Indie Gem ‘Crystal Armada’ Soars into the NFT Space

A visionary indie recreation growth crew is inviting gamers to fleet command in ‘Crystal Armada – Rise of Terra‘, a game that redefines strategic space engagement with its unique simultaneous turn-based execution system.

Set against the backdrop of a galactic crisis, Crystal Armada offers an innovative approach to space battles, blending turn-based strategy with real-time action. Every move is meticulously planned, every outcome considered, crafting a thrilling dance of destruction where cunning and tactics are as vital as the might of your fleet.

Crystal Armada introduces a synchronized turn-based mechanism, allowing all commanders to lock in their strategic moves concurrently. Once concluded, all players watch the next 10 seconds of combat based on all the given orders.

The anticipation and excitement underlie the unparalleled tactical depth of every encounter, rewarding foresight and strategic adaptability in the vast expanse of space.

Crystal Armada Rise of Terra
Harnessing the Power of In-Game Assets

Embracing web3 technologies, Crystal Armada brings each in-game asset to life as a unique ERC 1155 NFT. Ships, Weapons, and Crystal Cores are more than just in-game items; they’re tradable property on the Ethereum blockchain.

Every merchandise makes use of a particular improve system, that includes infinitely upgradable bonuses. Leveling these bonuses improves stats, however leads to elevated prices for following ranges, requiring thoughtful useful resource administration.

At the coronary heart of each vessel are the Crystal Cores (Hypercores). Extra than simply crystalline beauties, they’re pivotal to Terran victory, enabling swift emergency FTL jumps and the skill to synthesize extra cores, offering a strong financial perk to their homeowners.

Crystal Armada Rise of TerraCrystal Armada Rise of Terra

Perks for Early Supporters

The preliminary NFT sale for Crystal Armada is structured to reward the early backers who consider in the recreation’s imaginative and prescient. Pioneering individuals obtain a 3-for-1 deal on NFT fighter squadrons, providing an unmatched worth for many who be a part of the mission from the begin.

With future gross sales cutting down on bonuses, the preliminary providing isn’t just a token of appreciation however a big edge in the recreation’s dynamic economic system.

Moreover, an extra profit to early supporters are Improve Tokens, granting the freedom to reinforce your fleet’s capabilities with out the steep price ticket related to late recreation upgrades. Early adopters will achieve entry to those coveted tokens, historically reserved for the most daring of explorers, and match victors.

As Crystal Armada prepares for its voyage, gamers can anticipate a thriving in-game marketplace, community-led occasions, and steady updates that mirror the collaborative spirit of indie growth.

Embrace the indie spirit take to the stars—Be a part of Crystal Armada immediately >> Here

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