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Let’s start with a truth: everything around you is the result of a thought.

What you think, is what you create.

The only nuance here is how long it takes to turn a thought into action. So if there was a formula for success, you could define it as:

If this seems too abstract, don’t worry, it will make more sense soon. You see, the problem is that most people’s time from thought to action is too slow. This means that the time to success is also quite slow. A few thoughts you may have but will slip your mind:

  • This book my friend talked about sounded very interesting

  • Why does the sky turn purple during certain sunsets?

  • Could we acquire customers more effectively with organic marketing rather than paid?

  • Do this person’s actions reflect their true feelings for me?

  • I want to learn to skydive one day

All these thoughts reflect intentions, wishes, desires, needs and dreams. But how many of them are fulfilled because they always remain as thoughts and not as actions manifested in reality? Host. If we take the fact that the average person has 70,000 thoughts a day, and even 1% of them are useful, that’s 700 thoughts that are useful. Then we get how many of our thoughts we write down? maybe 10? That’s a consciousness rate of 0.014%. Then how many of those written thoughts get acted upon? Even fewer.

So how do we build systems that increase this feedback loop? This is the question I asked myself a few months ago and I have a system that I believe my friends and therefore the readers of this blog will benefit from.

This is not a promo code or anything. I have nothing to do with this product other than the fact that I love it and wish more people would use it. Ok enough with the disclaimers.

The whole premise of Drafts is “where does the text begin”. I like to think of it as “where thoughts begin.”
For this system to work, you need to be aware of your thoughts and make it a habit to type the ones that light a fire inside you. However, to do this, it must also be really easy to do. That’s where the first advantage of Drafts comes in. I keep it as one of the main apps in my document so that when I unlock my phone, it’s there to open and start. Then, once you open it, it has a new “Draft” (document) ready for you to type. The interface is pretty boring on its own, but it’s focused on making it easy to type whatever you can think of.

You’re probably thinking, “Kerman, what’s the big deal. So does Apple Notes.” Not really. The core element that makes Drafts very strong it’s the fact that it has a concept called “Actions” which are kind of like pipelines/zaps to move your text to another system. Here’s a random marketing screenshot I found that explains it:

Essentially what happens is that you set up pre-defined actions for where you send your written thoughts to their next most appropriate system. So, for example, you might have actions that send your Drafts to:

  • Todoist if it’s todo items

  • Your list in Notion

  • Another app on your phone

  • Zapier connects the webhook to connect to some other API

Essentially what you did with the above is:

  1. Make it really easy to capture your thoughts

  2. Find the next best system to move your thoughts where further action can be taken *via code*.

Of course, you’ll need to take the time to really invest in what it looks like for you. However, once you get this right, you have a 10x better mindset that gives you an edge in everything you do. Draft Actions let you write Javascript, so you can also use ChatGPT to dream up what you want to run next. There are many articles and videos about how people use Clipboards online, but the principle is the same:

Capture your thoughts and then create effective systems to transfer them to the next system that increases the likelihood that that thought will turn into action.

The formula is simple: collect, organize and act. Follow that and there’s very little you can’t do outside the constraints of physics. The only condition is to build a new habit — to be aware.

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