Metacade Unchains Web3 Gaming: Multi-Chain Integration Unites the Industry

London, United Kingdom, April eleventh, 2024, Chainwire

Metacade, the main blockchain gaming platform, takes a monumental leap ahead with the integration of multi-chains into its ecosystem.

This Omni-layer growth offers common software attain, resolving blockchain fragmentation and empowering builders throughout various chains.

The fast integration of the Metacade Event Platform with the Base Layer 2 Rollup inside 12 hours showcases Metacade’s technical prowess and underscores a dedication to delivering best-in-class options for companions and gamers.

The choice to introduce multi-chain performance highlights Metacade’s imaginative and prescient to create the largest Web3 gaming platform, grounded in open market rules.

“We recognize that speed and low transaction costs are crucial for builders. However, game development hinges on intricate blockchain solutions,” states CEO Russell Bennett. “For Metacade to achieve genuine inclusivity, our success depends on an adaptable infrastructure, regardless of the blockchain utilized.”

The multi-chain approach considers scalability for partner road maps, allowing existing projects to remain on their native chain while maintaining platform security through an optimistic-based rollup.

What began as a vision to connect Web3 game developers with seasoned players has become an omni-layer movement to unify games across chains and provide fluid liquidity, expanding economic opportunities for builders and players alike.

A multi-chain infrastructure will optimize liquidity access, mitigate inefficiencies, and simplify asset trading processes. It offers an efficient on-ramp for gaming partners to facilitate the use of their tokens regardless of where the core of their liquidity is situated.

This pivotal development future proofs Metacade’s robust, diverse, and accessible ecosystem. For more information on Metacade and its multi-chain expansion, users can visit the new website: metacade.co.

Metacade is a seamless Web3 Gaming platform connecting developers and players through plug-and-play community initiatives. Providing an unfair advantage through early access, dev-player collaborations, and financial rewards.

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