Potion event recipes and market news list for Genshin Impact

Alchemical Ascension” is the keystone event of Genshin Impact model 4.5, prompting you to combine herbs collectively to make potions that comply with news developments.

Finishing the event may even reward a plethora of goodies: furnishings, Primogems, a Crown of Perception, and a particular weapon you can solely get from this event. The weapon, “Dialogues of the Desert Sages,” is a polearm that advantages healers, like Mika and Yaoyao. Once more, you may solely get this weapon (and its refinement materials) from this event, so ensure that to seize it earlier than it’s gone.

As regular with Genshin occasions, “Alchemical Ascension” is break up into three elements which might be time-gated. Part one began on March 14, part two began on March 16, and part three will begin on March 18. We’ll replace this information as content material rolls out.

You might be fearful about messing up your potions early on, however don’t fret an excessive amount of. Because the event progresses, you’ll finally be capable of maintain making potions and spamming cycles infinitely, so you may simply maintain making potions and incomes income with no fear.

Regardless, we clarify the best way to grow to be a potion skilled, potion recipes, and how market news works beneath.

Learn how to make potions in Genshin Impact’s ‘Alchemical Ascension’ event

As of the primary a part of the event, you’ve gotten 10 cycles to make potions. You’ll be able to solely make one potion per cycle and you may finish the cycle by speaking to Lisa. All through completely different cycles, the market news will inform you what persons are into, and thus what potions will promote higher.

Every potion is made up of various components. You unlock extra as you degree up and you may develop them in pots on the potion making space. Every ingredient correlates to a particular efficacy: power, structure, dexterity, charisma, knowledge, or balanced. Additionally they every have a unique attribute: endurance, heat, steadying, aromatic, therapeutic, strengthening, stress-free, notion, focus, or method.

The objective is to put the components, like a puzzle, on to the grid in a manner that creates a potion with particular stats and traits, leaving as few gaps open as potential.

This potion focuses on the knowledge efficacy and the therapeutic attribute.
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As you place items, you may see how your potion will end up on the left facet of the display. Hovering over the ingredient on the precise facet may even say what it provides to the potion. You’ll simply must maintain including the correlating crops till you get the specified consequence.

After promoting the potions, you should buy upgrades (like a greater cauldron or extra planting pots) from a girl close by. Your crops may even improve as they get used, unlocking extra shapes to make use of through the puzzle portion of the event.

After cycle 10, you’ll be capable of buy greater upgrades for your store, like the power to promote extra potions directly. After you unlock sufficient slots, you ideally simply wish to inventory your store with high-level potions that cowl all of the completely different efficacies and traits. This fashion, you received’t actually even have to concentrate to the market news to get wealthy.

Market news necessities, defined

Each couple of cycles, a brand new newspaper will get delivered to you, speaking in regards to the newest developments. As anticipated, we’ve to investigate these developments to make potions that go well with no matter pattern is happening. Nevertheless, the sport doesn’t straight inform you which efficacy or traits are wanted per pattern — you type of simply must guess. However you don’t really, as a result of we list out all of the news and their associated calls for beneath, together with what cycle they seem in.

Word that in cycles eight by way of 10, you’re going to get two random developments out of the 4 we list. From cycles 11-22, you’ll get a random group of two from the list each few cycles. There additionally seems to be some parts of RNG with what traits get related per pattern, in response to each our expertise and a few other guides. Every pattern can have as much as three traits, so if our desk has greater than three, you’ll must guess and verify. Haven’t any concern, although, because the market news display will affirm which efficacies and traits you bought proper. (As talked about above, although, you don’t must stress about getting all of the potions completely, as you’ll have a vast quantity of cycles to play by way of later within the event.)

Genshin Impact ‘Alchemical Ascension’ market news efficacy and traits

Cycle News Efficacy Traits
Cycle News Efficacy Traits
2-4 Good Hunter is developing with new dishes for adventurers who love battling. Structure, Energy, Dexterity None
2-4 The proprietor of a Mondstadt flower store is trying to have their recent flowers develop extra lushy and lengthen the time they’re in bloom. Structure Endurance, Steadying
5-7 Draff of Springvale is recruiting hunters to hunt an exceedingly speedy Boar King. Energy, Dexterity, Knowledge Endurance
5-7 A scholar from Mondstadt has unearthed an historic stone pill and is presently attempting to decipher the knowledge on it. Knowledge None(?)
8-10 A bard in Mondstadt hopes to reliably to placed on a great present of their performances and entice a bigger viewers. Charisma, Knowledge Method, Steadying, Enjoyable
8-10 The Cavalry Captain of Knights of Favonius is main a squad that goals to filter bandits skulking outdoors the town. Energy, Dexterity Endurance, Strengthening
8-10 The Dragonspine Exploration Staff is getting ready provides to make sure that its members stay in good situation. Structure, Energy Heat, Endurance
8-10 Make-up is trendy amongst the younger women in Mondstadt. Charisma Aromatic, Method
11-22 Akademiya college students are busy composing last theses and are below important stress. Some are presently looking for a way to calm their spirits and allow them to deal with search. Knowledge Steadying, Focus
11-22 The Director of the Yun-Han Opera Troupe is getting ready to buy a batch of make-up merchandise for their performances. Charisma, Knowledge Aromatic, Method
11-22 Not too long ago, the variety of individuals injured by monster assaults is on the rise, and Deaconess Barbara is trying to replenish the medecine shares of the Church of Favonius. Structure Therapeutic, Steadying, Strengthening
11-22 The captain of a Liyue ship desires to enhance the structure of latest sailors and ameliorate the impact of seasickness. Structure Therapeutic, Enjoyable, Endurance
11-22 Yae Publishing Home is holding a light-weight novel contest, and authors are looking for inspirations. Knowledge Focus, Method, Notion
11-22 There have been frequent disturbances within the desert recently, and the Guardian of Aaru Village is main the opposite guards within the protection towards monster assaults. Knowledge, Structure Endurance
11-22 Uncommon, swift-swimming fish have been noticed in Mondstadt’s waters! Fans are desperate to have at them Dexterity, Knowledge Focus, Method
11-22 The Millelith are presently clearing out monsters to be able to shield miners. They wish to stay calm as they accomplish that and finish the battle shortly. Energy, Dexterity Strengthening, Steadying
11-22 An exhilarating Pankration Match is underway within the Fortress of Meropide, and it’s stated there’s somebody(s) trying to purchase a technique to increase their bodily capabilities irrespective of the worth. Dexterity, Structure, Energy Method
11-22 Among the Qingce Village elders are ill, and they hope to search out in a technique to lengthen their lifespans. Structure Strengthening, Endurance, Therapeutic

Particular prospects and orders

Beginning in cycle eight, you’ll get some particular orders from visiting NPCs. Some might have simply straight up requests, whereas Sucrose might seem with extra particular necessities to move a potion-making examination. Everybody’s requests are the identical throughout the board, so there’s no want to fret about an RNG component to get in your manner. Nevertheless, Sucrose’s potions might have completely different puzzle boards, with the blocking squares in numerous areas.

Beidou’s potion request

Beidou desires a structure potion with stress-free traits. You may make this by utilizing Calla Lilies and Dandelions. You should utilize mushrooms and berries to fill in any further gaps to get these further factors, however don’t use too many. You don’t need their traits (endurance and heat, respectively) to overhaul the stress-free attribute.

Sucrose’s first alchemy examination

Sucrose desires an intermediate potion with a structure efficacy. We used tons of Calla Lilies and Candy Flowers to move her check.

Diona’s potion request

Identical to Beidou, Diona will finally present up asking for a potion. She desires one with a knowledge efficacy or one which has steadying traits. You should utilize Qingxin or Windwheel Asters for the knowledge impact or Calla Lilies for the steadying impact.

Sucrose’s second alchemy examination

The second time round, Sucrose will need an intermediate potion that has each power and dexterity efficacies. We particularly used Jueyen Chilis and Horsetails to move her check, however you may also use Flaming Flowers, Mist Flowers, and Dandelions.

Diluc’s potion request

Diluc desires a potion with each Structure and Knowledge efficacy or one with Focus and Enjoyable traits. You should utilize Calla Lillies, Candy Flowers, Violetgrass, Qingxin, Windwheel Asters, or Lumidouce Bells if you happen to’re specializing in the efficacies. In the event you’re specializing in the traits, you should use Berries, Zaytun Peaches, or Dandelions to assist with that.

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