The best Monk subclass, feats, and build in Baldur’s Gate 3

Baldurs Gate 3 has 12 courses so that you can select from while you create your character. The Monk is a melee class that emphasizes nimbleness over brute energy.

Monks resolve loads of issues with punching like Fighters do, however they’re loads fancier in how they do it. Their main stat is Dexterity.

There’s no single best class in Baldur’s Gate 3, and the sport offers you as many alternatives for inventive drawback fixing because it does for punching. Discovering the best class actually simply boils right down to the way you wish to play. Even when enjoying solo, you’ll nonetheless handle the remainder of your get together, so that you’ll get to experiment with a number of courses without delay.

Learn on to seek out out every thing it is advisable know in regards to the Monk class in Baldur’s Gate 3, and study all in regards to the best Monk subclass, feats, and build.

Is Monk the best class for you in BG3?


Picture: Larian Studios through Polygon

Monks are a melee class that swap out brute Power for fast Dexterity. They’re, frankly, not the best melee class for freshmen — that might be Fighters or Barbarians. Monks are much more, in a phrase, dope, although, with extra thrilling assaults and skills. They do require slightly extra consideration and planning to handle their Ki Factors. Monks are a terrific class while you’re able to get flashier together with your melee fight and usually up your sport.

Monks additionally allow you to discover how numerous stats work together — like the way in which Monk Knowledge will increase AC. And, on the similar time, larger Knowledge means they’re higher at non-combat issues like Perception or Notion.

Monk class options

Monks are all about Dexterity and Knowledge, and there are a number of class options that mirror that.

  • Unarmored Protection — whereas not carrying armor, you add your Knowledge modifier to your Armor Class
  • Martial Arts: Dextrous Assaults — assaults with Monk Weapons (Easy Weapons that aren’t two-handed or heavy) and unarmed assaults scale together with your Dexterity as an alternative of Power
  • Martial Arts: Deft Strikes — assaults with Monk Weapons and unarmed assaults deal 1d4 Bludgeoning harm until their regular harm is larger
  • Martial Arts: Unarmed Strike — after making an assault with a Monk Weapon or whereas unarmed, you may make one other unarmed assault as a bonus motion
  • Unarmored Motion — at stage 2, your motion velocity will increase by 10ft when you are not carrying armor or utilizing a protect

Hit Factors

  • Hit Cube — 1d8 per Monk stage
  • Hit Factors at 1st Stage — 8 + your Structure modifier
  • Hit Factors at larger ranges — 5 + your Structure modifer per Monk stage after 1st

Ki Factors

Monks use Ki Factors to energy all of their additional assaults and actions. You begin with 2 Ki Factors at stage 1, and acquire some extent per stage after that. Ki Factors recharge on a Quick Relaxation.


At stage 1, Monks get the Flurry of Blows Motion that permits you to do two additional melee assaults as a Bonus Motion.

At stage 2, Monks get three extra Ki Level Actions:

  • Affected person Protection — for 1 flip, Assault Rolls towards you have got Drawback, and you have got Benefit on Dexterity Saving Throws
  • Step of the Wind: Sprint — double your motion velocity and bounce now not requires a bonus motion
  • Step of the Wind: Disengage — Retreat to security by Disengaging and bounce now not requires a bonus motion


  • Weapons — Easy Weapons, Shortswords
  • Abilities — Acrobatics, Athletics, Perception, Faith
  • Saving Throws — Dexterity, Structure

Monk subclasses

At stage 3, Monks select from considered one of three subclasses.

Approach of the 4 Parts

Approach of the 4 Parts Monks use their Ki to control the elements.

You acquire the Concord of Fireplace and Water Motion that permits you to regain half of your Ki factors as soon as per Lengthy Relaxation.

Approach of the 4 Parts Monks can solid spells utilizing Ki as an alternative of spell slots with Disciple of the Parts. You’ll select three spells from the Monk spell checklist:

Baldur’s Gate 3 Monk Approach of the 4 Parts spells

Title Description
Title Description
Blade of Rime Throw a shard of ice that offers 1d10 Piercing harm, and then explodes with 2d6 Chilly harm in a 7ft radius circle
Chill of the Mountain Scale back the goal’s motion velocity by 10ft with 1d8 Chilly harm
Fangs of the Fireplace Snake Hit your foe with 1d10 Fireplace harm and your subsequent melee assault offers 1d4 Fireplace harm
Fist of 4 Thunders Launch a wafe of thunderous pressure that pushes away all creatures and objects for 2d8 Thunder harm (CON Save)
Fist of Unbroken Air Push the goal again 20ft and knock it Susceptible with 3d10 Bludgeoning harm
Rush of the Gale Spirits Summon a robust wind that pushes creatures again 17ft and forces them Off Steadiness
Shaping of the Ice Create a climable ice dice
Sphere of Elemental Steadiness Hurl a sphere that offers 3d8 Thunder harm and presumably creates a floor on impression
Sweeping Cinder Strike Expel hearth out of your outstretched arms and ignite something flammable with 3d6 Fireplace harm
Contact of the Storm Deal 1d10 Lightning harm and the goal can’t use reactions
Water Whip Deal 3d10 Bludgeoning harm and presumably pull the goal towards you or knock it Susceptible

Approach of the Open Hand

Approach of the Open Hand Monks specialize in unarmed fight. You study three new Actions that use Ki Factors.

  • Flurry of Blows: Topple — Punch twice in fast succession for 2d6 Bludgeoning harm and presumably knock the goal Susceptible
  • Flurry of Blows: Stagger — Punch twice in fast succession for 2d6 Bludgeoning harm and Stagger the goal to make them unable to take reactions
  • Flurry of Blows: Push — Punch twice in fast succession for 2d6 Bludgeoning harm and presumably push the goal 17ft away

Approach of Shadow

Approach of Shadow Monks cover in the shadows and concentrate on stealth and subterfuge.

You’ll study the Minor Phantasm Cantrip to distract enemies, and Shadow Arts: Conceal that makes hiding a Bonus Motion.

You’ll additionally get 4 new spell-like makes use of to your Ki Factors:

  • Shadow Arts: Cross With out Hint — offers you and all close by companions a +10 bonus to Stealth Checks
  • Shadow Arts: Darkness — create a darkish shroud that Closely Obscures and Blinds creatures inside
  • Shadow Arts: Darkvision — grant a creature the flexibility to see in the darkish out to 40ft
  • Shadow Arts: Silence — create a sound-proof sphere the place all inside are Silenced and Resistant to Thunder harm.

Best Monk subclass and build in BG3

Baldur’s Gate 3 Half-Elf Monk in the character creator

Picture: Larian Studios through Polygon

Baldur’s Gate 3 races don’t actually have any direct impression in your class, however sure races and subraces include options that play properly with sure courses like additional motion or proficiency with sure weapons. For Monks, it’s best to concentrate on motion and increasing the checklist of Monk weapons with races like:

  • Wooden Elves and Wooden Half-Elves have an additional 5 ft of motion and allow you to deal with shortswords as Monk weapons
  • People’ Civil Militia function provides spears to the Monk weapon checklist
  • Any of the Dwarf subraces allow you to deal with handaxes and gentle hammers as Monk weapons, however theGold Dwarves’ Dwarven Toughness will get you an additional hit level every stage

If you’re creating and leveling up your Monk, Dexterity (for hitting issues) is your most essential stat adopted carefully by Knowledge (to your Unarmored Protection AC enhance and for Monk spellcasting). Make Dexterity your highest stat and Knowledge your second highest.

At stage 3, you’ll select your Monk subclass. Approach of the 4 Parts mixes in some Final Airbender vibes whereas Approach of Shadow makes you much more ninja-like. For simplicity and fight effectiveness, although, the Approach of the Open Palm is the best subclass. You’ll get choices for extra versatile assaults that allow you to management the battlefield together with your punches.

Best Monk Feats in BG3

Each 4 ranges, you’ll get the choice to both improve your stats or select a Feat. Feats are particular skills that add options to your character. Should you’re comfortable together with your stats and begin taking Feats, Monks can profit from:

  • Athlete. Your Power or Dexterity will increase by 1, to a most of 20. If you end up Susceptible, standing up makes use of considerably much less motion. Your Bounce distance additionally will increase by 50%.
  • Sturdy. Your Structure will increase by 1, to a most of 20. You regain full hit factors every time you are taking a Quick Relaxation.
  • Cellular. Your motion velocity will increase, and tough terrain doesn’t gradual you down while you Sprint. Should you transfer after making a melee assault, you don’t provoke Alternative Assaults out of your goal.
  • Savage Attacker. When making weapon assaults, you roll your harm cube twice and use the very best consequence.
  • Robust. Your hit level most will increase by 2 for each stage you have got gained.

For extra info on the courses in Baldur’s Gate 3, seek the advice of our overviews on the Barbarian, Bard, Cleric, Druid, Monk, Paladin, Ranger, Rogue, Sorcerer, Warlock, and Wizard courses. Should you’re stumped by the selection, seek the advice of our information on what class to begin with.

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