Surviving the new Dune MMO sounds like hell, but at least you can drink the blood of your enemies

Dune: Awakening will pair survival and crafting mechanics with the social interplay of a massively multiplayer on-line recreation, letting gamers fulfill the hellish fantasy of surviving life on Arrakis. Sure, you can fly an ornithopter. Sure, you can use the Voice to bend the will of your enemies. And sure, you can drink the blood of your enemies in an effort to remain hydrated on Dune’s lethal desert planet.

On Monday, throughout the Dune: Awakening Direct livestream, Funcom chief inventive officer Joel Bylos walked potential gamers by the scope of the survival MMO, detailing what they can (and can’t) do in recreation. You can’t kill a sandworm, and it doesn’t sound like you’ll be capable of experience one — at launch, anyway.

Survival and crafting are unsurprisingly a significant element of Dune: Awakening. Gamers must be aware of risks, like sandstorms, sandworms, publicity to Arrakis’ intense daylight, and dehydration. To fight the latter, gamers will be capable of discover Arrakis’ dew fields or eat plant fibers that comprise hint quantities of water. In additional determined conditions, gamers can shoot enemies and take their blood as a supply of water.

Gamers will even scavenge for assets to craft their private arsenal. They’ll make their very own stillsuit, forge metal, construct bases, and assemble machines as they advance by Dune: Awakening’s expertise tree. Gamers will get entry to ornithopters, sand bikes, and thumpers — all useful units when making an attempt to keep away from the sandworms of Arrakis, a continually looming menace.

One other menace? Different gamers. Dune: Awakening will take a combined-arms method, letting gamers use melee, ranged weapons, particular skills, and automobiles to wage conflict towards their opponents.

Dune: Awakening additionally guarantees “political survival,” as gamers can align themselves with home Atreides or Harkonnen and rise by the ranks to realize positions of energy. “The universe of Dune is a perfect place with these politics and intrigue,” Bylos mentioned, noting that Funcom’s method was “let’s get players hooked on the survival [gameplay] and then bring them into the political survival of the Dune universe.” Gamers will begin their journey in Dune: Awakening as a survivor misplaced in the desert, but by mentorship and in-game contracts, might wind up as a high-ranking baron.

It sounds like there are much less politically motivated profession choices as effectively. Gamers who wish to dwell their life on Arrakis as a crafter or architect, promoting blueprints of their elaborate customized bases can do this too.

Dune: Awakening is coming to PlayStation 5, Home windows PC, and Xbox Sequence X, but Funcom has not revealed a launch window for the recreation.

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