Humanode, a blockchain built with Polkadot SDK, becomes the most decentralized by Nakamoto Coefficient

London, United Kingdom, Might 1st, 2024, Chainwire

Humanode, a Layer-1 blockchain built with Polkadot SDK, has turn out to be the most decentralized blockchain community up to now based mostly on the Nakamoto Coefficient. With 706 energetic validator nodes, the Nakamoto Coefficient for the Humanode is 236, taking pictures previous the prior primary, Mina, which has a Nakamoto Coefficient of 155. Polkadot now holds the third place. 

The Nakamoto Coefficient is a measure that represents what number of node operators shall be required to regulate the share of a layer-1 blockchain which is sufficient to shut down the community if validators coordinate to take action. The larger the quantity, the extra decentralized the blockchain is.

“Proof-of-Stake blockchains tend to centralize around the biggest validators or staking protocols, like Lido, which actually hold the infrastructure. If Lido goes down once, people will start questioning the decentralization of Proof-of-Stake networks. They may have millions of nodes, but the real control over consensus is in the hands of few. We always wanted to change this,” says Humanode co-founder Victor. “In Humanode, one person can only launch one node, which is verified with cryptobiometric technology. All validators wield equal power, meaning that the Humanode chain decentralization increases proportionally to the number of human nodes. Imagine what kind of Nakamoto Coefficient will be achieved when we hit 10,000 nodes or 1 million nodes!? This makes a coordinated attack almost impossible. No project will be able to claim that it is more decentralized than Humanode.”

Humanode will quickly unveil its governance protocol the place one human node has just one vote, creating the first democratic DAO which is able to management the additional improvement of the core protocol and its ecosystem.

About Humanode

Humanode, built on Polkadot SDK as an EVM Suitable Layer-1, is the first cryptobiometric blockchain the place one human = one node = one vote. It makes use of non-public facial recognition which protects in opposition to a number of accounts and bots making the most of retroactive airdrops, DAOs, DeFi, NFT mints, GameFi, and extra. After simply a 12 months from mainnet launch, Humanode boasts 500,000+ customers and 70+ tasks using its cryptobiometric know-how.


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