‘The Arisen’s Shadow’ quest walkthrough in Dragon’s Dogma 2

“The Arisen’s Shadow” is a quest you’ll choose up in Dragon’s Dogma 2’s metropolis of Vernworth. It’s not a quest you select to begin — it simply form of pops up after you start working with Captain Brant.

Our Dragon’s Dogma 2 quest walkthrough for “The Arisen’s Shadow” will present you how you can confront the particular person following you in Vernworth and contend together with your pursuer.

Find out how to begin ‘The Arisen’s Shadow’ quest in Dragon’s Dogma 2

As you begin sticking your nostril into the affairs of the palace in Vernworth — by finishing a few Captain Brant’s numerous quests — you’ll choose up a tail whenever you’re in city. We obtained it after finishing “Monster Culling.”


Picture: Capcom by way of Polygon

After chatting with Brant and leaving the tavern, you’ll get the “The Arisen’s Shadow” quest with the target to “contend with your pursuer.” Your pawns will most likely touch upon it, saying one thing like “I sense eyes upon us.”

Contend together with your pursuer

Picture: Capcom by way of Polygon

Your pursuer is a person named Bermudo. He’s carrying an all brown outfit and carrying a hood. Your first activity is simply recognizing him. This isn’t truly that simple, particularly in the busy metropolis of Vernworth.

Your finest wager is alongside one of many lengthy facet alleys and even simply the primary sq.. Stroll in a straight line so far as you possibly can, after which flip round shortly. Begin sprinting again the best way you got here, and watch for somebody operating away from you.

Sprinting will allow you to catch up Bermudo fairly simply. You may even get him cornered, however he gained’t work together with you and can solely run away. To “contend” with him, you will have seize him when you’re shut.

Do you have to kill or launch Bermudo in Dragon’s Dogma 2?

Dragon’s Dogma 2 confronting Bermundo

Picture: Capcom by way of Polygon

When you’ve grappled him, simply maintain him for a couple of seconds, and then you definately’ll begin a dialog. You’ve obtained a option to make at that time — both launch him or kill him.

You may attempt to query him, however he’s fairly tight-lipped. Earlier than you let him go, you possibly can extort a bit of cash from him, however you possibly can’t get something besides gold. Asking for one thing completely different will make him assault you.

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