Polygon adds Google Cloud to its set of validators

Polygon Labs announced on September 29 that it has added Google Cloud to the decentralized pool of validators powering the Proof-of-Stake Network.

Polygon said in its statement that Google Cloud is now among more than 100 validators protecting the Polygon PoS Network, a network that originally operated under the name Matic Network and which operates as a sidechain on the Ethereum blockchain.

Polygon noted that the infrastructure that powers YouTube and Gmail now partially powers Polygon PoS. He also called Google Cloud “high-quality, reliable, [and] Security-minded’ validator and said this adds additional security to the network.

The project also linked to a dashboard page showing that Google Cloud has staked up to 10,451 MATIC ($5,484) and won 29.42 MATIC ($15) to date. Although Google Cloud is more recognizable than any other Polygon validator, it is nevertheless one of the lowest MATIC staking amount validators.

The partnership appears to have had little to no effect on the value of Polygon’s MATIC token. MATIC rose 1.2% over 24 hours, while the entire crypto market rose 0.6%.

Polygon and Google Cloud are close partners

Polygon and Google Cloud originally started their partnership in April. At the time, both companies said the multi-year partnership would include multiple goals.

The terms of the partnership indicate that Google Cloud will contribute cloud services to Polygon’s zkEVM scaling solution, provide a managed Polygon node hosting service to Google Cloud users, and support Polygon’s proprietary application chain. The deal also included funding of $200,000 in Google Cloud credits for Polygon-backed startups.

In addition to this partnership, Google Cloud has also added support for Polygon network data to BigQuery datasets. The platform made this addition September 21 and introduced support for a total of eleven different blockchain datasets at the time.

The partnership between Polygon and Google Cloud is extensive but not unique. Google Cloud has established similar validation partnerships with other blockchain networks, including but not limited to Solana, Voltage, Ronin Network, Tezos, and Celo.

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