SOURCE [On NFTs] by Robert Alice

OpenSea: SOURCE [On NFTs] by Robert Alice

Mission Abstract

“SOURCE [On NFTs]” by Robert Alice is a pioneering absolutely in-chain generative artwork NFT venture. Created as a companion to the Taschen e book OnNFTs, this assortment marks a major milestone within the NFT house, being the primary generative artwork assortment launched on Christie’s 3.0 NFT platform.

Revolutionary Features:

  • Generative Artwork: Fully on-chain, using p5.js by way of the Scripty.sol encoding system, permitting for intricate and absolutely autonomous generative artwork.
  • Christie’s 3.0: The venture debuted on Christie’s 3.0, highlighting the convergence of conventional artwork establishments with cutting-edge blockchain expertise.

Technical Particulars:

  • On-Chain Encoding: Leveraged the Scripty.sol system to encode p5.js, guaranteeing that the artwork technology course of stays completely on-chain.
  • Finish-to-Finish Answer: NFTCulture offered a complete resolution, integrating sensible contract growth, metadata administration, and paintings deployment.

Affect and Innovation

“SOURCE [On NFTs]” represents a major leap ahead within the evolution of generative artwork on the blockchain. By embedding the artwork technology course of absolutely on-chain, Robert Alice and NFTCulture have set a brand new customary for transparency and permanence in digital artwork. This venture not solely showcases the potential of blockchain expertise in artwork but additionally bridges the hole between conventional artwork platforms and the rising world of NFTs.


“SOURCE [On NFTs]” by Robert Alice is a groundbreaking absolutely in-chain generative artwork venture, launched on Christie’s 3.0. Using the Scripty.sol encoding system, this venture highlights the mixing of conventional artwork with blockchain expertise, producing ~$300k in income.


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