Redmane Freyja questline steps in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree

Redmane Freyja is one of the first NPCs you’ll come throughout in Elden Ring’s Shadow of the Erdtree DLC. You’ll meet in her Gravesite Plain, at the very begin of your journey into the Shadow Realm.

On this Elden Ring DLC information, I’ll stroll you thru how you can full Redmane Freyja’s quest in Shadow of the Erdtree.

The place to seek out Redmane Freyja NPC in Elden Ring DLC

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A Tarnished speaks to Redmane Freyja in Shadow of the Erdtree

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Redmane Freyja is resting alongside one other NPC, Hornsent, at the Three-Path Cross Web site of Grace. You will discover this web site of grace at the finish of the primary highway in Gravesite Plain, earlier than it splinters off into the highway west towards Belurat fortress, the highway north to the lake, and the highway east to Citadel Ensis. (That is additionally the place you’ll discover the first of Miquella’s Crosses.)

Converse to Redmane Freyja right here till she begins repeating her dialogue. Then proceed alongside by means of Belurat fortress. Whereas inside, you may summon Redmane Freyja for the Divine Beast Dancing Lion boss battle at the prime of the fortress, however this isn’t vital to finish her quest.

Earlier than leaving Gravesite Plain, be sure to discover and speak to a different NPC, Sir Ansbach, at the Primary Gate Cross Web site of Grace. You’ll want him to assist Freyja in a while.

Assembly Freyja in Shadow Preserve

A map showing the location of Freyja in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree

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A Tarnished speaks with Freyja in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree

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When you kill the Divine Beast Dancing Lion, you received’t run into Redmane Freyja once more for fairly some time. Proceed by means of the Shadow Realm till you get near Shadow Preserve. While you do, you’ll get a notification that the Nice Rune has damaged. That is imagined to occur — you didn’t do something flawed right here — and can set some of the NPCs on a brand new path.

When the Nice Rune breaks, it’s a good suggestion to move again and speak to all of the NPCs you’ve met to date, to be sure to progress their questlines and listen to their new dialogue. That is seemingly pointless for Redmane Freyja, assuming you spoke to her earlier in the DLC. Nevertheless, you’ll get some further context and dialogue from her, so it’s greatest to go go to her earlier than you proceed.

When you’ve completed your world tour of NPCs, head into Shadow Preserve and push ahead by means of the dungeon. Close to the finish, you’ll stumble upon Freyja at the web site of grace on the seventh flooring of the Specimen Storehouse. She’ll be behind the web site of grace, ducked down and on the lookout for some info on Basic Radahn.

Discuss to Freyja and exhaust all of her new dialogue. She received’t be in a really conversational temper right here, and can grumble to herself about needing to speak to Sir Ansbach.

Getting Freyja’s letter from Sir Ansbach

A map showing the location of Sir Ansbach in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree

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A Tarnished speaks with Sir Ansbach in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree

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It’s best to’ve already spoken to Sir Ansbach again in Gravesite Plain, earlier than the Nice Rune broke. When you spoke to him once more after the Nice Rune, he’ll have already made his technique to Shadow Preserve earlier than you arrived. If not, simply go speak to him once more and relaxation.

You’ll discover Sir Ansbach on the first flooring of the Specimen Storehouse, though he’s not as conveniently positioned as Redmane Freyja. From the web site of grace on the first flooring, head ahead round the large beast, up the stairs to your left, previous the bookshelves, and down the stairs to your proper right into a small room. You’ll discover Sir Ansbach in the again nook, studying a guide.

Discuss to Freyja upstairs after which head right down to Ansbach and inform him of her plight. Exhaust his dialogue after which go relaxation once more. Return to Sir Ansbach and he’ll provide you with the “Letter for Freyja.” Return to Freyja on the seventh flooring and provides her Ansbach’s letter. Preserve speaking to her till she runs out of dialogue and offers you the Golden Lion Defend.

When you relaxation once more, she ought to disappear.

Now you can return to Sir Ansbach to inform him about Freyja’s response to his letter and proceed his questline.

Methods to end Redmane Freyja’s quest

When you give Freyja Ansbach’s letter and speak to her, you’ll have successfully accomplished her quest. Nevertheless, she is going to pop up once more close to the very finish of the DLC — alongside just a few different acquainted faces. Simply proceed alongside the primary path and also you’ll get the conclusion to her story earlier than you attain the closing boss.

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