JEN AI: Futureverse and Alibaba Cloud’s Music Industry Partnership

Futureverse, a number one AI and metaverse know-how and content material firm, has partnered with Alibaba Cloud, the digital know-how and intelligence facet of Alibaba Group. The collaboration goals to make important developments within the breakthrough know-how provided by Futureverse’s JEN AI for the way forward for AI within the music and leisure business.

Futureverse and Alibaba Cloud Partnership for AI in Music

The partnership between Futureverse and Alibaba Cloud will give attention to bringing cloud computing companies to the Jen Music AI platform and product providing. By combining Futureverse’s experience in AI music options with Alibaba Cloud’s safe and scalable cloud computing capabilities, the goal is to develop additional and set requirements for high-performance AI infrastructure and safety.

Futureverse has utilised Alibaba Cloud’s Machine Studying Platform for AI (PAI) to coach its text-to-music technology mannequin JEN-1. Leveraging the sturdy and scalable infrastructure of Alibaba Cloud has allowed Futureverse to reinforce the effectiveness and effectivity of its AI mannequin.

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“We are excited to be working with the team at Alibaba Cloud,” says Futureverse co-founder Aaron McDonald. “JEN is at the forefront of AI generative music, and having access to their advanced on-demand training infrastructure and global partner network enables us to move fast and stay ahead in this rapidly evolving market.”

Selina Yuan, President of Worldwide Enterprise at Alibaba Cloud Intelligence Group, expressed enthusiasm concerning the collaboration, stating, “We are excited about the collaboration with Futureverse, who is at the forefront of AI generative music. We look forward to supporting more of the company’s efforts and sparking ideas in generative AI in the music industry and beyond. Alibaba Cloud has been enhancing our cloud computing services to cater to the surging demand on generative AI, supporting our customers to build their generative AI applications to seize the unparalleled opportunities.”

Coaching JEN-1 Mannequin on Alibaba Cloud’s Machine Studying Platform

In a latest research paper by Futureverse, the early levels of JEN have been launched. The analysis paper covers the development of music AI. It introduces JEN-1, the primary model of a common high-fidelity mannequin for text-to-music technology.

The JEN-1 Music AI Analysis Paper highlights an environment friendly method demonstrating higher-quality outputs than the state-of-the-art baselines beforehand launched by Google and Fb, equivalent to MusicLM and MusicGen. This means a major breakthrough within the technology of high-fidelity and practical music.

Alibaba Cloud’s PAI supplies high-performance and easy-to-scale capabilities for numerous industries, together with instruments to develop particular AI fashions. Moreover, the platform affords assist for complicated computing duties, together with basis mannequin coaching and inference, with over 140 built-in optimization algorithms for builders and enterprises.

This partnership between Futureverse and Alibaba Cloud is essential in advancing AI within the music and leisure business. Collectively, they goal to revolutionize the AI generative music panorama, setting new requirements for high-quality outputs and pushing the boundaries of what’s attainable in AI-powered music.

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