How to beat Lily and Lyleen in Palworld

As you play Palworld, you’ll run into towers which have bosses in them. The second tower boss we suggest taking down is Lily and Lyleen, a duo discovered in an icy space north of the start plateau.

As you may count on, these tower bosses are the closest issues Palworld has to Pokémon gyms, although they’re very totally different. Inside, there’s a timed boss battle in opposition to a Pal and its coach.

For beating the duo, you’ll get an achievement and 5 Historical Expertise Factors, which is able to enable you to study crafting recipes from the very helpful purple column. You’ll additionally acquire entry to the highest of the tower, which serves as a pleasant excessive place to glide from.

Beneath, we clarify how to beat Lily and Lyleen in Palworld. Maintain in thoughts that we did all of this solo on regular, so it would differ relying on in the event you’re working it in multiplayer or on a special problem setting.

How to put together for Tower of the Free Pal Alliance in Palworld

Being fully sincere, we had been so busy constructing, leveling up, and exploring, that we forgot concerning the towers till we had been stage 30. By this time, we went inside and punted Lily and Lyleen to outer area immediately, so it appeared like we had been vastly overleveled. Whoops!

All that stated, based mostly on the degrees of the Friends across the Tower of the Free Pal Alliance, you’ll be able to in all probability clear Lily and Lyleen at round stage 25, so long as you might have kind benefits and a technique.

Lily and Lyleen have roughly 69,000 HP and Lyleen is grass-type, so deliver fire-type strikes to take it down very simply. Word that Lyleen does have water-type strikes, so we truly suggest bringing Friends that aren’t fire-type however have fire-type strikes.

You also needs to have the best armor you’ll be able to construct (metallic armor), in addition to one of the best weapons you’ll be able to have (a musket or handgun).

Tower of the Free Pal Alliance location in Palworld

The Tower of the Free Pal Alliance is north of the preliminary beginning space and north of the primary tower. It’s in a small snowy space, so be sure you have chilly resistant gear to get to it.

Graphic: Julia Lee/Polygon | Supply photos: Pocketpair

How to beat Lily and Lyleen in Palworld

In case you’re ready by following the above ideas and you’re nonetheless struggling, we now have fairly a couple of tips about how to survive:

  • If Lyleen is firing water bubble(s) at your Pal, withdraw it. Don’t let your Friends get hit with injury they’ll simply keep away from. Ship the Pal again out as soon as the water bubble(s) disappear.
  • When Lyleen fires the singular water bubble at you, cover behind a pillar. Her shot of a number of bubbles can undergo and round pillars, however the big bubble assault can’t.

The information under are the identical suggestions we suggest in opposition to each boss — together with Zoe and Grizzbolt — however right here they’re in the event you want them:

  • Maintain dodge-rolling away from Lyleen’s assaults.
  • Rotate your Friends out once they get low HP. You don’t want them to get knocked out in battle. After they’re again in their balls, they’ll get better HP slowly.
  • Maintain firing your weapons to assist with injury. Headshots from the entrance deal additional injury.
  • Reorient your Friends steadily by recalling them and sending them again out. Typically Lyleen or your Friends might get caught behind pillars, in order that they’ll be capturing projectile assaults that get blocked. This can be a humongous waste of time, so don’t be shy about recalling your Pal and reorienting them in order that they have clear pictures of Lyleen.

Following all that, try to be ready to take down Lily and Lyleen with out too many points. In case you’re nonetheless struggling, it’s your decision to exit and catch extra Friends to stage up a bit extra to make the combat simpler.

In case you’re beginning out in Palworld, we now have guides for you, together with a newbie’s information, a Friends listing, and a kind chart, plus guides on how to get ore, leather-based, sulfur, and wheat seeds.

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