The best boons in Hades 2

Boons from the gods are the core a part of any profitable run in Hades 2. The Olympian deities even have a vested curiosity in killing Time (a.ok.a., Chronos), in order that they allow you to borrow their powers quickly.

Whether or not it’s an elemental impact that helps you clear a room of foes or a stat enhance that retains you from dying carelessly, discovering the best boons can considerably change your fortunes on a run. Right here’s a rundown of how boons work, plus our choices for the best boons in Hades 2.

How boons work in Hades 2

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You will get boons in the center of your Hades 2 runs by way of two strategies: both by clearing a room of enemies, or by buying them from Charon’s store for gold cash.

Boons both grant you passive stat boosts or change how your assaults, specials, casts, and dashes perform. Every god tends to typically grant a distinct impact — Poseidon’s boons, as an example, push enemies away from you, whereas Hestia’s burn them — however not all boons have that impact.

In Hades 2’s early entry interval, we’ve come throughout boons from the next gods, although observe that we’ve not but “finished” the sport, so extra deities would possibly present up in a while.

  • Aphrodite: boons that have a tendency to use the weak standing impact
  • Apollo: boons that have a tendency to use the daze standing impact
  • Artemis: boons that have a tendency to extend your probability of touchdown important hits
  • Demeter: boons that are inclined to freeze enemies
  • Hephaestus: boons that have a tendency to extend your protection
  • Hermes: boons that are inclined to make youfaster
  • Hestia: boons that are inclined to burn enemies
  • Poseidon: boons that are inclined to push enemies again
  • Zeus: boons that are inclined to shock enemies

Some gods who had been in the unique Hades, like Ares and Athena, don’t look like current in Hades 2 (at the least that we’ve seen).

Boons can be found at 4 rarity ranges: frequent, uncommon, epic, and heroic. The larger the rarity, the more practical the boon. (For example, a boon that offers 40% bonus injury at frequent rank would possibly deal 50% bonus injury at uncommon.)

Discovering a Pom of Energy means that you can degree up one boon of your selecting, growing its efficacy. When selecting a chamber, look out for an emblem of a pomegranate.

In case you equip a Souvenir affiliated with a selected deity, you’re extra prone to come throughout boons from that deity in your runs. And in the event you unlock the “Kindred Keepsakes” incantation, you get the power to swap Keepsakes between areas. When you can by no means totally take away the randomized factor from Hades 2, it’s one strategy to have higher sway over your builds.

The best boons in Hades 2


You may select from one among three boons each time a god provides you one.
Picture: Supergiant Video games by way of Polygon

For functions of this information, we’ve centered solely on the “standard” boons you could have an opportunity of working into in your runs. In different phrases, this listing doesn’t embrace Chaos boons, Selene’s Hex boons, or bonus results from characters like Arachne or Narcissus. Whereas all of these bonuses are fairly efficient — and properly value watching out for in your runs — they’re even extra as much as the Fates than the remainder of Hades 2. It’s not

At a look, listed below are our picks for the best boons in Hades 2, which we’ve organized alphabetically by the god who can grant them to you.

Hades 2 best boons listing

Boon God Kind Impact
Boon God Kind Impact
Wholesome Rebound Aphrodite Passive Absolutely heals you in the event you clear a room and keep above a minimal well being threshold
Wispy Wiles Aphrodite Passive When you have 4 air-element boons, you could have an opportunity to mechanically keep away from injury
Flutter Flourish Aphrodite Particular Your specials are more practical in opposition to shut enemies
Flutter Strike Aphrodite Assault Your assaults are more practical in opposition to shut enemies
Tremendous Nova Apollo Forged Your casts slowly increase in measurement
Help Fireplace Artemis Assault/Particular Shoot an arrow at each enemy you hit
Arctic Ring Demeter Forged Freezes enemies caught in your forged
Chilly Storage Demeter Passive Frozen enemies keep frozen longer
Winter Coat Demeter Passive Scale back your whole magick in change for a barrier
Uncommon Crop Demeter Passive Your boons drop to frequent ranking, then enhance rarity each three encounters
Mint Situation Hephaestus Passive You are invincible for 8 seconds firstly of each encounter
Molten Contact Hephaestus Assault/Particular Your assaults and specials are more practical in opposition to armor
Larger Evasion Hermes Passive You have got a ten% probability of avoiding injury
Nitro Enhance Hermes Passive Achieve a barrier and dash sooner
Burnt Providing Hestia Bonus You achieve +50 well being and magick however lose one among your boons
Smolder Ring Hestia Forged Burns enemies caught in your forged
Hydraulic May Poseidon Assault/Particular Your assaults and specials are twice as robust for the primary 10 seconds of each encounter
Wave Flourish Poseidon Particular Your specials knock enemies away
Thunder Dash Zeus Sprint Your dash shocks close by enemies

Beneath, we clarify why these are the best boons — and, as a result of not all boons are match for all circumstances, clarify a few of their limitations.

Best Aphrodite boons

Flutter Flourish and Flutter Strike are usually not efficient for all builds. However in the event you’re a fan of close-range weapons just like the Sister Blades or the Moonlight Axe, you’re dealing as much as twice as a lot injury (or extra!) with each hit, relying on the rarity of the boon.

Wholesome Rebound is all about playing by yourself success. At frequent rarity, in the event you clear a room with 80% of your well being remaining, you totally heal your self. Combining this with an Arcana Card just like the Wayward Son, which heals you a little bit bit after every room, is a straightforward strategy to maintain your well being up.

Wispy Wiles, in the meantime, solely kicks in when you’ve got 4 air-themed boons, however deal with getting Aphrodite’s boons, and also you’ll attain that threshold in no time. Having a 15% probability to keep away from any injury in any respect in the event you get hit is a (pardon the pun) godsend.

Best Apollo boons

Tremendous Nova is the kind of boon that slots into any construct, and is especially environment friendly at crowd management: It causes your casts to get bigger over time, trapping extra enemies in place.

Best Artemis boons

Help Fireplace was simply one of many best boons in the unique Hades, and stays one of many best for Hades 2. Each time you hit an enemy with an assault or a particular, you additionally hit them with an arrow that offers 10 injury.

Best Demeter boons

Freezing enemies in place is essential for the crowded rooms that litter Hades 2’s late-game ranges. Two boons work in tandem to that impact. Arctic Ring freezes any enemies caught in your forged, whereas Chilly Storage ensures they keep frozen longer (wherever from two to 5 seconds, relying on the rarity).

Winter Coat reduces your whole magick meter, however grants you a barrier that absorbs one occasion of harm every encounter. Doesn’t matter how good you’re, all of us slip up and get hit now and again. Winter Coat is as an efficient insurance coverage plan as you will get.

Uncommon Crop is just value your time if you could find it early in a run. At first, it weakens all your boons, dropping them to frequent rarity. However they’ll enhance in rarity each three encounters. Get it early sufficient, and also you’ll find yourself with a construct of high-ranking boons by the point you attain the ultimate boss.

Best Hephaestus boons

Mint Situation protects you from all injury for eight seconds firstly of any encounter. Act quick when you have the benefit!

By the point you attain the Fields of Mourning, most enemies have armor, and your assaults are inclined to do minimal injury. Molten Contact will increase how a lot injury you deal to armor (by as much as 50% relying on the boon’s rarity), making it invaluable for late-game areas.

Best Hermes boons

In case you’re fortunate sufficient to return throughout Hermes, Larger Evasion is likely one of the most useful defensive boons in Hades 2. At even simply frequent rarity, you could have a ten% probability of avoiding taking any injury. Mix this with Aphrodite’s Wispy Wiles, and also you’re nearly as near invincible as you will get.

Nitro Enhance provides a pleasant perk on your dash (you run a little bit sooner) however the true cause to get this boon is that it provides you an identical sort of one-hit-protection barrier as Demeter’s Winter Coat.

Best Hestia boons

Burnt Providing grants you a everlasting (for the run) enhance to your well being and magick meters, however in change for one among your current boons. You’ll be capable of see which boon you’re giving up, so if it’s one you’ve constructed your run round, you don’t have to undergo with the commerce. But when it’s one you possibly can reside with out, the sizable enhance to your stats is usually value it.

Smolder Ring isn’t only a good pun. Any enemies caught in your forged will take persistent fireplace injury; you possibly can lure a handful of enemies in your forged and ignore them whereas nonetheless whittling away at their well being bars.

Best Poseidon boons

Hydraulic May works extraordinarily properly in mixture with Mint Situation, from Hephaestus. For the primary 10 seconds of each encounter, your assaults and specials deal extra injury. With each of those outfitted, you possibly can spend the primary few seconds of every encounter with out worrying about it.

Wave Flourish is best used with long-range weapons, just like the Witch’s Employees. If enemies get too shut, you should use it to push them again, serving to you keep a secure distance.

Best Zeus boons

If the primary Hades, Zeus’ stunning boons had been a favourite amongst speedrunners. However the shock impact in Hades 2 is on a delay, that means you don’t get the type of instantaneous gratification injury you’d in the primary recreation — aside from Thunder Dash, which mechanically offers shock injury to any enemies you run close to. Scuffling with a boss? Get this boon and actually run circles round them to win!

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