How to craft the glider in Enshrouded

A glider is important for getting round Enshrouded’s Embervale, a sprawling realm that normally calls for a variety of strolling. Whereas there are a number of quick journey factors — known as Historic Spires — due to their spire-iness, they make good locations to leap off of with a glider and discover new corners of the world.

Our Enshrouded information will clarify how to craft the glider, and run down what you want to craft the two improved variations: the superior glider and the extraordinary glider.

How to craft the glider in Enshrouded

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Your first glider could be made fairly early in your recreation. You’ll want:

  • 8 Shroud wooden. Shroud wooden is, get this, wooden you discover in the Shroud. Not simply any wooden is Shroud wooden, although. You’ll want to discover a tree that’s absolutely in the Shroud and chop it down with an axe. The Shroud wooden that drops will look totally different from regular wooden — it’s grayer and extra twisted.
  • 2 animal fur. The goats and the wolves you encounter on the floor drop these.
  • 2 string. String could be manually crafted (no workbench obligatory) from 2 plant fiber that you just decide up nearly anyplace.
  • 2 Shroud spores. The human-like Fell that populate the Shroud (and spawn exterior of your Flame Altar’s affect at night time) will drop Shroud spores whenever you kill them.

When you’ve gathered the supplies, head to your workbench to craft the glider.

That primary glider doesn’t have the finest glide ratio — you lose a variety of elevation for the distance you fly ahead — however it can revolutionize the way you get round.

That first glider can be going to final you some time — at the least till you begin making linen.

How to craft the superior glider in Enshrouded

A number of issues want to occur earlier than you may craft the subsequent glider — the improved glider. You’ll want to discover the Hunter and the Carpenter, and also you’ll want to discover the Hunter’s Hand Spindle.

The Hunter and the Carpenter could be discovered in their respective Historic Vaults. You’ll discover them as a part of “Hunter Becomes The Hunted” and “Carpentry Assistance” quests. You’ll be tasked with discovering the Hunter’s hand spindle in the Revelwood for the aptly named “The Hunter’s Hand Spindle” quest.

Enshrouded player approaching a spitting plant for a Shroud sack

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As soon as the Carpenter, Hunter, and hand spindle are all in place, you’ll find a way to craft the improved glider at the Carpenter with:

  • 6 Shroud wooden.
  • 4 linen. Linen is made at the Hunter’s hand spindle and requires 2 flax for every 1 linen. Flax is a purple flower that you just’ll discover round the Revelwood biome in the north.
  • 4 string.
  • 8 Shroud sack. Round the Revelwood biome, you’ll additionally discover spitting vegetation. You’ll get poison sacks from the common, purple and orange ones. Inside the Shroud, you’ll discover comparable vegetation that glow blue and drop Shroud sacks when killed.

How to craft the extraordinary glider in Enshrouded

Identical to crafting the superior glider, there’s a variety of work you’ll want to do earlier than you may craft the extraordinary glider.

The Hunter will ask you to retrieve a tanning station from the Nomad Highlands to the east as a part of her “In Need Of A Tanning Station” quest.

You’ll have to have gotten the Blacksmith’s crucible as a part of “Crucible Needed For A Smelter” and find a way to make copper bars.

The Carpenter will want a desk noticed from the “Table Saw For The Carpenter” quest that takes you to Thornhold to the northeast.

You’ll want to get the each the Alchemist’s mortar for “The Alchemist’s Mortar” (if you happen to haven’t but) and the black cauldron he requests for “A Black Cauldron For The Alchemist.” You’ll discover his mortar in Lone Thistle north-northeast of the Historic Spire — Springlands quick journey tower. The black cauldron takes much more work (and extra preventing) to discover in Rattlebleak far to the northeast.

Enshrouded player at a base with the Alchemist and a alchemy station

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Once you return to the Alchemist with the black cauldron, you may craft an alchemy station (20 fired brick, 6 wooden planks, 10 nails, 3 wooden logs, 5 copper bars, and 1 black cauldron).

  • 4 Shroud wooden.
  • 2 leather-based. Leather-based could be made at the Hunter’s tanning station from 10 dried fur, 20 salt, and 2 ammonia glands. For ammonia glands, you’ll have to head into the Shroud in the Nomad Highlands to the northeast of your start line. You’re in search of the purple strolling mushrooms. These creatures(?) drop ammonia glands whenever you kill them.
  • 2 linen.
  • 4 alchemical base. Alchemical base could be made at the alchemy station from 1 Shroud liquid, 1 mycelium, 1 water, and 1 Shroud Spore.

When you (lastly — it’s going to take you a very long time) have all the things in place, head to the Carpenter to craft the superior glider.

How to equip the glider

Enshrouded character menu screen equipping the glider

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When you craft any of the gliders, you could have to equip it earlier than you should use the wing go well with. Head to the Character menu. The fourth slot down on the left is on your glider. Open it and choose the finest glider you’ve crafted.

For extra Enshrouded guides, study the place to discover salt, the place to discover metallic scraps, and the way to make metallic sheets.

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