Marvel Snap Spotlight Cache schedule for December 2023

Spotlight Caches are your approach of getting new playing cards in Marvel Snap. Each week, three playing cards are cycle into the rotation, together with new ones. For the December 2023 season, formally referred to as Hellfire Gala, Marvel Snap’s Spotlight Cache schedule options Blob, Havok, and Selene.

Right here’s the Marvel Snap Spotlight Cache schedule for December 2023, detailing what new playing cards you may get every week.

Marvel Snap December 2023 Spotlight Cache schedule

At a look, right here’s the Spotlight Cache schedule for December 2023 in Marvel Snap:

  • Dec. 5: Man-Factor, Stegron, Jeff the Child Land Shark
  • Dec. 12: Blob (new card), The Residing Tribunal, Ravonna Renslayer
  • Dec. 19: Havok (new card), Nico Minoru, Legion
  • Dec. 26: Selene (new card), Iron Lad, Black Knight

The December 2023 season go card is Sebastian Shaw, a 3-cost, 4-power card. Each time the cardboard completely positive aspects energy, it’ll acquire 2 further energy. As with all season go playing cards, although, you possibly can’t get it from Spotlight Caches.

Under, learn on for particulars about the associated fee, energy, and talents for each card within the December 2023 Spotlight Cache rotation, so you possibly can plan out whenever you wish to financial institution or spend your Spotlight Keys this month. For many who have already got these playing cards, we’ve additionally included imagery of the variants you possibly can obtain in every Spotlight Cache.

Spotlight Cache, Dec. 5, 2023

Man-Factor, sequence 4. 4-cost, 5-power. Ongoing means: 1-, 2-, and 3-cost playing cards right here have -2 energy.

Stegron, sequence 4. 4-cost, 5-power. On reveal means: Transfer an enemy card from right here to a different location.

Jeff the Child Land Shark, sequence 5: 2-cost, 3-power. You’ll be able to transfer this card as soon as. Nothing can cease you from shifting or taking part in it to any location.

Spotlight Cache, Dec. 12, 2023

Blob, sequence 5, new card. 6-cost, 4-power. On reveal means: Merge your deck into this, and acquire its whole energy. Ongoing means: Can’t be moved.

The Residing Tribunal, sequence 5: 6-cost, 9-power. Ongoing means: Break up your whole energy evenly amongst all places.

Ravonna Renslayer, sequence 4: 2-cost, 1-power. Ongoing means: Your playing cards with 1 or much less energy price 1 much less, with a minimal price of 1.

Spotlight Cache, Dec. 19, 2023

Havok, sequence 5, new card. 2-cost, 0-power. After each flip, you lose one max vitality, however this positive aspects 4 energy.

Nico Minoru, sequence 5. 1-cost, 2-power. On reveal means: After you play your subsequent card, forged a spell (the spell adjustments every flip).

Legion, sequence 4. 5-cost, 7-power. On reveal means: Change each location with this one.

Spotlight Cache, Dec. 26, 2023

Selene, sequence 5, new card. 1-cost, -1-power. On reveal means: Afflict the lowest-power card in every participant’s hand with -3 energy.

Iron Lad, sequence 5. 4-cost, 6-power. On reveal means: Copy the textual content of the highest card of your deck.

Black Knight, sequence 5. 1-cost, 2-power. After you discard a card, add the Ebony Blade to your hand with that card’s energy (as soon as per recreation).

The best way to open Spotlight Caches in Marvel Snap

You’ll be able to open Spotlight Caches with Spotlight Keys, a reward you obtain roughly each 100 assortment ranges. Every week, the Spotlight Cache options three playing cards and one thriller variant. Opening a cache will grant you a type of 4 playing cards at random. In the event you unlock a card you have already got, you’ll as an alternative get a uncommon variant for that card.

Opening Spotlight Caches, then, is a matter of decision-making and useful resource conservation. In the event you solely need solely one of many out there playing cards, you’ve a 25% likelihood of your Spotlight Key going to make use of — most likely not value it (until you actually, actually need that card). In the event you’re eyeing all three playing cards, nevertheless, then you’ve a 75% likelihood of getting one thing you need.

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