How to change your vocation in Dragon’s Dogma 2

Your vocation drastically impacts the way you battle in Dragon’s Dogma 2, so ensuring you choose the one that most closely fits your playstyle is crucial. However you’re not locked into your alternative. In actual fact, Dragon’s Dogma 2 actively encourages you to change vocations.

Given what number of vocations can be found to you (4 in the beginning, with a further six you’ll be able to unlock), and the way each fits totally different wants, there’s no purpose not to periodically swap issues up. On this Dragon’s Dogma 2 information, we’ll stroll you thru how to change vocations.

When you’ll be able to change your vocation in Dragon’s Dogma 2


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If you first create your character in Dragon’s Dogma 2, you’ll lock your self into one of many 4 beginning vocations (Fighter, Thief, Mage, or Archer) for the primary two or three hours of the sport. You’ll find a way to change your vocation when you attain the town of Vernworth.

How to change your vocation in Dragon’s Dogma 2

When you arrive in Vernworth, search out the Vernworth Vocation Guild, just below Shakir’s Inn, south of the city sq. — as seen in the map above.

Head into the guild and speak to Klaus on the counter. He’ll have a couple of various things to speak to you about — the primary being how to change your vocation.

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Choose the “change vocation” choice in the menu and select one of many different three starter vocations to swap to. You’ll want to pay a one-time charge — 100 DSP for the opposite beginning vocations, however 150 DSP for superior ones — to unlock every vocation you didn’t begin with.

You’ll additionally want to pay the charge for each your self and your predominant pawn, however because you earn a small quantity of DSP everytime you kill an enemy, it’s best to have loads of factors from adventuring naturally.

An Arisen changes their class to Ranger in Dragon’s Dogma 2

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As soon as you choose a distinct vocation, Klaus will provide you with some low-level gear to match your new class and ship you on your method. If you need to swap to one other vocation, return to Klaus or every other Vocation Guild on the map.

All Vocation Guild inn areas in Dragon’s Dogma 2

Past the Vocation Guild in Vernworth, there’s one other in Bakbattahl, which turns into accessible to you after you make your method to Battahl. However in case you’re away from a metropolis middle and sick of taking part in as an Archer, you’ll be able to additionally swap vocations at (most) inns round Dragon’s Dogma 2. The above map exhibits the areas of all inns in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

When you’re trying to choose up a sophisticated class for you or your pawn — just like the Warrior or Sorcerer — you’ll first want to full the “Vocation Frustration” quest, which you additionally get by speaking to Klaus. Be aware, nonetheless, that your pawn can’t develop into the Mystic Spearhand, Magick Archer, Trickster, or Warfarer vocations.

For extra Dragon’s Dogma 2 guides, take a look at our inexperienced persons guides to fight and the pawn system, or peruse our listing of all vocations and all augments. We even have explainers on how to change time of day, how to change your look, and the way to quick journey. And for a full take a look at all the pieces the sport has to supply, peruse our Dragon’s Dogma 2 interactive map.

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