‘The Caged Magistrate’ quest walkthrough in Dragon’s Dogma 2

“The Caged Magistrate” is one in all a number of quests you obtain from Captain Brant in the early phases of Dragon’s Dogma 2. Brant tells you about one Justice of the Peace Waldahr, somebody who has stood his floor in opposition to Disa and refused to vary the Code of Vermund to her profit when requested, resulting in him now sitting in a cell in Vernworth jail — ahem, gaol.

So Captain Brant has one quite simple request of you: set Justice of the Peace Waldahr free. He’ll offer you a gaol key so you possibly can let your self into his cell, however you’ll discover that Waldahr wants some convincing first.

On this Dragon’s Dogma 2 information, we’ll stroll by means of the complete “Caged Magistrate” quest, together with the place to search out Justice of the Peace Waldahr and how one can set him free.

The place to search out the Justice of the Peace in Dragon’s Dogma 2


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Enter the palace grounds and head to the target marked in your map. That is the doorway to Vernworth Fortress Gaol Tower. Otto will greet you and permit you thru, so make your method downstairs and apart from a few rooms to discover and loot, the principle space right here is the lengthy hall with pillars in the center and cells on all sides, for a grand whole of eight.

Justice of the Peace Waldahr is in the primary cell on the right-hand aspect, as quickly as you enter. Wait till the 2 guards are going through away from you then use the Gaol Key given to you by Captain Brant to unlock the cell.

Head in and discuss to Waldahr, then when the choice arises, urge him to flee. He explains that he’s completely completely satisfied in the cell as a result of he can spend his days “perusing the Code and deciphering old texts.” Nevertheless, if you will discover “a place with a mountain of tomes,” Waldahr will rethink escaping. Depart the gaol and return to Captain Brant.

The place to search out ‘a place with a mountain of tomes’ in ‘The Caged Magistrate’

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Brant suggests speaking to a chap named Kendrick, discovered by The Gracious Hand in the slums. He’s a balding chap carrying a blue gown, wandering across the tents and dilapidated homes on the outskirts of Vernworth. He’ll ask you for a charitable donation of gold, so pay up and he’ll clarify a neighborhood boy named Malcolm has gone lacking.

This begins a wholly separate quest named “The Heel of History,” the place you will need to discover Malcolm by talking to the kids of the slums. Look for a woman referred to as Aimee who will probably be someplace close by and she or he’ll inform you Malcolm went into the vaults beneath the slums. Return to Kendrick and the pair of you’ll enter the vaults to search out the runaway child.

A Dragon’s Dogma 2 hero walks into a library underground in “The Caged Magistrate.”

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Discover the vaults in their entirety and also you’ll discover Malcolm, adopted by an enormous underground library. Kendrick makes Malcolm promise to maintain his mouth shut concerning the discovery, however you possibly can return to Waldahr in the gaol and inform him about this excellent place the place he can examine in peace. Escort Waldahr out of his cell and to the slums, then return to Captain Brant in your reward: 7,000 gold and a ferrystone.

Be sure to additionally return to Waldahr in the vaults a couple of days later, as he’ll have one other quest for you: “A Magisterial Amenity,” which entails discovering his confiscated spectacles.

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