How to find and kill Chargers in Helldivers 2

Chargers are large, nasty bugs in Helldivers 2, and you’ll want to take out a number of of them if you need to full some Private Orders (as of this writing, it’s “Strain Culling”) and decide up additional Medals.

On this Helldivers 2 information, we’ll inform you the place to find Chargers and provide you with some bonus recommendations on how to take care of them.

The place to find Chargers in Helldivers 2

Picture: Arrowhead Recreation Studios

Chargers aren’t the primary “mini-boss” model enemy you’ll encounter in Helldivers 2, however they’re the primary that ought to actually scare you. They’ve a great deal of armor, are very quick as soon as they cost, and even their weak spot can take a ton of punishment. However we’ll get to how to kill them later; first, you want to truly find a Charger.

Chargers solely appear to seem in missions which might be rated Medium issue or above (which means you’ll have to work your manner up by means of the difficulties by clearing simpler missions first). Nonetheless, even on Medium you’ll solely actually find Chargers in missions that ask you to particularly kill Chargers. And whereas that can be helpful, not one of the Chargers I killed on the Medium issue counted for “Strain Culling.” That would have one thing to do with the server points on the time of this writing, however your finest wager regardless is to play on the issue above Medium: Difficult.

Beginning on Difficult issue, Chargers will simply present up in nests or whenever you’re attempting to full an goal. They appear to spawn extra often whenever you’re in a gaggle (which will be troublesome given the aforementioned server points). Simply hold taking part in missions on Difficult and searching down nests. You must find all of the Chargers you want in only a handful of missions.

How to kill a Charger in Helldivers 2


Picture: Arrowhead Recreation Studios

So, you’ve discovered some Chargers, however now you could have to truly take care of them. I received’t lie to you, till you and your squad have a deal with on how Helldivers 2 actually works, a Charger might be going to kill one or two of you until you’re very well-equipped or extraordinarily cautious.

However that really leads us to one among our first large suggestions for Chargers or any large enemies: Drop immediately on them. Sure, that’s proper, you’ll be able to drop your respawn pod on high of a bug and they’ll explode. It’s not well worth the revive in case you can kill the Charger one other manner, however in case you’re already pulling in a reinforcement, do your finest to squish the Charger in your manner in. It’s a fairly quick manner to finish any combat.

Now you’re not going to squish a Charger each time you kill one, so it’s essential to produce other techniques. First, you’ll be able to simply shoot it in its large, glowing ass. The Charger is closely armored on the entrance, however its again is uncovered. Shred it with a turret or your individual private heavy machine gun. You possibly can, in fact, simply use your main assault rifle or pistol, however on Difficult and above, it’s going to take a very long time in case you do this.

You may as well destroy the Charger’s armor with one thing just like the Recoilless Rifle. Now this can be a nice possibility in case you can persistently get two to three pictures onto the identical spot on the bug, because the Recoilless Rifle and different armor-piercing weapons appear to be higher at punching a gap by means of armor and ending the job that manner than uncooked harm towards already uncovered weak factors.

Your finest wager for Chargers, nevertheless, is to merely blow them to hell with Stratagems earlier than they even get the prospect to see you. They’re large — sufficiently big that you may spot them in their nest earlier than they spot you. And, till they’re threatened, they transfer fairly gradual. You and your group can use this to your benefit by dropping Orbital Strikes, Eagle Strafing Runs, and all different kinds of Stratagems on high of the Charger. In case you can rating a direct hit, you’ll most likely kill it earlier than it even will get the prospect to chase you.

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