League of Legends’ newest champion got a Sonic-style glow-up

League of Legends’ newest champion is Smolder, and he’s a tiny child dragon. Regardless of solely being a few days previous, Smolder has already acquired a Sonic the Hedgehog-style glow up from Riot Video games. The difficulty began when Riot revealed the champion on social media with a quick teaser trailer introducing the dragon (and his mother, who exhibits up in Smolder’s equipment as his final means.)

Instantly, followers had some issues about Smolder. He matches into the lovable archetype established by earlier champions like Zoe and Yuumi. At first look, he seems like he’d be extra at dwelling in a Dreamworks movie than in League of Legends. It’s particularly odd contemplating League of Legends and its spin-off video games are full of dragons, most of which look bestial and intimidating. Smolder’s huge eyes, spherical cheeks, quick snout, and facial proportions felt off, which led to comparisons with the original live action Sonic. Followers took to social media to share their ideas and even re-designs for the champion.

On Friday, champion producer Alexia Gao tweeted the staff had seen the suggestions about Smolder’s face, and so they had already adjusted the champion. Now, he seems considerably extra dragon-esque. These are texture updates, so the form of Smolder’s cranium and snout largely stays the identical, however mixing his human face in with the dragon options on the remaining of his physique did wonders in bringing him out of the uncanny valley.

Not each fan is happy; some folks nonetheless want the dragon champion coming to the Rift was rather more monstrous and lethal. However Smolder has his personal charms; there’s a lot to love about a child dragon who wails for his mother to come back defend him within the center of a teamfight. Smolder’s positively valuable, and his design veers into the saccharine … however he feels distinctive in a roster full of grim troopers, serial murderers, and rampaging warlords.

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