Unlocking Bitcoin's Potential: Introducing Merlin Chain, a Native L2 Solution

NewYork, United States, January thirty first, 2024, Chainwire

This week, the much-anticipated Bitcoin L2 resolution Merlin Chain went stay on its testnet, whereas its mainnet is scheduled to be launching inside a month as nicely.

Bitcoin’s Community Congestion Dilemma and Scaling Options

The evolution of Ordinals over the previous 12 months has introduced consideration again to the Bitcoin ecosystem after a lengthy interval. Whereas enhancing the joy of the Bitcoin ecosystem, it has additionally elevated the exhaustion of community assets. The more and more excessive value of transactions, coupled with the rising worth of Bitcoin itself, has added additional congestion to the community and discouraged new customers from turning into thinking about Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Each day Common Transaction Payment $: YCharts

The thought of creating an EVM-compatible L2 community has been acknowledged because the one that might ship the outcomes first because of the simpleness of its implementation path.

Merlin Chain can be one of many EVM-compatible L2 chains being developed by Bitmap Tech (previously Recursiverse), the workforce that constructed BRC-420 protocols and Bitmap.sport, and is very valued by the group because of the workforce’s previous successes.


The BRC-420 protocol helps the mixture/recursion of any file format to kind a extra complicated inscription. Whether or not it is a character picture, a sport script, a digital machine, or an AI mannequin, it could actually turn out to be an asset on Bitcoin.

Its core asset, the Blue Field, has risen from an inscription value of $0.15 to an ATH flooring worth of $26,000, and different belongings, comparable to Mineral and This Music About NFTs, are among the many most actively traded belongings on the OKX market. It now has 1000+ builders and 600+ collections, and has been a superb performer even through the bear market, the worth solely going up and by no means falling.


Bitmap.Recreation is a absolutely on-chain, absolutely decentralized, fair-launch Metaverse challenge. It’s based mostly on the Digital Matter Idea that underlies Bitcoin and is open-sourced in order that it may be run or verified by any shopper, reflecting the idea of “client agnosticism” in absolutely on-chain video games.

Throughout this time, Bitmap’s market capitalization has risen from $3 million to an ATH of $290 million. With greater than 30,000 holders, Bitmap has surpassed Sandbox because the metaverse asset with the best variety of holders throughout all blockchains.

Unlocking Bitcoin’s Potential By means of Modern Magic

Merlin Chain believes that L2 of Bitcoin shouldn’t simply be about transferring cash inexpensively or simply about with the ability to have the DApps, however ought to be about additional innovating to unlock the potential of Bitcoin via its native belongings, customers, and protocols.

Unlocking Bitcoin’s Potential By means of Modern Magic

For instance, as Bitmap is a fully decentralized asset, easy methods to make video games based mostly on it in order that Bitmap customers can enter numerous meta-universes at a low value; or for the DeFi protocols based mostly on BRC-420, easy methods to give two-way empowerment to NFT and FT; and for minting inscriptions, easy methods to mint L1 belongings on L2 in a cheaper and versatile manner. Solely these “Bitcoin-native” improvements can proceed to empower the ecosystem quite than replicating the way in which Ethereum works.

Merlin Chain has constructed a highly effective DApp ecosystem

Up to now, Merlin Chain has constructed a highly effective DApp ecosystem, the liquidity considerations have been successfully addressed and is planning for additional growth.

Leveraging ZK-Rollup for Environment friendly and Safe Scaling

The various ecosystem and belongings additionally indicate larger throughput necessities and a few security dangers. To unravel this downside, Merlin Chain has adopted ZK-Rollup, which allows the compression of a massive variety of transaction proofs into a easy check-sum to enhance transaction effectivity and scalability.

The sequencer nodes on Merlin Chain are liable for accumulating and batching transactions and producing compressed transaction knowledge, ZK state roots, and proofs through zkEVM. The compressed transaction knowledge and ZK Proofs are then uploaded through the decentralized Oracle community to the taproot on Bitcoin L1, which is accessible to your complete community to make sure transparency and safety.

The decentralized Oracle community nodes shall be required to stake $BTC to forestall improper actions. Customers can provoke challenges to the ZK-Rollup based mostly on compressed knowledge, ZK state roots, and ZK Proof. Profitable challenges lead to a rollback to the final verified state and the forfeiture of the Oracle node’s locked $BTC, making certain the system’s safety and trustworthiness.

By means of the mixing of those applied sciences, Merlin Chain has proven its superior technical capabilities and is on observe to construct an environment friendly, safe, and native Bitcoin L2 resolution.

Native Integration – Merlin Chain’s Bitcoin-Centric Strategy

In comparison with different Bitcoin L2s which can be making makes an attempt for the time being, one of many key options of Merlin Chain is that it’s “Bitcoin Native”.

As a sturdy believer in Bitcoin for a few years, Merlin Chain is extraordinarily dedicated to the event of the Bitcoin ecosystem and seeks to convey extra customers and belongings to Bitcoin via their work quite than serving different ecosystems within the title of Bitcoin. As such, Merlin Chain locations a excessive worth on the native Bitcoin nature of its ecosystem’s initiatives and customers.

Merlin Chain helps bitcoin-native wallets. Empowered by the Particle Community’s account abstraction, customers can use their Bitcoin wallets to seamlessly change between L1 and L2. Customers may also expertise $BTC swaps with different tokens, comparable to stablecoins, at any time with out having to change to an EVM pockets.

Merlin Chain helps bitcoin-native wallets.

As well as, Merlin Chain will assist a lot of the main protocols on Bitcoin L1, together with, however not restricted to, BRC-20, Bitmap, BRC-420, Atomicals, SRC20, and Pipe. All inscriptions on L1 shall be mechanically whitelisted by Merlin Chain, permitting customers to securely and affordably commerce on it.

Merlin Chain will assist a lot of the main protocols on Bitcoin L1

In step with its pursuit of “Bitcoin Native”, Merlin Chain plans to undertake BRC-20 as its governance token. This makes a lot extra sense than different Bitcoin L2s which can be presently utilizing Ethereum customary tokens as governance tokens. The token shall be launched via a honest launch, excluding a small portion that shall be distributed to VCs and the workforce, which shall be given a 48-month launch interval that won’t begin inside two years, demonstrating the workforce’s and buyers’ confidence in Merlin Chain.

Bridging the Hole – Simplifying Bitcoin Adoption and Gasoline Development

One other tough challenge for the builders within the Bitcoin ecosystem is the dearth of recent customers and new cash coming in. Whereas the Ordinals issues have continued to be on fireplace, the variety of lively addresses has not seen vital development. It’s simply the identical group of individuals concerned in several initiatives. A really elementary purpose for that is the complexity of Bitcoin. In addition to the necessity to obtain a Bitcoin pockets, inscribing can be not very straightforward to grasp, and customers might want to spend no less than two blocks of their time inscribing, in addition to three blocks of their time for affirmation, which is sophisticated and time-consuming.

Each day Lively Bitcoin Deal with: Glassnode

Merlin Chain will remedy this downside. At present, Merlin Chain has been linked to 40 Ethereum chains, so these customers who aren’t conversant in Bitcoin can use their acquainted wallets, comparable to MetaMask, and their acquainted belongings, comparable to stablecoins, $ETH, $BNB, and so forth., to work together on Merlin Chain. Customers need not know the rules behind Bitcoin, and even what BRC-20 and Atomicals are earlier than they will expertise Bitcoin in its native method of their acquainted manner.

Merlin Chain goes to combine the primary multi-chain inscription DApp

For this function, Merlin Chain goes to combine the primary multi-chain inscription DApp, which can enable customers to inscribe belongings on different layers, together with Bitcoin L1, on Merlin Chain. It should solely take one block to attend for. On the identical time, a launchpad can even be out there on Merlin Chain, with a mechanism that permits each inscription launched on it to be valued at 100,000 FDV, permitting extra customers to simply buy belongings such because the BRC-20/ BRC-420/ Atomicals/ Runes at a very low worth. Moreover, as a part of its dedication to decentralization, Merlin Chain goes to launch most of its governance tokens to the group.

Customers can keep tuned for the upcoming mainnet launch – the way forward for Bitcoin is about to unfold with Merlin Chain on the helm.

About Merlin Chain

Merlin Chain is a Bitcoin Layer2 that integrates the ZK-Rollup community, decentralized oracle community, and on-chain BTC fraud proof modules. Merlin Chain is dedicated to empowering Bitcoin’s native belongings, protocols, and merchandise on Layer1 via its Layer2 community to Make Bitcoin Enjoyable Once more. Merlin Chainis a subsidiary product line of Bitmap Tech, a premier OG workforce boasting an general market cap exceeding $500 million. The BRC-420 “Blue Box” assortment below Bitmap Tech has turn out to be one of many hottest belongings on Ordinals.

Customers can begin following Merlin Chain’s Twitter for extra updates.

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