The next RimWorld expansion adds a hefty dose of Lovecraftian terror

I’ve fallen in love with sci-fi colony administration RimWorld, which is unparalleled at creating wild tales by way of random gameplay occasions. RimWorld has a few expansion packs, including issues like royalty, faith, gene-editing, and baby rearing to the sport. Today, Ludeon Studios announced a new expansion pack is on the way, and it’s going to be the scariest one but: Anomaly.

Anomaly’s content material begins as soon as the colonists “accidentally provoke a mad superintelligence,” in line with the discharge weblog. “From then on, madness manifests: Monstrous creatures, mind-bending mysteries, infiltrating parasites, and sanity-shredding phenomena that twist the whole world around you.”

RimWorld is already a pretty horrifying sport however much less in a supernatural or paranormal means, and extra in being a showcase of man’s inhumanity to man. It’s a sport the place you may harvest organs and menace your slave inhabitants by placing lifeless our bodies in terrifying cages, in spite of everything. However Anomaly appears to be like way more centered on offering an exterior horror menace that your colonists should band collectively to outlive, a la The Factor.

Picture: Ludeon Studios

Ludeon shared some tantalizing situations that the participant could encounter throughout a playthrough, and I’m already excited on the risk of encountering the gorgeous dice. I crave dice. The relaxation of the situations are chock full of basic sci-fi and horror inspiration.

At night time, hear the screeching of a psychically-invisible hunter that feeds on human souls. Construct proximity alarms to detect when it’s close to, however you may solely battle it when it chooses to disclose itself. Chip away at its well being each time it returns, and accumulate and examine chunks of its flesh. Flip the tables, turn into the hunter and kill it the place it lives.

An enormous flesh creature is rising throughout the panorama, consuming and masking the entire map with a quivering mass of meat. It defends itself with beasts and acid. Battle it to get samples of its nervous system, then examine them till you may enterprise to its coronary heart and kill it for good.

A parasite has mind-controlled some of your colonists – however who? They faux to be human as they work to infest others. Monitor proof, imprison, interrogate, and medically take a look at folks to search out out who’s infested earlier than it’s too late.

A pulsating obelisk crash-lands close to your base. You may attempt to suppress its filthy power, however the obelisk could lash out and violently mutate your folks, copy them endlessly, or abduct them to an limitless grey maze.

Your colonists turn into obsessive about a lovely golden dice, one after the other. They construct statues of the dice. They worship the dice. They love the dice.

A corpse arrives that appears precisely like one of your colonists – and appears to comply with them. It doesn’t matter what you do, the corpse returns…

And plenty of extra bizarre and horrifying occasions!

Whereas I’m a little unhappy that my present, closely modded RimWorld run is coming to an finish, I’m already excited to begin a new colony doomed by terrifying obelisks and sneaky mind-controlling parasites. Lareon additionally teased new monsters — and amenities during which the participant can examine them.

Anomaly is because of launch alongside replace 1.5 “in one month,” according to a tweet from RimWorld creator Tynan Sylvester.

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