sport normally tells you the place to stand by drawing strains on the bottom that spotlight the secure areas and the harmful ones. Listen to these indicators on the world and Melinoë’s toes your complete struggle, because it’ll inform you greater than the boss. Simply watch out and shift your mindset again to part one when he begins utilizing his swipe and buzzsaw strikes once more.

Finally, Chronos will summon a bunch of little hourglass minions. These guys are annoying it doesn’t matter what you do. In the event you ignore them, they’ll throw blasts at you. However for those who kill them, they’ll depart behind area-of-effect fields that sluggish you down. Do your finest to preserve damaging Chronos whereas hitting the little guys with collateral harm when attainable.

Previous the midway mark in Chronos’ well being, this struggle simply turns into extraordinarily hectic. Do what you may to preserve dealing harm to the boss whereas persevering with to watch your toes. Finally, his well being will drop to zero and he’ll fall to his knees. You bought him — on this run, not less than.

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