The best Wizard subclass, feats, and build in Baldur’s Gate 3

Baldur’s Gate 3 has 12 courses so that you can select from if you create your character. The Wizard is spellcasters educated in a college of magic revolving round one in every of eight arcane traditions.

Wizards are students at coronary heart. They’re college students who spend numerous hours studying about magic and experimenting their findings. As a pupil of magic, their major capacity rating is Intelligence.

There’s no single best class in Baldur’s Gate 3, and the sport offers you as many alternatives for inventive drawback fixing because it does for punching. Discovering the best class actually simply boils all the way down to the way you wish to play. Even when taking part in solo, you’ll nonetheless handle the remainder of your occasion, so that you’ll get to experiment with a number of courses directly.

Learn on to seek out out all the things you might want to know in regards to the Wizard class in Baldur’s Gate 3, and be taught all in regards to the best Wizard subclass, feats, and build.

Is Wizard the best class for you in BG3?


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Wizards are the quintessential caster class in Baldur’s Gate 3 (and D&D in common). They’re the teachers to a Sorcerer’s pure capacity or the Warlock’s otherworldly pact. Wizards have probably the most spell slots, the most important array of spells they’ll be taught, and probably the most highly effective spells of any class. All of meaning you’ll need to handle these spells (and spell slots) rigorously.

Wizards aren’t the best class to play, however they’re probably the most energy magic-users. If what you’re in search of is reality-bending, phenomenal cosmic energy, Wizards are the best class for it.

Wizard class options

Hit Factors

  • Hit Cube — 1d6
  • Hit Factors at 1st degree — 6 + your Structure Modifier
  • Hit Factors at larger ranges — 4 + your Structure Modifier per wizard degree after 1st


Wizards begin with three cantrips from the Wizard cantrip checklist.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Wizard Cantrips

Cantrip Description
Cantrip Description
Acid Splash Throw a bubble of acid that damages every creature it hits.
Blade Ward Take solely half the harm from Bludgeoning, Piercing, and Slashing assaults.
Bone Chill Forestall the goal from therapeutic till your subsequent flip. An undead goal receives Drawback on Assault Rolls.
Dancing Lights Illuminate a 9m radius.
Buddies Acquire Benefit on Charisma Checks towards a non-hostile creature.
Mild Infuse an object with an aura of sunshine.
Mage Hand Create a spectral hand that may manipulate and work together with objects.
Minor Phantasm Create an phantasm that compels close by creatures to research.
Poison Spray Challenge a puff of noxious gasoline.
Ray of Frost Cut back the goal’s motion velocity by 3m.
Surprising Grasp The Goal can not use reactions. This spell has Benefit on creatures with metallic armor.
True Strike Acquire Benefit in your subsequent Assault Roll.


Wizards begin with 4 spells from the Wizard spell checklist.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Wizard Spells

Spell Description
Spell Description
Burning Fingers Every flammable goal is hit with 3-18 Fireplace harm.
Appeal Individual Appeal a humanoid to stop it from attacking you. You acquire Benefit on Charisma Checks in dialogue.
Chromatic Orb Hurl a sphere that offers 3-24 Thunder harm and probably creates a floor on affect. Alternatively, select a special sort of harm.
Coloration Spray Blind creatures as much as a mixed 33 hit factors.
Disguise Self Magically change all facets of your look.
Expeditious Retreat Acquire Sprint instantly and as a bonus motion on every of your turns till this spell ends.
False Life Acquire 7 short-term hit factors.
Feather Fall You and close by allies acquire Immunity to Falling Injury.
Discover Acquainted Summon a well-recognized, a fey spirit that takes an animal type of your selecting.
Fog Cloud The cloud Blinds and Closely Obscures creatures inside it.
Grease Cowl the bottom in grease, slowing creatures inside and probably making them fall Inclined.
Ice Knife Throw a shard of ice that offers 1-10 Piercing harm. It explodes and offers 2-12 Chilly harm to anybody close by. It leaves an ice floor.
Improve Leap Triple a creature’s leaping distance.
Longstrider Enhance a creature’s motion velocity by 3m.
Mage Armor Shield a goal from assaults: enhance its Armor Class to 13 + its Dexterity modifier.
Magic Missile Shoot 3 magical darts, every dealing 2-5 Pressure harm. They all the time hit their goal.
Safety from Evil and Good Shield an ally towards the assaults and powers of abberations, celestials, elementals, fey, fiends, and undead.
Ray of Illness Probably Poisons the goal.
Defend If you find yourself about to be hit by an enemy, enhance your Armor Class by 5. You are taking no harm from Magic Missile.
Sleep Put creatures into magical slumber. Choose targets as much as a mixed 24 hit factors.
Tasha’s Hideous Laughter Go away a creature Inclined with laughter, with out the power to stand up.
Thunderwave Launch a wave of thunderous pressure that pushes away all creatures and objects.
Witch Bolt Hyperlink your self to a goal with a bolt of lightning. Deal a further 1-12 Lightning harm every flip by activating it.


  • Arcane Restoration — Replenish spell slots whereas out of fight. You can’t restore spell slots above fifth degree.


  • Acquire two degree 1 spell slots, that are restored on a Lengthy Relaxation.


  • Weapons — Daggers, Quarterstaffs, Mild Crossbows
  • Saving Throws — Intelligence and Knowledge
  • Abilities — Select two from Arcana, Historical past, Perception, Investigation, Medication, and Faith

Wizard subclasses

The Wizard has a complete of eight subclasses, that are unlocked at degree two. Once you attain degree two, you’ll select an arcane custom that revolves round a college of magic.


The College of Abjuration focuses on safety and banishing. Abjurers defend the weak and exorcise evil spirits. For those who select the Abjuration subclass, you’ll acquire two subclass options:

  • Abjuration Savant — Studying Abjuration spells from scrolls prices half as a lot, beocming 25 gold items per spell degree
  • Arcane Ward — The residual magic of your spells types a ward round you that protects you from hurt


The College of Conjuration focuses on creating objects and creatures from nothing, in addition to spells of transportation. Conjurers will acquire one subclass function and one motion:

  • Conjuration Savant — Studying Conjuration spells from scrolls prices half as a lot, turning into 25 gold items per spell degree
  • Minor Conjuration: Create Water — Name forth rain. It extinguishes uncovered flames and types a water floor.


The College of Divination makes use of magic to obviously see the previous, current, and future, whereas additionally having the ability to sculpt time itself. Diviners acquire two subclass options:

  • Divination Savant — Studying Divination spells from scrolls prices half as a lot, turning into 25 gold items per spell degree.
  • Portent — Your goals grant you glimpses that allow you to affect the longer term. After a Lengthy Relaxation, you’ll acquire two Portent Cube that can be utilized to alter the die of any Assault Roll or Saving Throw.


The College of Enchantment revolves round bending the need of these round you thru charms and alterations. Enchanters acquire one subclass function and one motion:

  • Enchantment Savant — Studying Enchantment spells from scrolls prices half as a lot, turning into 25 gold items per spell degree.
  • Hypnotic Gaze — Appeal and Incapacitate a creature. It can not assault you. It can not act.


The College of Evocation makes use of elemental vitality to create highly effective assaults. Evokers acquire two subclass options:

  • Evocation Savant — Studying Evocation spells from scrolls prices half as a lot, turning into 25 gold items per spell degree.
  • Scult Spells — Create pockets of security inside your Evocation spells. Allies robotically succeed their Saving Throws towards these spells and take no harm from them.


The College of Phantasm makes use of trickery to make your wildest goals seem to be a actuality. Illusionists acquire one subclass function and one cantrip:

  • Phantasm Savant — Studying Phantasm spells from scrolls prices half as a lot, turning into 25 gold items per spell degree.
  • Improved Minor Phantasm — You may solid Minor Phantasm as a bonus motion.


The College of Necromancy controls life, loss of life, and undeath. Necromancers can manipulate life vitality to seemingly convey again the useless. For those who select to enter the college of Necromancy, you’ll acquire two subclass options:

  • Necromancy Savant — Studying Necromancy spells from scrolls prices half as a lot, turning into 25 gold items per spell degree.
  • Grim Harvest — As soon as per flip, when you kill a creature with a spell, you regain hit factors equal to twice the spell slot degree used – thrice if it’s a Necromancy spell. Undead and constructs are unaffected.


The College of Transmutation can change the world round you as you recognize it. Not solely can Transmuters remodel bodily objects, however they’ll additionally alter psychological qualities. Transmuters will acquire two subclass options:

  • Transmutation Savant — Studying Transmutation spells from scrolls prices half as a lot, turning into 25 gold items per spell degree.
  • Experimental Alchemy — You may brew two alchemical options as a substitute of 1 when combining extracts, when you succeed a problem class 15 Medication Test.

Best Wizard subclass and build in BG3

Baldur’s Gate 3 Githyanki Wizard in the character creator

Picture: Larian Studios by way of Polygon

Baldur’s Gate 3 races don’t actually have any direct affect in your class, however sure races and subraces include options that play nicely with sure courses like further motion or proficiency with sure weapons. For Wizards, it’s best to concentrate on armor proficiencies (because you get none out of your class) and racial cantrips (to save lots of in your recognized spells and your spell slots):

  • All three Tiefling subraces get a cantrip.
  • Excessive Elves, Excessive Half-Elves, Drow, and Drow Half-Elves all get a cantrip of your selection. Half-Elves additionally get gentle armor and defend proficiency
  • Defend Dwarves get Dwarven Armor Coaching that will get you proficiency with gentle and medium armor
  • People’ Civil Militia will get you proficiency with gentle armor and shields
  • Githyanki not solely get gentle and medium armor proficiency (together with some good weapons), in addition they get to solid an invisible model of the Mage Hand cantrip

Once you’re creating and leveling up your Wizard, Intelligence (for spellcasting) is your most vital stat. Your second most vital stat type of is dependent upon the way you play outdoors of fight, however Structure can be possibility for the hit factors — like Sorcerers and Warlocks, Wizards don’t have nice HP. Make Intelligence your highest stat and Structure your second highest.

You’ll choose your Wizard subclass — your faculty of magic — at degree 3. It’s an intimidating selection with eight colleges to select from. The faculty you select, although, doesn’t lock you out of different colleges’ spells. Actually, it simply determines the price of scribing spells from scrolls. For optimum harm output, go together with Evocation (or Necromancy when you’re feeling saucy).

Best Wizard feats in BG3

Each 4 ranges, you’ll get the choice to both enhance your stats or select a Feat. Feats are particular skills that add options to your character. For those who’re comfortable along with your stats and begin taking Feats, Wizards can profit from:

  • Sturdy. Your Structure will increase by 1, to a most of 20. You regain full hit factors every time you’re taking a Quick Relaxation.
  • Elemental Adept. Your spells ignore Resistance to a harm typ eof your selection. Once you solid spells of that sort, you can not roll a 1.
  • Spell Sniper. You be taught a cantrip, and the quantity you might want to roll a Vital Hit whereas attacking is lowered by 1. This impact can stack.
  • Battle Caster. You acquire Benefit on Saving Throws to keep up Focus on a spell. You can too use a response to solid Surprising Grasp at a goal shifting out of melee vary.

For extra data on the courses in Baldur’s Gate 3, seek the advice of our overviews on the Barbarian, Bard, Cleric, Druid, Fighter, Monk, Paladin, Ranger, Rogue, Sorcerer, and Warlock courses. For those who’re stumped by the selection, seek the advice of our information on what class to start out with.

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