X-Men ’97’s big villain reveal gives mutants their second-greatest enemy

With solely its three-part finale blitz left to go, X-Men ’97 has revealed its big villain, and it’s the identical as their previous one.

This isn’t a criticism! It’s exactly consistent with the largest theme of X-Men historical past that the majority variations have refused to the touch — that mutants solely symbolize one possibility for the way forward for humanity. There are different kids of humanity’s hubris, they need their day within the solar, they usually’re prepared to kill mutants and people to get it.

[Ed. note: This piece contains spoilers for X-Men ’97 episode 7, “Bright Eyes.”]

Picture: Marvel Studios Animation

In “Bright Eyes,” the X-Men seek for the mastermind behind the kaiju-Sentinel slaughter at Genosha, monitoring results in Mutant Enemies No. 1 and No. 2: Henry Peter Gyrich, a human-supremacist authorities agent in jail for (seemingly) murdering Professor X; and Bolivar Trask, the creator of the Sentinel robots.

We see a shadowy determine smother Gyrich so he received’t be capable of reveal any extra secrets and techniques. And when the X-Men meet up with Trask, it’s in a secret facility housing superior cybernetics, staffed by guards bearing an “OZT” insignia. Trask undergoes a wierd transformation and appears about to beat all of the X-Men singlehandedly till Cable exhibits as much as assist, and to ship a warning: Gyrich, Trask, and even Mister Sinister are working for somebody much more terrifying.

The ultimate moments of the episode reveal that particular person to be that shadowy determine, and even give him a reputation: Bastion.

Who’s Bastion?

Bastion has been across the X-Men villain block a couple of occasions, however he’s finest often known as the villain of the 1997 story arc Operation: Zero Tolerance — therefore that acronym seen in “Bright Eyes,” and the title of X-Men ’97’s three-part finale arc, “Tolerance Is Extinction.”

In a interval when anti-mutant sentiment was at an all-time excessive (the X-Men needed to kill the Avengers and Unbelievable 4 as a way to save the world; they really survived, don’t fear about it), a mysterious man named Sebastian Gilberti satisfied the U.S. authorities to again his plan for mutant eradication.

That plan was to create the Prime Sentinels, that are like if Sentinels had been human sleeper brokers. “Bastion” developed nanotechnology that might be implanted in unknowing people, remodeling them at his will into highly effective, tricked-out cyborgs and placing their actions underneath his management — precisely what appears to have occurred to Bolivar Trask in “Bright Eyes.”

However Bastion wasn’t the conventional (if hateful) human dude that he appeared, and “Bright Eyes” has some hints about this as properly. He refers to Mister Sinister as a “villain of old” who had did not kill the X-Men for years, and Sinister fires proper again that Bastion was “one of those villains once.”

“Yet unlike the rest of you, I evolved,” Bastion responds.

Within the comics, it was finally revealed that Bastion had his personal cyborg secret, unbeknownst even to him — he had, and had at all times been, an offshoot of essentially the most highly effective Sentinel to ever exist, Nimrod.

Who the hell is Nimrod?

Nimrod and Omega Sentinel, two advanced Sentinel versions, in the potential future Human-Machine-Mutant War 100 years after our present, in Powers of X #1, Marvel Comics (2019).

Nimrod (left), in Powers of X #1.
Jonathan Hickman, R.B. Silva/Marvel Comics

Nimrod is the the Skynet of X-Men tales, a mutant-hunting synthetic intelligence from the longer term. In Marvel Comics canon, all Sentinel manufacturing finally results in the creation of a Nimrod, in each timeline. And in each timeline, Nimrod and his cohort of mutant-hunting machines finally determine that mutants aren’t their solely enemies, and activate the remainder of the human species as properly.

(Additionally, in protection of Nimrod’s creators, Chris Claremont and John Romita Jr., he was invented in 1984, when “nimrod” was solely nearly beginning to turn out to be higher often known as an all-purpose American slang insult than as a reference to the biblical hunter.)

Nimrod did seem in X-Men: The Animated Sequence, largely as a menace in a doable future, or one who’d time-traveled to the current. Again within the 1992-1997 period, there merely weren’t plenty of Nimrod tales to select from.

The concept the X-Men battle to guard mutants and people from the specter of rogue synthetic intelligence would possibly look like a wierd one — however that’s largely as a result of most fashionable X-Men variations have, within the title of “realism,” discarded big purple robots as a constant X-Men menace. No Sentinels, no Nimrod, no three-way human-mutant-AI warfare.

Sentinels have turn out to be much more than lumbering purple robots

It’s illustrative to level out that Bolivar Trask, the Sentinels, and the sentient Sentinel manufacturing unit Grasp Mould had been launched in 1965, squarely within the B-movie period of the Atomic Age.

Against this, Nimrod was created the 12 months that The Terminator got here out. As expertise, and our issues about expertise, have advanced, the way in which X-Men creators conceive of Sentinels has advanced with it. Within the late Nineties, private computer systems and informal entry to the web had been ferociously integrating increasingly more tech into on a regular basis life. The true potential laptop apocalypse, Y2K, was changing into broadly recognized! It’s no surprise that Nimrod, and the concept of rogue expertise, could be labored again into the fundament of the X-Men.

X-Men tales are, as at all times, in regards to the battle between humanity and the concept our mutant kids are the pure way forward for the species. However looming quietly within the background is a gentle drumbeat, warning that if humanity isn’t cautious in the way it creates its technological kids — if it doesn’t simply train kids to hate, however expressly creates beings for that function — it is going to result in its personal destruction.

It’s the sort of story that X-Men: The Animated Sequence couldn’t have instructed in 1997, which precisely why it’s so thrilling that X-Men ’97 is selecting up the torch.

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