The next Lorcana expansion, Shimmering Skies, is available to pre-order only at Best Buy

The next growth for Disney Lorcana, Shimmering Skies, launches on Aug. 23. Whereas earlier Lorcana expansions have been available to pre-order by means of a number of retailers, Shimmering Skies merchandise are presently only available by means of Best Buy.

Shimmering Skies brings plenty of new Disney characters to the prevailing roster, introducing Venelope Von Schweetz and Wreck-it Ralph as well as to new variations of current favorites like Kronk.

Under, we’ve supplied hyperlinks to the place you possibly can pre-order all the brand new merchandise in Shimmering Skies, together with particulars of their contents.

Shimmering Skies launches with two Starter Decks, every priced at $16.99. Every pre-built deck options 60 playing cards centered round two ink varieties; the Emerald and Metal deck options Scar and Kronk, whereas the Amethyst and Ruby deck showcases Elsa and Wreck-it Ralph. Each decks additionally embody a Shimmering Skies Booster Pack to kickstart your assortment. Whereas the Starter Decks are presently available to pre-order from Best Buy, the retailer gained’t enable you to choose which deck to buy at this time.

Shimmering Skies Booster Packs include playing cards solely from the brand new growth. Particular person boosters are available to pre-order from Best Buy for $5.99 every, however you possibly can reserve a box of 24 Booster Packs for $143.99. Every Booster Pack comprises a complete of 12 playing cards with the next rarities: six widespread, three unusual, two which can be uncommon or higher, and a single foil card of a random rarity.

As with earlier Lorcana expansions, Shimmering Skies is additionally launching with a $49.99 Illumineer’s Trove. This reward field consists of eight Shimmering Skies Booster Packs, six damage-counter cube, six card dividers, and a spindown lore counter. Whereas this reward field is a good way to jumpstart your assortment with some extra playing cards and funky bonus objects, you’ll nonetheless want to buy a starter deck or have an current Lorcana deck to begin taking part in.

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