How to get Ubasam Wood in Return to Moria

Ubasam Wood is without doubt one of the supplies you’ll be required to discover in Return to Moria earlier than too lengthy. As is the case in most survival video games, you’ll slowly progress by tiers of sources and instruments, beginning with the only tools, regularly constructing your approach up to the strongest. To do that, you’ll want to construct extra crafting home equipment at your base, corresponding to bellows, an oven, and a loom.

The latter can solely be crafted with Ubasam Wood and is required to flip conceal scraps into conceal as detailed in our information on how to get metal. You may as well craft the First Age Pickaxe with Ubasam Wood, which is stronger than the Metal Pickaxe. Right here’s what you want to find out about how to get Ubasam Wood in Return to Moria.

How to get Ubasam Wood in Return to Moria

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To get Ubasam Wood in Return to Moria, you need to get to the Decrease Deeps. That is an space accessible from the Crystal Descent, which in flip may be discovered close to the Mines of Moria. You’ll additionally want to absolutely discover Orc City and restore the hoist first. If you get down there, be sure you both rebuild a Ruined Mapstone, or construct one from scratch, so you possibly can quick journey again up when obligatory.

When you’ve made it to the Decrease Deeps — you need to descend round 100 fathoms or so — you can begin buying Ubasam Wood. Not like Elven Wood, nevertheless, Ubasam Wood doesn’t come from timber. As an alternative, you need to search for some mushrooms.

There are a number of differing kinds in the Decrease Deeps, however any of them ought to do the job. Chop them down and also you’ll obtain Ubasam Wood.

How to use Ubasam Wood in Return to Moria

A dwarf picks up Ubasam Wood from the ground in Return to Moria.

Picture: Free Vary Video games/North Seashore Video games by way of Polygon

Ubasam Wood is used for a number of totally different necessities:

  • First Age Pickaxe
  • Loom
  • Gem Cutter

The First Age Pickaxe requires three Metal Ingots and one Black Diamond alongside 4 Ubasam wooden, however you additionally will need to have the Gem Cutter to craft it. This requires 10 stone, three Metal Ingots, and 10 Ubasam Wood.

The Loom requires significantly extra: 24 Ubasam Wood, three Silver Ingots, and 6 Fabric Scraps. Nevertheless, when you’ve obtained a Loom in your base, you possibly can craft each leather-based and conceal, that are normal sources you’ll want all through your time with the sport.

We’d suggest farming as a lot Ubasam Wood as you possibly can while you initially get down to the Decrease Deeps as a result of you possibly can by no means have an excessive amount of, and it’s additionally helpful for different First Age tools.

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