Warcraft Rumble dungeon guide – how to unlock and beat dungeons

Dungeons are one of many coolest and most replayable facets of Warcraft Rumble. These recreations of basic World of Warcraft dungeons — just like the beloved Dire Maul — enable you to take your troops in and take a look at your would possibly in opposition to a number of bosses in a row whereas utilizing particular boosters and a selected military.

On this Warcraft Rumble guide, we’re going to break down how to unlock dungeons and clarify how dungeons work.

How to unlock dungeons in Warcraft Rumble

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Whenever you first begin your Warcraft Rumble journey, you’ll solely give you the chance to battle your method by the basic World of Warcraft zones. Nevertheless, when you beat Raene Wolfrunner and gather your thirtieth Sigil, you’ll unlock the dungeon system in your account.

How dungeons work in Warcraft Rumble

The Dungeon screen shows Dire Maul in Warcraft Rumble

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Dungeons work like regular battles in zones, however with some fascinating restrictions and modifiers.

Dungeons have a particular military household every week, and you’ll solely give you the chance to play the dungeon utilizing a pacesetter from that household. So, on Horde week, for instance, you’ll give you the chance to take a military led by Cairne Bloodhoof, Grommash Hellscream, or Sneed. You’ll nonetheless give you the chance to customise which troops you need to convey, however we suggest you keep on with troops in an identical household, as most of the boons within the dungeon provide some household synergy.

A player picks a new Relic in a dungeon in Warcraft Rumble

Picture: Blizzard Leisure through Polygon

As soon as you choose your chief, you’ll give you the chance to select a particular Relic earlier than going into the primary struggle. For instance, the Aegis of Battle causes any Horde Minis close to your chief to have an opportunity to critically strike their targets. You’ll select a brand new Relic earlier than every battle, that means you’ll have three Relics lively for the ultimate struggle.

To clear a dungeon, you’ll want to beat three fights in a row with out dropping as soon as (until you will have an Ankh of Resurrection, which you’ll gather after beating some fights).

Every boss you defeat nets you some Arc Vitality, which you should use to improve your minis. Whenever you full a complete run, you’ll give you the chance to improve the chief you used, giving them one other bonus XP slot — which provides your items bonus expertise if you happen to match the slot with their unit sort.

Nevertheless, every time you full a run with a selected chief, you’ll enhance the issue for subsequent runs of the dungeon with that very same chief. If issues get too powerful, think about spreading the love and improve a special chief in the identical household.

As of this writing, Dire Maul is the one dungeon in Warcraft Rumble.

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