‘Starcrossed’ Exotic mission and secret chest guide in Destiny 2: Season of the Wish

The “Starcrossed” mission is new to Destiny 2: Season of the Wish. It operates equally to the “Avalon” mission from earlier this yr and “Operation: Seraph Shield” from Season of the Seraph in that they’re temporary asides that provide a strong weapon and some secrets and techniques to uncover every week.

In “Starcrossed,” you’ll enterprise into the Black Backyard with Riven and Crow to tackle a military of Vex. Your reward? The brand new Strand Exotic bow: Wish-Keeper — which is ready to deploy a Suspending entice after getting sufficient kills or precision hits.

On this Destiny 2 guide, we’ll stroll you thru the right way to full the Starcrossed mission and discover its secret chest.

Easy methods to beat the ‘Starcrossed’ Exotic mission in Destiny 2

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“Starcrossed” is, primarily, only a straight line with just a few stops alongside it, so this guide will focus much less on the place to go and extra on how the mission’s three main mechanics work: Sire’s Obligation, Dam’s Present, and Topped by Dragons. Let’s break it down.

Sire’s Obligation

A Guardian uses Sire’s Obligation to defeat enemies in Destiny 2

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Your first massive mechanic, which you get simply earlier than the first main encounter, is a buff known as Sire’s Obligation. You will get it from standing in a blue pool that seems in some flowers by a locked gate. It lasts ceaselessly whilst you’re standing in the pool, however solely lasts 45 seconds as soon as you permit.

Sire’s Obligation means that you can harm Stubborn enemies and means that you can see the Final Wish symbols. Use the buff to defeat the first Stubborn Phalanx and open the door.

A Guardian uses Sire Obligation to open a vault door in Destiny 2

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You’ll put Sire’s Obligation to sensible use in the first encounter. Get the buff from one of the swimming pools and look to the gate at the finish of the enviornment. You’ll see three symbols in a random order. You’ll have to test the order your self each time, however for the sake of this guide, let’s use this order for instance: Dragon, Fish, Hen.

Now, along with your buff (ensure that to resume it in case you run out of time), run round the enviornment and search for Stubborn Phalanx enemies. There are three of them, every residing beneath one of the three symbols you noticed on the door. Defeat them in the order of the mixture on the door (Dragon, Fish, Hen, for this instance) and you’ll open the means. Defeat them in the mistaken order, and they’ll all respawn.

Dam’s Present

A Guardian uses Dam’s Gift to traverse orange mist in Destiny 2

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Dam’s Present is the second mechanic in this mission, and comes from a pink puddle that comes from sure flower patches. It lasts for the similar quantity of time as Sire’s Obligation.

Dam’s Present means that you can stroll into the orange mist, which you’ll encounter for the first time simply forward of the first pink flower patch. With out Dam’s Present, you’ll take harm inside the mist and get the Unwelcome debuff, which can finally kill you. Nonetheless, you’re protected in the mist so long as you keep Dam’s Present.

A Guardian uses Dam’s Gift to activate a Vex node in Destiny 2

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After you run by the preliminary mist, you’ll want to make use of Dam’s Present to finish the second encounter. You’ll discover a pink puddle in a small enviornment and three passageways coated in orange mist: left, proper, and center. Use Dam’s Present to stroll every of these paths and rapidly kill the Gatekeeper Wyvern’s inside. As soon as the Wyvern is useless, a defend will disappear over a Vex node, which you’ll work together with.

Repeat this course of till you’ve killed three Gatekeeper Wyverns and interacted with all three nodes in the enviornment to finish the problem.

Topped by Dragons

A Guardian uses the Crowned by Dragons buff to open a door in Destiny 2

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At the finish of the mission, you’ll want to mix these two buffs collectively. Once you enter the subsequent enviornment, head to the left to get Sire’s Obligation and to the proper to get Dam’s Present. Upon getting them each, the buff will rework right into a single buff: Topped by Dragons.

Whilst you have Topped by Dragons, you’ll be capable to see symbols, harm Stubborn enemies, and traverse the orange mist. Operating by both buff will renew Topped by Dragons again to 45 seconds.

With Topped by Dragons in hand, look to the massive door in the middle of the room to get your lock mixture. Then, run round the room and kill the Stubborn enemies in the right order. There’s one Stubborn enemy in the essential room, and one in every of the enviornment’s two wings. To be able to get to the wings, you’ll have to traverse orange mist, so be sure to by no means lose Topped by Dragons.

Easy methods to beat Akardon, Pitiless Thoughts, in Destiny 2

A Guardian uses Crowned by Dragons to defeat Akardon, Pitiless Mind, in Destiny 2

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When you open the door, proceed right down to the ultimate boss, which is an enormous Vex Hydra: Akardon, Pitiless Thoughts. You’ll be able to harm the boss from the begin of the battle so long as you might have Topped by Dragons. Nonetheless, you’ll have a a lot simpler time killing the boss in case you take away its rotating defend, which tends to dam quite a bit of incoming harm in case you don’t time your photographs nicely.

To do that, use Topped by Dragons to kill each of the Pitiless Attendant Phalanx enemies in the room with the Hydra. As soon as they’re each useless, the boss will lose its defend and begin spawning Taken enemies. Kill it rapidly and then proceed into the treasure room to complete the mission.

Destiny 2 ‘Starcrossed’ secret chest location

A Guardian searches for a secret chest in Destiny 2

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Once you first begin “Starcrossed,” you’ll be in an space with an enormous chasm, and might want to leap throughout some plant leaves. The primary half of this space is pretty open, however you’ll finally want to show proper and stroll throughout an enormous tree department, which can lead you to a slender opening and the relaxation of the mission.

When you flip and hit that massive tree department, cease. As a substitute of persevering with alongside, look down and round you. You’ll discover an edge that leads right into a small alcove.

A Guardian finds a hidden chest in Destiny 2

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Head down into this small space and you’ll discover a Dreaming Metropolis chest nuzzled in opposition to the wall. Open it for a Season of the Timeless weapon.

Should you’re fighting this chest, I like to recommend placing the Wombo Detector Ghost Shell mod on, which can mean you can detect close by treasure chests and sources.

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