Pi Squared Raises $12.5 Million in Seed Funding Led by Polychain Capital to Build a Universal ZK Circuit Powered by Proof of Proof

Champaign, Illinois, United States, July 2nd, 2024, Chainwire

Pi Squared, (Proof of Proof), introduced the closure of their first capital elevate. Led by Polychain Capital, the syndicate consists of ABCDE, Bloccelerate, Generative Ventures, Robotic Ventures, and Samsung Subsequent. Angel traders embody Shumo Chu, Harish Devarajan, Justin Drake, Sreeram Kanaan, Csongor Kiss, George Lambeth, Yilong Li, Calvin Liu, Lucian Mincu, Karthik Raju, and Frequent Prefix.

Utilizing zero-knowledge (ZK) expertise in a correct-by-construction and basically distinctive approach, Pi Squared will allow trustless distant computing, AI, and interoperable sensible contracts for any blockchain or dApp. This shall be made attainable by way of the creation of a common and disarmingly small ZK circuit that checks the integrity of mathematical proofs, which is able to present verifiable-computing correctness ensures to all languages and digital machines (VMs) alike immediately from their formal semantics, with none translation to a frequent language, VM, or instruction set structure (ISA).

“Our mission is to revolutionize verifiable computing, making it universal for all languages and virtual machines, inherently correct-by-construction, and lightning-fast,” says Grigore Roșu, CEO of Pi Squared and CS Professor at College of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. “This will have many applications, including a universal settlement layer (USL) so all Blockchains, L1s and L2s, can be universal, correct, inter-operable and efficient. It does not end there, our long-term mission is to settle all science and knowledge on USL.” 

“Pi Squared’s proof of proof technology will have a transformative impact across Web3 and beyond,” stated Karthik Raju, GP at Polychain Capital. “Pi Squared’s common ZK circuit will considerably enhance the attain and applicability of Web3 for everybody, from builders to finish customers.”

Pi Squared will enable the next generation of verifiable computing that is universal and scalable with an optimally minimal trust base. The first product powered by Pi Squared is the Universal Settlement Layer (USL), an architecture for modular blockchains that enables the following characteristics:


Computations can be expressed in any high-level or virtual machine language, without the need for compilers or translators.

Provable correctness

Computations verified by the USL are mathematically proven to be correct, and any external entity can independently verify the correctness of the state of the USL.

Trust Base Minimality

USL exposes any trust assumptions in upper-layer computations for increased transparency, end-user awareness, and will minimize the trust base through correctness proofs.

App Interoperability

The USL will support interoperability between different application modules and networks (e.g. appchains). 

Determinism and reproducibility

The validation is reproducible and independently verifiable by any external entity.

Pi Squared’s USL therefore provides end-to-end correctness guarantees for generic computations while minimizing the trust base underlying these computations. USL promotes verifiable computing as the standard distributed computing paradigm without requiring or promoting particular domain-specific languages (DSLs), VMs, or execution environments, all while being efficient and scalable.

Pi Squared will be presenting and exhibiting at events around EthCC in Brussels from July 8th to 11th. Attendees can listen to Pi Squared’s CEO, Grigore Roșu, speak at Restaking & Infra Day on July eighth and L2con on July ninth.

About Pi Squared

Pi Squared means ZK proofs of mathematical proofs. Pi Squared uses ZK technology in a correct-by-construction and fundamentally unique way. A universal and disarmingly small ZK circuit provides verifiable-computing correctness guarantees to all languages and VMs alike, without any translation to a common language, VM, or ISA. Pi Squared is led by UIUC professor Grigore Rosu, founder of the K framework and of Runtime Verification, and consists of researchers and founders of successful projects in formal methods, blockchain, and AI/ML.

To book a meeting with Pi Squared’s CEO and team, attendees can reach out to contact@pi2.network. 

To learn more about Pi Squared’s vision and Proof of Proof, visit pi2.community and comply with Pi Squared on social media.

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