Relai integrates Lightning with the help of Breez SDK and Greenlight

Relai, a European reservationless Bitcoin wallet with in-app broker services, is announcing the integration of Lightning functionality today at the Plan B conference in Lugano. Lightning support will initially be released as a closed, invite-only beta program, and will slowly roll out to full public access before the end of Q4 2023. Starting in early 2024, Relai will expand the integration to direct purchases through its brokerage service directly on Lightning Wallets.

This integration comes via a partnership with Breez, one of the first Lightning wallets still operating today, using Breez Software Development Kit (SDK). The SDK will allow Relai to seamlessly integrate Lightning functionality for its users, while relying on Blockstream’s recently launched Greenlight service to manage all support functions for users. Greenlight runs most of the hub software in the cloud for users, while maintaining the private key used to control funds and authorize updates to users’ channels on their own device. This allows for a seamless and fast user experience while still maintaining a self-curating setting where Greenlight is unable to change the state of a user’s Lightning channel without their involvement.

The Breez SDK and Greenlight will ensure that the entire Lightning experience for Relai users is not only self-curated, but a step removed from Relai. Greenlight will give users access to multiple LSPs as peer channels, giving them the option in a marketplace to find the best rates or network connections to optimize for their use cases and budgets. It also guarantees that aside from purchases deposited directly into the Lightning wallet by Relai, the company will have no insight into user activity on the Lightning Network due to their lack of involvement in the operation of the actual LSP infrastructure a user is connected to .

Adem Bilican, Co-Founder and CTO of Relai, says of the partnership: “Our partnership with Breez strengthens our position at the forefront of the Bitcoin revolution in Europe. By integrating the Bitcoin Lightning Wallet, we are not only enhancing the experience user but also driving the adoption of Bitcoin as a daily trading currency”.

Roy Sheinfeld, Co-Founder and CEO of Breez, says: “Working with a forward-thinking partner like Relai has been an enjoyable journey. We are united by our vision to make Bitcoin and Lightning easily and securely accessible to as many people as possible. possible.”

This partnership will bring the full package to European Bitcoin users, on-chain self-curation, on- and off-ramps, and Lightning payment support, all in one app, all without compromising the principles of self-curation. Keep your eyes peeled for the integration to come out of beta in the coming months.

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