New Helldivers 2 patch means changing the way you take on super-armored Terminids

If you’re certainly one of the Helldivers 2 gamers who’ve been struggling to take on the recreation’s highly effective Terminids — particularly, Chargers and Bile Titans — you’re in luck. Arrowhead Sport Studios printed a patch on Tuesday that tweaks the spawn charges of these two bugs. Crucially, Arrowhead mentioned it hasn’t modified the total issue: There will likely be fewer of those closely armored enemies, however different bugs will present up “in greater numbers,” according to the patch notes.

Helldivers 2 gamers have been strategizing on-line take on Chargers (the huge Terminids that will as nicely be tanks) and Bile Titans (that are the supercharged, leggy variations of the Bile Spewers). The leap in issue from different enemies to those is fairly important, and people have struggled to take them down reliably. Gamers have discovered methods to take on the enemies — i.e. the “lega meta,” the place individuals goal a weak spot in the legs — however Arrowhead doesn’t need gamers to have to make use of their “heavy anti-tank weapons on legs instead of the obvious weak point.” That’s why, along with lowering the spawn price of Chargers and Bile Titans on issue 7 and up, Arrowhead has lowered the well being of the Charger’s head, making it a great place to focus on with highly effective weapons.

“Together with the unfortunately undocumented change of last patch that increased the armor penetration ability of less well placed shots for EAT-17s and Recoilless Rifle shots, Chargers should now be easier to handle by well equipped groups,” Arrowhead mentioned.

Alongside the Terminid tweaks, Helldivers 2 gamers can anticipate a few UI, voiceover, and bug fixes, too. Arrowhead has additionally eliminated the “Electronic Countermeasures” operation modifier. (Technically, it was eliminated in the final patch, however Arrowhead didn’t point out it in the patch notes.) The studio is trying to rework the modifier: (*2*) Arrowhead mentioned.

Arrowhead ended its patch notes with an inventory of recognized points in Helldivers 2, together with a difficulty that causes the recreation to crash when utilizing a stim inside an Exosuit. Right here’s the full checklist, straight from Arrowhead:

  • Sport crashes when trying to make use of a stim whereas inside an Exosuit.
  • Pink artifacts might seem in the sky when setting off giant explosions.
  • Automaton Dropship seemingly disappears and slides in after being shot down.
  • Pictures from arc-based weapons might not depend in the direction of kills in post-mission stats.
  • Gamers can’t unfriend different gamers befriended through buddy code.
  • Cross-platform buddy invitations may not present up in the buddy requests tab.
  • Gamers could also be unable to pick loadout or return to ship when becoming a member of a multiplayer recreation session through PS5 Exercise Card.
  • The Exosuit can destroy itself with rockets if it fires whereas turning.
  • Textual content chat field show is obstructed by the cinematic letterboxing throughout extraction.
  • Some individuals are unable to just accept buddy requests. That is largely a difficulty cross platform

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