Losing your watering can is way too easy in Stardew Valley

Like many individuals excited for the most recent Stardew Valley replace, I rebooted my previous save file that I hadn’t touched in a few years to prepare for brand new content material.

Stardew is a type of video games I decide up, spend a couple of weeks in a haze consistently taking part in, after which put down once more in favor of all the opposite video games on the market. This time, I used to be away a little longer than different occasions (what can I say? Baldur’s Gate 3 got here out). So after I loaded my sport it took me a second to even bear in mind what season it was.

Most of it got here again to me, however I performed a full day with out realizing that my watering can was lacking. And holy cow, was it a bitch to determine the place it went. In spite of everything, on my Yr 4 farm, I’ve a ton of sprinklers to deal with watering my crops, so I barely even use my watering can. I’d get up, kiss my husband, and go about my life. I harvested crops, checked on my animals, fished, and puttered into city.

It was solely through the subsequent day, after I thought of making some progress on Ginger Island, that I noticed my watering can had mysteriously disappeared from my stock. One of many gimmicks of Ginger Island’s volcano is utilizing the watering can to get throughout the new lava, so after paying for boat passage, I noticed my whole journey was ineffective.

However this changed into a complete conundrum outdoors of my wasted gold: The place the hell was my watering can?

Picture: ConcernedApe

I checked the blacksmith, in case I had dropped it off for an improve. Nothing. I regarded on-line and realized that if I by accident bought or deleted it, I might discover it in both the mayor’s lost-and-found or my fridge the following day (that’s a really humorous little gameplay element, kudos to ConcernedApe). It wasn’t there. That left checking each single crate in my sport, and since this was Yr 4, I had a lot, all full of varied knickknacks that I had collected throughout in-game years that I didn’t wish to show in my home or maintain in my stock. I swore I checked all of them, however nonetheless couldn’t discover my watering can…

…till I lastly checked the one second closest to my residence’s door and located it amongst an assortment of seeds, hats, and different random Stardew Valley Issues™.

Stardew Valley is a superbly dense sport with so many little particulars that assist shade out the farming sim mechanics. There are hidden areas, attention-grabbing characters, and the whole lot else you would need from a farming sim, taken to the following stage. And the sport solely continues to develop, with developer Eric “ConcernedApe” Barone including increasingly more updates over time, with new dialogue, areas, objectives, and past.

However as a result of it is so dense, with so many new additions over time, which means choosing it again up after a while away is type of like being tossed overboard. I’m a robust swimmer, however I nonetheless must flail a bit and gasp for air earlier than I discover a comfy paddle to get pleasure from my swim. It is, in any case, one in every of my favourite video games, even when trying to find my watering can changed into a complete separate facet quest.

Stardew Valley is stuffed with little surprises, and a few of these surprises are unintentional, like my nice watering can quest, or kissing my in-game husband and having him inform me I’m pregnant. Guess I additionally forgot I did that earlier than placing my sport down.

Shane from Stardew Valley telling a player avatar that they are pregnant

Picture: ConcernedApe through Polygon

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