How to finish the Unmoored World endgame in Dragon’s Dogma 2

The Unmoored World is one in every of the coolest chapters in Dragon’s Dogma 2, however it will possibly significantly journey you up if you happen to don’t know what to do.

After defeating the recreation’s “final” boss and getting the true ending, you’ll be dropped into this waterless hellscape and instructed to evacuate the main cities on the map earlier than everyone seems to be consumed by an ominous storm. You’ll want to navigate a sea of inauspicious monsters and dragons with a restricted variety of rests if you would like to achieve success.

On this Dragon’s Dogma 2 information, we’ll educate you the way to save everybody as effectively as attainable in the Unmoored World. We’ll additionally inform you how to lengthen your time in the Unmoored World and present you the way to begin New Recreation Plus in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

(Spoiler warning: This publish accommodates main spoilers for the endgame of Dragon’s Dogma 2.)

Finest order for the Unmoored World endgame in Dragon’s Dogma 2


Picture: Capcom through Polygon

You may have so much to do in the Unmoored World in a brief period of time. However, in contrast to the remainder of Dragon’s Dogma 2, time doesn’t cross when you play – there isn’t any day/evening cycle right here. As a substitute, time passes solely once you sleep – one full day every time you relaxation.

Not too dangerous, proper? Effectively, sadly, the Unmoored World solely checkpoints you after a relaxation in an inn or a campsite, and if you happen to die, your choices are to return to your final relaxation or to the begin of the endgame.

When sufficient time passes in the Unmoored World, the cloud of smoke round the map strikes inward (form of like a battle royale), consuming total cities. This may take away your capability to evacuate all the NPCs or collect endgame loot.

With that in thoughts, I’ve listed out my order for a way to navigate the Unmoored World, which is able to permit you to rescue all the NPCs and go away you loads of time to discover.

  1. Head to the Seafloor Sanctuary (load up on Wakestones, Ferrystones, therapeutic objects, and Allheal Elixirs).
  2. Full the “Dreams Apart” quest in Bakbattahl to get your major pawn again.
  3. Stroll out of the Bakbattahl Palace and full the “Scholarly Pursuit” quest to destroy the first beacon.
  4. Full the “Civil Unrest” quest for Menella to evacuate Bakbattahl.
  5. Discuss to Phaesus in your approach out of city and escort him to the Seafloor Sanctuary.
  6. Ferrystone or journey to the Volcanic Island Camp and get the “Importance of Aiding Ernesto” quest, however don’t full it simply but.
  7. Exit city and go to the physique of Talos, the big assemble, to activate a cutscene and full the “When Wills Collide” quest.
  8. Head to the Excavation Web site and full the “Shepherd of the Pawns” quest (in case your major pawn continues to be in Talos, they’ll be a part of again up with you about midway to the ruins).
  9. Ferrystone or journey to the Sacred Arbor to get the “Wandering Roots” quest and the Arborheart reducing (if you happen to didn’t do the elves’ quest to restore the arborheart, you’ll want to try this first).
  10. Activate the crimson beacon at the Sacred Arbor and destroy the worm boss.
  11. Ferrystone or journey again to the Seafloor Shrine and plant the Arborheart reducing.
  12. Ferrystone or journey again to the Sacred Arbor to finish evacuating the elves.
  13. Head to the beacon south of Vernworth, activate it, and kill the horned drake.
  14. Enter Vernworth, converse to Brant, and full “The Regentkin’s Resolve” quest to evacuate the metropolis.
  15. Ferrystone or journey down to the new Agamem Volcanic Island portcrystal and full the “Importance of Aiding Ernesto.”
  16. Make sure you’ve accomplished the “Hall of the First Dawn” quest after which relaxation in the Seafloor Shrine to make all the evacuated residents and shopkeepers seem.
  17. Discover the Unmoored World, killing as many drakes as attainable to improve your gear.
  18. Activate the last beacon in the Seafloor Shrine and exit the Unmoored World.

Notice: I didn’t relaxation till step 16, as I had a surplus of Wakestones and Allheal Elixirs. In the event you want to, you possibly can relaxation up to 3 times right here with out failing any quests – there are good alternatives to accomplish that after step 10 and step 13. I might, nevertheless, advise you to backup your save through the cloud or your PC earlier than you relaxation, simply in case. In the event you want a fourth relaxation, ensure to full “The Importance of Aiding Ernest” earlier than you accomplish that, as the Volcanic Island Camp is the first to go.

How to lengthen time in the Unmoored World in Dragon’s Dogma 2

Picture: Capcom through Polygon

You may have 4 days (together with the day you first get up) earlier than any settlements are destroyed in the Unmoored World. With out doing every other quests or destroying any bosses, right here’s once you’ll lose entry to sure areas of the map:

  1. Volcanic Island Camp – after your fourth relaxation, so on day 5
  2. Agamen Ruins (Excavation Web site) – after your fifth relaxation, so on day six
  3. Sacred Arbor – after your seventh relaxation, so on day eight
  4. Vernworth and Bakbattahl – after your ninth relaxation, so on day 10

In the event you comply with my technique above, you received’t lose entry to any of those areas. However you will want to use alternate strategies to restore your well being if you happen to’re not planning to relaxation. One of the best ways to do that’s to use objects like Allheal Elixirs, which restore your most well being by reversing any injury to your loss gauge. It’s also possible to use Wakestones, which have the added bonuses of working like second lives. As to your pawns, merely summon new ones when their max well being will get too low. To resummon your major pawn, allow them to die, then go to any riftstone.

A dragon recoils from damage in Dragon’s Dogma 2

Picture: Capcom through Polygon

Even if you happen to do your greatest to keep away from resting for so long as attainable, you continue to may need extra time in the Unmoored World earlier than heading into New Recreation Plus. To pause the storm utterly, you merely want to finish the Unmoored World. Meaning combating all the beacon bosses and evacuating all of the cities. (Some sources, like RageGamingVideos, say that clearing two beacons will provide you with a little bit of respiration room. Do what you’ll, however don’t overlook that Dragon’s Dogma 2 contains a punishing save system. My recommendation is to filter your quest log and defeat all the beacon bosses earlier than you are taking your fourth relaxation.)

As soon as the storm halts completely, you’ll have entry to all of the Unmoored World for so long as you need – even if you happen to relaxation. Finally, nevertheless, the recreation will cease permitting you to relaxation and cross time (12 days appears to be the community consensus), that means you received’t have the ability to respawn monsters by sleeping anymore.

How to go away the Unmoored World and enter New Recreation Plus in Dragon’s Dogma 2

A dragon emerges from a giant portal in the sky in Dragon’s Dogma 2

Picture: Capcom through Polygon

Whenever you’re prepared to finish your time in the endgame — that means you’ve all the things you need to take with you into New Recreation Plus — stroll up to the beacon in the Seafloor Shrine and activate it. You’ll want to survive a quasi-boss struggle whereas the credit play, and then you definitely’ll be handled to a really cool cutscene that units the stage to your subsequent playthrough.

When the credit are over, the recreation will kick you again out to the menu and provide you with a brand new immediate: restart recreation with present stage and tools. Congratulations, you’ve conquered all of Dragon’s Dogma 2! For now….

For extra Dragon’s Dogma 2 explainers, see our guides on how to get extra Wakestones, the greatest portcrystal areas, or a listing of all riftstone areas and results. You can additionally peruse our interactive Dragon’s Dogma 2 map.

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