How to fast travel in Dragon’s Dogma 2

You’ll discover fast travel an elusive mechanic in Dragon’s Dogma 2. You’ll spend nearly all of your time hoofing it internationally — both languidly soaking in the sights or pissed off at traversing the identical street for the fiftieth time. However there are certainly strategies for fast travel, although notice that neither are precisely handy.

Our Dragon’s Dogma 2 information will present you how to fast travel through two distinct strategies, and clarify the advantages (and limitations) of each.

Fast travel areas in Dragon’s Dogma 2

The flags point out oxcart stations, whereas the pedestals present portcrystal areas.
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There are two methods to fast travel in Dragon’s Dogma 2: oxcarts and portcrystals. You possibly can solely fast travel between particular areas as properly. The map above exhibits the fast travel areas accessible to you in Vermund, the primary area you’ll discover.

How to fast travel between cities with oxcarts


Picture: Capcom through Polygon

Probably the most easy manner to fast travel in Dragon’s Dogma 2 is to hop on an oxcart. The primary good thing about fast touring with an oxcart is that it’s low-cost — 100 or 200 gold per journey.

Oxcarts are restricted, although, in that they’ll solely go away their stands in the morning — you’ll have to sit and wait on the stand in the event you get there at every other time of day. They’re additionally sluggish. You possibly can go to sleep whereas sitting in one, however time nonetheless passes in the background. That’s actually solely an issue while you’ve received a time-sensitive quest, although.

The larger drawback with oxcarts is that there are solely two of them in the beginning area of Vermund, they usually solely travel to three cities — Melve, the capital of Vernworth, and the Checkpoint Relaxation Cease by Battahl. It’s nonetheless a great way to get throughout the dominion comparatively rapidly, although.

Your oxcart additionally would possibly (and, in our expertise, will) get attacked by monsters. That’ll disrupt your journey, however you may hop proper again on as soon as the baddies are handled — assuming you don’t by accident destroy the oxcart in the fray. Should you do occur to destroy the oxcart, you’ll simply have to end your journey on foot.

How to fast travel to portcrystals with ferrystones

Dragon’s Dogma 2 player activating the portcrystal in Vernworth

Picture: Capcom through Polygon

The opposite technique of fast travel is definitely fast: teleporting with portcrystals. Teleportation is clearly quicker than oxen, nevertheless it, too, is severely restricted.

To make use of a portcrystal, you first have to discover one and activate it. There are two in Vermund — one in Vernworth and one in Harve Village (as famous in the map on the prime of this put up). As soon as a portcrystal is activated, it turns into a fast travel vacation spot — and that’s it. You possibly can’t work together with them past activating them.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 player using a ferrystone

Picture: Capcom through Polygon

To travel to a portcrystal, you’ll want to use a ferrystone. These are fairly uncommon objects that you simply’ll discover in out-of-the-way treasure chests or obtain as quest rewards. It’s also possible to purchase them from some distributors for 10,000 gold.

You may additionally come throughout a portcrystal as an merchandise — you’ll get one as a reward in the course of the “A Trial of Archery” quest in Sacred Arbor, for instance. These are reusable objects that you could place and decide up as you want. They act as transportable portcrystals, that means you continue to want a ferrystone to attain them. For quests that require a ton of backtracking, just like the collection of nigh-inscrutable sphinx riddles, these portcrystals are a number of the Most worthy time-saving instruments at your disposal.

You possibly can have 10 of those non-fixed portcrystals energetic at a time, however they’re additionally extraordinarily uncommon. (Sensing a pattern but?) In our travels, we’ve discovered 4 portcrystal objects from three quests, plus two moreover from exploration. For particulars on how to get extra portcrystals, seek the advice of our information on the place to discover portcrystals, in which we additionally let you know the perfect areas to place them in.

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