Meraqi Digital celebrates unseen artists in new campaign for Anmol Industries – Anmol Kalakaar

Calcutta, October 18: Meraqi Digital proudly unveils #AnmolKalakaar – Anmol Industries latest campaign, a
heartfelt initiative for artists who enrich Indian culture and make it what it is.

Main movie

In West Bengal, the fervor of Durga Puja is a breathtaking sight. It unfolds with an unwavering devotion that
radiates from every corner, as skilled hands meticulously shape awe-inspiring idols, light men create spectacular
installations and dhaks playing the dhak everywhere – the Durga Puja feel is incredible.

Yet, amid this greatness, one question remains: Do we really appreciate the craftsmen behind these wonders
the recognition they deserve?

This campaign, a 3-part series with one lead film, focuses on paying homage to the artists behind Durga Puja:
the idol makers, bullies and electricians.

Idol Makers: These skilled artisans create the wonderful idols that adorn the pandals and receive our devotion
during Durga Puja. Their craftsmanship brings the deities to life, capturing the essence of the festival’s spirituality.

Dakakis: The rhythmic rhythms of the daak, played by these talented artists, are an integral part of Durga
Puja experience. Their stirring music creates an atmosphere of joy and celebration.

Electricians: The unsung heroes behind the exciting lighting installations that adorn the celebration. These
Professionals work tirelessly to set up the intricate light displays that bring added magic to the festivities.

Ankit Saraf, Founder at Meraqi, said, “Every day, we come across creative masterpieces – some from famous artists, some from unsung talents. However, behind these works lurk artists in the shadows, their remarkable journeys often unnoticed. Their creative process is Anmol and they are treasures in themselves. We wanted to bring that
forward. This is just the first segment, we plan to expand this initiative across India and showcase stories of these unseen artists.”

“Thousands of people visit the Durga Puja pandals everyday during the 5-day period, but do we really appreciate the artists who made this possible by working for months? The energy and atmosphere of the city and the pandals is due to the Dhaakis and Lighmen! Our goal is to bring them to the fore. Likewise, there are unseen artists in every state and with this campaign, we aim to raise awareness about these incredible artists.” added Snehja Sanganeria, Co-Founder at Meraqi about the campaign.

Aman ChoudharyExecutive Director – Marketing and Innovation of Anmol Industries, the company expressed
enthusiasm for the campaign, saying: “Art and culture are the essence of our nation and we want to ensure
that gifted individuals who contribute to these traditions are recognized and celebrated. The
The #AnmolKalakaar campaign is a platform that elevates the outstanding artists and artisans who make up the
foundation of our heritage.

Rajan Makani, vice president – Marketing, Anmol Industries, talking about the campaign said, “Its heart and soul
Our nation lies in its art and culture. Our goal is to ensure that the talented individuals who enrich these traditions are
recognized and honored. The #AnmolKalakaar initiative serves as a platform that elevates the remarkable artists
and craftsmen who are the foundation of our heritage”.

The campaign invites the public to share their appreciation for these artists using #AnmolKalakaar on social
media and bring them the respect they deserve. Anmol Industries and Meraqi Digital are committed to sharing the stories of these extraordinary individuals and are
determined to continue their work to honor and celebrate artists and artisans across India.

Our first segment features a four-part film series, with a campaign film and three shorts introducing the artists
and their opinions.

Here you can watch them:
Central Film:
Episode 1:
Episode 2:
Episode 3:
For more on the #AnmolKalakaar campaign, visit –

Agency – Meraqi Digital
Agency Creative – Nishkarsh Sachdeva
Account Manager – Vasudha Kedia
Agency Producers – Snehja Sanganeria and Ankit Saraf
Client Team: Aman Choudhary, Rajan Makani and Yash Gudiyal
Production House – Ice Media Lab
Producers – Debojit Saha, Ambarish Majumdar, Anirban Ajoy Das
Director – Anityrtha Mustafi
Creative Director – Pinaki Shoukalin Ghosh
Associate Producer – Trisha Biswas

About Meraqi Digital
Meraqi is an independent digital marketing consultancy in Kolkata, founded by Ankit Saraf and Snehja Sanganeria in 2016. From a team of 2, it has grown to 39 members, becoming a leading organization in Eastern India. Their services include strategic consulting, graphic design, marketing communications, content production and influencer engagement. They also offer a presentation design service, Design My Slides. In just 5 years, Meraqi has built a portfolio of clients in sectors like Real Estate, FnB, Healthcare and FMCG, working with brands like RP Sanjiv Goenka Group, WOW! Momo Group, Emami Group, JK Spices, Hyatt Regency and many more.

About Anmol Industries
Anmol Industries Limited is a packaged food company, mainly focusing on Biscuits, Cakes and Biscuits. They have a strong presence in North and East India and are currently making progressive efforts to establish footprints in South and West as well. Since 1994, they have successfully leveraged their established brand presence, strategic supply chain, diversified product portfolio and consequent consumer value proposition to reach maximum households.

Ankit Saraf, Founder, Meraqi, an independent digital marketing consulting and services firm. He holds an MA in Advertising and Design from the University of Leeds, where he also taught, and has over 9+ years of experience working with leading London marketing agencies and international brands. Ankit brings technical knowledge and skills to Meraqi. His role here includes branding projects, new business acquisition, analytics, technical development and digital transformation consulting among other day-to-day activities.

Ankit has helped many local and national brands solve problems they are facing and help them grow digitally. It goes to the core of the problem and really helps the digital transformation of the brand from the ground up. He has worked for global clients such as Budweiser, AB InBev Global, Sainsbury’s, Procter and Gamble, Olay, Bally, Total Gas and the British Red Cross, to name a few. And local and national clients like Anmol Industries, RP-Sanjiv Goenka Group, OK Play Toys, Srijan Realty, PC Chandra Jewelers among others.

His idea behind leaving a job in London and starting his own was to bring international culture to his hometown, where he could also stay with his family. In the current form of the agency, there is almost no free time, but in his spare time Ankit helps other startups, spends his time with DIY work, woodworking and electronics from school and gardening is a new hobby that he has recently selected.

Snehja Sanganeria, Co-Founder of Meraqi, is a graduate of the University of Leeds in International Business and Cass Business School in Strategic Marketing. He joined the team at Meraqi in 2016 and has worked on more than 70+ brands to date. Her role here consists of Content Marketing, Strategy, Social Media Marketing and Paid Advertising along with managing day-to-day operations. She studies her brands from the core and understands their consumers well to be able to effectively market her products and services. At Meraqi, he has worked with brands like Anmol Industries, RP-Sanjiv Goenka Group, OK Play Toys, Srijan Realty, PC Chandra Jewelers among others.

Sneha has strong business skills from a young age and had also ventured into business at the age of 21, starting a company with her classmates while studying in London. Having worked at companies such as Greystar Europe Holdings and Columbia Threadneedle Asset Management, he was never interested in working for a company in another country.

It wanted to restore its international exposure and help Indian companies compete at par with international competitors. In 5 years of working with many brands at Meraqi, she has excellent knowledge of gaining the trust of many customers over the years to depend on her for the same. In her spare time, she tries to increase her knowledge and skills about the digital world, reads books, helps her family business and watches Netflix shows.

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